Reminders for the December Meeting

Keep bringing in items for the Honeybee Raffle at the February meeting!

From Kim, Paula and Joyce – There were sign up sheets for food to bring for the holiday party.  If you didn’t get to sign up, please bring an appetizer for the party.  A big thank you to the bakers who brought food to the November meeting!

The fat quarter for December is polka dots….

If you have not already turned in your raffle tickets, please mail them to Suzanne Scarola BEFORE the December meeting.

Laura introduced the Spring Fling Surprise Gift Swap at the November meeting. Instructions and small paper lunch bags were handed out at the meeting. If you didn’t get a bag, or the directions, don’t worry!  For the December meeting, return the bag (or bring your own small lunch size paper bag) filled with four fat quarters that you like.  Laura and Gilma will swap the bags.  Each recipient will make a gift (for example a table runner, apron, small bag, etc.) for the original owner of the fat quarters.  In April the gifts will be revealed and exchanged.  Sounds like a lot of fun, and an interesting way to see how our fellow guild members will interprete our fabric choices.

If you want to participate in the member’s gift exchange, bring a wrapped quilty gift, valued at approximately $10.

Pat will also be giving out directions for the President’s Challenge at the December meeting, which will be due in June.

Looking ahead to the January meeting, which is our Pro Bono night. We’ll be doing a quilt-as-you-go-block and assembling pro bono quilts.  If you wish, to pre cut your pieces, cut a 5 ½” square (you might use a charm pack), 5 ½” batting, and 7 ½” backing square.  Sandwich the three, right side of fabrics out, and stitch an X through all layers. These blocks will be sewn together at the meeting.  What better way can there be to start off a new year than by helping those less fortunate?

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