Upcoming Programs at Huntington Quilters!

March Program

Pat Yamin, author of Two Patch Scrap Quilts, will be our guest at the March meeting. She will entertain us with her trunk show and plenty of fun stories.  Pat will be teaching a workshop for us on Saturday, March 9 at the Northport Library from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. If you have signed up for the workshop, Rosy has already provided you with the materials list and directions to the library. Haven’t paid for the workshop yet? Get your check to Rosy immediately–$30 payable to Huntington Quilters.

April Program

Cheryl Almgren Taylor will be our guest at the April meeting. Cheryl is the author of Inspirational Appliqué and Deck the Halls.  Her jigsaw appliqué workshop is set for Saturday, April 6 at the Conklin Barn in Huntington. There are still a few openings available if you would like to master Cheryl’s appliqué style. See Rosy with your check for $30 payable to Huntington Quilters. Cheryl will provide you with a kit in class so that you can learn her technique and apply it to your own creative ideas.

May Program

Rosy, Kate, and Bette say farewell to their role of program co-chairs this month. We invite HQ members to pay tribute to their Quilt Inspiration. Who inspired you to quilt? Do you own or have a photo of a quilt that person made? Or have you made a quilt based on techniques you learned from the quilter who inspired you? We hope that members will volunteer to share a 5 to 10 minute tribute to their Quilt Inspiration, the quilter who inspired them to embark on their creative quilting journey. We’re sure that there are many wonderful stories of Quilt Inspiration among our members. We look forward to hearing them in May.

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