Genius and Jelly rolls

Eugenia Barnes

Words can’t say enough about last night’s guest speaker Eugenia Barnes.  A delightful storyteller whose unparalleled expertise and global experiences gave us so much to think about and to value in ourselves, our quilts and our fellow guild members.  Thank you Eugenia, for a night that will truly be remembered, and thank you Programs for making it happen!  Additional heartfelt thanks to Michele M. who very patiently scheduled and rescheduled Eugenia’s private quilt appraisals for guild members.  Thanks to Sentimental Stitches for donating their space and for always giving our guild members 10% off!

What’s next for our Programs people?  Well, they’re busy planning more fun activities for our guild.  One thing they’ve bounced off the group is the possibility of doing some sort of Jelly Roll 1600 strip quilt event either at a separate meeting or perhaps for Pro-Bono night in January.

Rosy & Bette display Jelly Roll 1600 quilt provided by Jill M

Want to see what it’s all about?  Check out this crazy video link below of “races” a guild had – claims 35mins for top, but the racers did arrive with all their strips joined/ mitered into one really long strip at the start (that alone could take 30 minutes).

Actual instructions are:

If you are cutting from your own fabric (2.5″ strips, approx 42″ WOF), we have read the following breakdown of what size is produced:
40 strips make a 48 x 68″; 55 strips makes 55 x 84;  69 strips makes 70 x 83;  82 strips makes 78 x 88;  96 strips makes 88 x 92

Please let Rosy, Kate or Bette know if you’re interested in being part of the fun!

Happy May!

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