Jelly Rolls! and Yoga in February

The jelly roll contest at our January meeting was a huge success! The teams were competitive, with machines humming, folds of fabric everywhere, and laughter and cheering filling the room.

A mere 17 minutes and 4 seconds after Rosy and Kate yelled out the starting signal, Laura C. and Barbara O. waved their completely sewn strips in victory! They were followed by Michele L. and Susan S. (17 minutes, 15 seconds), the mother-daughter team of Vicki and Bobbi S. (17:53), and Madeline E. and Lynne R. (18:05). These top four teams won prizes for their work. They, and their fellow competitors, also had the satisfaction of knowing that they had created quilt tops for our guild’s worthy pro bono committee charities.

Bette, Kate, Rosy, and Ruth thank everyone who made the jelly roll contest a success.

Looking ahead to February, Programs has rescheduled our Yoga for Quilters program. Janine Ambroze, RN and certified yoga instructor will demonstrate a variety of techniques to keep quilters flexible, limber, and tension-free while we create our works of art. Your hands, neck, and shoulders will thank you for attending the February meeting!

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