March 8, 2023 – QUILT CAMP!!!!

Here are some photos from Quilt Camp!

Look at those hexagons – They are TINY!!!!!

Hope everyone had a terrific time. Thank you for all you help!

Great projects Ladies!

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February 7, 2023 Meeting Program Photos

This month’s meeting hosted a wonderful program. A bed turning of beautiful Row by Row project quilts.

Over the years, many of our members have participated in Row by Row projects. These projects are a collaborative effort. Small groups are formed of participating members.

Each project has a originating person who decides on a theme for their quilt.

They supply some fabrics they want used in the project and the project “theme”. These themes could be anything they like, something they desire, something they enjoy. The participants are asked to contribute “one row” per participant. Some requirements are distributed and each person add their own unique design or character to the quilt row.

The work was fantastic! I cannot believe the creativity of the members of this guild! Well done to all of you.

I hope you enjoy some photos of these beautiful Row by Row quilts.

Hope you enjoy the photos.

Thank you to Ruth T and Cindy K for the photos taken at the meeting.

Kathy Kelner

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January 3, 2023 Meeting

Hi Ladies,

I hope you all had a great holiday. I want to wish you all a Happy New Year and remind you about what is happening at our January 3rd meeting.

1 – UFO Challenge- UFO  # 1 is due this month.   

2 – Pro Bono- Linda and Trish are asking us to make blocks for Quilts of Valor. They will provide     patterns at the meeting. The pattern is churn dash.

Please bring the following materials to the meeting:

     a – red, white, and blue fabrics. (fat quarters will be enough)   

     b – measuring and cutting tools    

     c – sewing machine, extension cord and sewing supplies.

You can make groups if you like, so that not everyone has to bring all items. We are only making blocks, NOT sewing them into tops. Linda and Trish will collect them and send them to the Veterans.   

3 – Show and tell

Hope to see you all there,
Dale Sumner

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Hello Ladies!

The October 4, 2022 meeting is fast approaching.  

The membership application and dues are due at the October 4, 2022 meeting.   
The dues for the year are $30.00.  Please make your check payable to Huntington Quilters Guild. 

Our membership application is located on this website, under the MEMBERSHIP tab at the top of this page.

Click on the Membership tab on the black dialogue box near the top of the page.  This will bring you to a post with the application link at the bottom of the page. 

Print out the application, fill it out and bring it and your dues to the October 4, 2022 meeting. 
Looking forward to seeing all of you at the October 4, 2022 meeting. 

Kathy Kelner

Membership Committee and Web Mistress

By the way, the MEMBERSHIP FAT QUARTER raffle theme for the month of October will be “FALL” Please bring in your Fat Quarters to enter the raffle. 

Also remember to wear your name tag to be entered into the Name Tag Raffle!  

Joan O’R and Kathy Kelner

Membership Committee

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Hi Ladies,

  Due to our September meeting being cancelled, I am sending this list of the classes we have so far.

  Gift Camp will be held at St Francis of Assissi, 29 Clay Pitts Rd , Greenlawn on October 8th. This is also an open sew for anyone who would like to join us. Hospitality will be there and we will have bagels and coffee etc.. Please bring lunch and something for the sharing table.

  This is the schedule, give or take a few minutes.

  8:30 Set up 

 9-11:30 AM classes

11:30-12:30 lunch

12:30-3 PM classes 

Attached are  few images


1. Japanese Rice Bag by Lauren G.

2. Neck Warmer (Rice filled)  by Madelaine E.

3. Wool Felted Pumpkin by Michelle M.


4. Jewelry Organizer by Bobbi S.

5. Fabric Box by Vicki S.


1. Laminated Candy Bag by Lynne R.

2. Bucket Hat by Mickie M.

3. Self Mitered Baby Blanket by Dale S.


4. Microwave Bowl  Coozie by Carol N.

 Carol needs a ride if anyone can help her out.

  If those teaching could please bring a sample and materials list to the October meeting. At the meeting we will have sign up sheets and the teachers will be presenting the items they are teaching.

  Please text or call me if you have any questions. Dale S.

Thank you, we will see you at the meeting.

Dale S. and Lauren G.

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April 28, 2022



Just wanted to let you all know, the Membership Application for the upcoming 2022-2023 year has been updated here in this website.

Click on the MEMBERSHIP tab above. The link for the MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION is located at the bottom of that post. Simply scroll down and click on the link and the application should appear on your computer.

Please print out this application and fill in all of your pertinent information. Bring it along with your check payable to the Huntington Quilters Guild for the dues to the May 3, 2022 or the June 7, 2022 meeting to get a lead on the renewal.

Joan and I will be accepting all membership applications and dues for the years 2022-2023 at both of these meetings.

We look forward to being your Membership Committee in the coming year.

Kathy Kelner and Joan O’R

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Good Morning My Quilty Friends!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday with family or friends doing what makes you happy!

The April minutes were sent out, if there are any corrections, please notify Brigitte.  Thank you to her for a job well done!

Quilt Retreat- this coming weekend, to all those going, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

The Sheep to Shawl Festival will be at the Historical Society site on New York Ave. in Huntington on May 7th. From 12:00-4:00. There will be many needle-art demonstrations. As well as vendors.  Please join them to support the Historical Society and enjoy a day out.  For more information see Lucie.

This weekend is also the Northern Star Quilt Show in Purchase NY. Some of the members will be going on the bus trip arranged by the Smithtown Stitchers.  If you were not able to, maybe you will be making the trip by car with some friends.  Either way, I hope you all have a great time!  We have all missed not having these trips in the past two years.

The Evening Star Quilters from Mineola will be having an exhibit at the Hillside Public Library in New Hyde Park April 30th-May 6th.

A week-long exhibit of many sizes, styles, colors and themes.  Guild quilt raffle ticket sales and member demonstrations.

155 Lakeville Road, New Hyde Park, NY 11040 in the All-Purpose Room 2nd fl.

Saturday, April 30th 10:30-2:30

Sunday, May 1st 12:30-3:30

Monday, May 2nd 11:00-5:00

Tuesday, May 3rd 11:00-7:00

Wednesday-Friday, May 4th-May 6th 11:00-5:00

Please visit for more information,

Raffle Quilt- is being chaired by Michele M. construction is underway.

Newsletter- to all committee members, Please send any information or updates you wish to include in the newsletter by the 27th of April.

Please contribute any articles, jokes, recipes or any other useful information you would like to share with your fellow quilters!  The newsletter is only as good as you make it!

Membership- The fat quarter raffle will be your choice of color for May.  There will be NO fat quarter raffle for June.

Lucille made 2 quilt tops and collected some blocks that will be made into tops for Ukraine.  They will be quilted and mailed to Germany where they will be delivered to those in need.  The blocks are to be 8 ½ inches square in blue and yellow, color of their flag.

She is also collecting for Project Veronica.  If you have any pillowcases or toiletries, please deposit them in the box provided.

Pro-Bono- Linda and Trisha are also collecting items to be sent to Ukraine. They are in need of medical supplies, baby items etc.  Also, the pro-bono quilts collected will go to Ukraine as well.

We started a “Sharing Table” for the first time at the April meeting.  It was very successful!! 

Bring in any un-loved quilting related item you have, leave it on the table.  I am sure someone else will love it and take it home!  Please leave a small donation in the cup provided.  We collected $34.40.  yeah! 

You will need to take home anything that has been left on the table!  The idea is to NOT have to throw anything in the trash. You can then bring it to savers or try again the following month.

Lynne has begun a 50/50! Also, very successful!  $40. Was collected and the winner received $20. Yeah!

Program- April program was “Station Rotation” five different tables were set up and members demonstrated different techniques.

April show and tell was full of amazing quilts from our talented members which included your favorite applique quilts.

For May, the special theme is “Dear Jane” have you attempted one?  Bring it in for all to see!

The last of the UFO challenge is also due!  Have you enjoyed participating in this challenge?  Did it motivate you?  let Dale and Lorie know your thoughts!

Our program will be a quilter, giving us helpful hints and tips for preparing your quilt.

Quilt Camp once again was a successful and fun day for everyone!  Special Thanks to Madeline and Jo for all their hard work putting this day together!  It is no small job!

Also, to those who helped with set up and clean up! Thank you!

Thank you to Eileen for the wonderful baskets she put together with donations from Pieceful Quilting. As you know, the shop has closed and Angie donated tons of items to the guild!  She said she was always partial to the Huntington group!

Eileen raffled off half the baskets at Quilt Camp and half at the April meeting.  Thank you!

Website/FB- please continue to take pictures and forward to Kathy so she may share them on the website for all to see!

June Pizza Party- there will be a sign- up sheet for the party.  Please put your name on it if you intend to join us.  An approximate number is needed for ordering. If you will not be at the May meeting and would like to attend in June, send me an e-mail, txt or call so that I may add you to the list.

Hospitality- Joan and Diane have done an amazing job providing goodies at all the meetings for us to enjoy.  Special Thanks to them for all their hard work!

We now need someone else to take over or we will not have refreshments or a December/June party.  This can be a two – three- person committee. Don’t forget everyone chips in to help when needed.  Please think about volunteering!

We also need a President!  Have you considered the job? Have questions? Just ask, maybe I have some answers.

We have a “Sunshine and Flowers” committee, Kathy R. 

She sends cards to those who are not well or have had a loss in the family.  She doesn’t always hear about these events in order to send a card.  If you know of someone who has lost a loved one, has been ill or had surgery, please forward her the information so she may acknowledge them on behalf of the guild.

Thank you!

Thank you for reading my updates!  I hope this helps keep everyone informed, especially those who are not able to make it to a meeting.

See you all next week, that’s all for now!


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March 1, 2022 Meeting

This month’s meeting was filled with so many wonderful gifts and quilt projects.

There was the UFO Challenge Show and Tell

The Something’s Green Show and Tell

and the all-time favorite Monthly Show and Tell.

The quilt also held it’s HONEY BEE RAFFLE! What wonderful gift baskets. Thank you, Ladies for gathering, assembling and creating all these wonderfully beautiful baskets of quilting items,

It was a terrific meeting and I hope all of you had a good time!

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, April 5, 2022.

Hope to see you all there!

Kathy Kelner

Web Mistress

PLUS!!! A very special THANK YOU to whomever took these photos at the meeting. I have been asking for help with the photography and appreciate your help! I’m not entirely certain who submitted these to the guild (I can find out if I want to!)

Thank you again for your help! Hope you enjoy the pictures! Kathy

Thank you Sue P for your photos! Appreciate the help!

Thank you Mickey for taking pictures at the meeting. Here are your photos! Hope everyone enjoys them!!!!

Here are a few more photos, taken by Eileen A.

Thank you all for your photos. Please continue to take pictures at all of the guild’s events.

Appreciate your help!


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February 1, 2022 Meeting Photos

This was a small, but productive meeting. Some hardy souls braved the cold to attend. Photos below are of the Quilt Camp projects, UFO Challenge and Show and tell.

Wonderful work Ladies!


Quilt Camp’s date has NOT been finalized as of this meeting. It will possible be held in the beginning of March. We will notify you when all arrangements have been finalized.


Our members are always up for a good challenge. A UFO Challenge is always enjoyable to see! Here are some photos from the UFO Challenge!

WOW! Such beautiful work! Doesn’t it feel really good when you finish a project! Even better when it’s a UFO!

Next on the block was SHOW & TELL

You Ladies are really impressive with your handy skills! I LOVE to see all that you have worked on!

This is a compilation of “Show up Your Valentine’s quilt” and “Show & Tell” photos!

Hope you enjoy them!

Can’t wait to see what you gals all do next meeting!

Kathy Kelner

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February 1, 2022 Meeting Photos.

We tried a little “social media” experiment last evening!

For the past few years, I had become the “unofficial” guild photographer. I have taken photos of guild activities to post on both Facebook and our website.

Unfortunately, I can no longer do so. In the past year or so, I have damaged or destroyed THREE cameras. My fault, yes! But this makes me unable to continue to take photos at events.

Since almost everyone has a cell phone with incredible photo taking capabilities, we tried something. All members were asked to take a photo of someone sitting next to them at the meeting and forward it to the guild’s email address. Below are the photos you so kindly contributed.

I am NOW asking each member to take photos with THEIR cell phones at various events. I will post whatever pictures we receive. If you have any questions on how to do this, please by all means ask me and we will figure this out together!

It’s not difficult ladies! After just one week of owning my very first smart phone, I was able to take pictures, email them to the guild and download them here on our website and Facebook page.

Please help me out with this endeavor! TAKE PICTURES!!!!!

Thank you,

Kathy Kelner

Web Mistress

Here are YOUR photos Ladies! Thank you ALL for your help with this!

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