November Meeting Update:

November 11 Meeting

A gentle reminder – our meetings start at 7:30 pm. Please give our organizers time to get organized and set up.

Lots of things to bring:

  • Fat Quarter fabric for Membership raffle is Black & White Fabric.
  • Don’t forget your six strips of fabric, 2 and a half X 42 inches, in holiday colors, (red green, white, blue, silver) for the Left, Right, Center game.

Anthony from Vet’s Sharpening Service will be in the parking lot outside of our meeting on Tuesday, November 5th to sharpen your sewing or gardening gear. Costs range from $5-10, with most scissors/knives costing $5-6 and gardening tools such as pruners/clippers costing $9-10. He will let you know cost when you turn in the items, and you will pay when you drop off your tools. Please mark all of your tools with your name – be it tape or ribbon on the handles and place in a small bag so he can keep them together. Once all tools are done, he will bring them upstairs and leave them in their original bags outside of the meeting for pickup. He will arrive by 6:45pm to allow time to get everything done within our meeting time, but please note our meeting space will not open any earlier!

For our November meeting, we will be having Member Vendor Night. Anyone who is interested in selling their handmade items, please let us know so we know how many tables to set up. Our emails are, and We will be setting the tables up in the hallway. You are responsible for setting up and selling your own items. We are not charging a fee for vending but are requesting for a donation of one of your items for the Honey Bee raffle baskets.

And most of all, don’t forget to vote!

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