Self-Mitered Magic with Anita Grossman Solomon

HQ Programs hosted a second workshop with Anita following her very successful Anita’s Arrowhead class held earlier this spring. After pitching in to set up the workshop space in St. Francis of Assisi Parish Hall, with George O. working tirelessly to make sure everything was working perfectly, HQ members enjoyed a continental breakfast, and eagerly anticipated another fun day with Anita. We weren’t disappointed!

Anita demonstrated how the self-mitered long cabin block is assembled using her Make It Simpler methods. She emphasized the importance of color and value when selecting fabric for this block, and we spent a good part of the morning sorting our colors and moving from one station to another to watch Anita analyze the scraps and strips we had brought. Anita used her own Log Cabin Quilt to illustrate the importance of the color concepts we were learning about.

We used the afternoon to construct two sample blocks, learning not only the MIS self-mitering technique, but also applying the color concepts Anita taught us earlier. Quilters were up to their elbows in fabric, enjoying the many possibilities that this block presents. It was another wonderful day spent with Anita. HQ members hope to build on what we learned, so Bette, Rosy, and Kate, HQ Programs Chairs, are planning a strip exchange and quilting day to work on our newly learned self-mitered log cabin blocks.

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