Harborfields Quilt Show – Judy will collect quilts!

Due to the cancellation of our guild meeting last Tuesday we were unable to collect the quilts you wanted to display at the Harborfields Library Quilt Show in December. I will arrange to be home on Saturday, November 17th so you can drop off your quilts at my house. Please remember to fill out your registration sheet for your quilt. If you are going to be away that day you may call to arrange another drop off time. My phone number is 631-427-3304 and the address is 852 Park Avenue, Huntington.

The quilts will be hung at the library on Monday, December 3rd and will be taken down on Friday, December 28th. I will plan to return the quilts to you at our guild meeting in January.

The Artist’s Reception will be held on Saturday, December 8th from 2:30 to 4:00 P.M. The guild is invited to come and bring your family and friends to meet our quilt artists. If you can provide some cookies for the reception please let me know. The library requires all cookies served to be non-chocolate.

Thanks for your help.

Judy Knorr

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