President’s Challenge 2013

President’s Challenge –

Celebrating the Lost Art of Note writing!

The Challenge Entries Will Be Displayed at the June Meeting

More and more, the art of letter and note writing is becoming a lost art, as email and facebook supplant the handwritten expression of our thoughts.  Yet, there is nothing like receiving a thoughtful note in the mail when you are feeling down, or an expression of a shared joy to make you feel connected to another person, and to know that they are there for you.

I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate these handwritten expressions of friendship.  My challenge to you is to use a card that you have received, or one you mean to send, as an inspiration for a piece of quilted art.   Here are the guidelines:

Your piece can be any size you want.

It can be part of a tote bag, or a piece of clothing, or the whole tote bag or clothing.

You can make a quilt of many blocks inspired by the note card, or just one block.

Traditional piecing, applique, embellishments, quilting, embroidery…whatever you wish to do.

The piece should be finished, with a finished edge.

You don’t have to interpret the notecard literally –you may want to reproduce the picture on the card, or you may just wish to use the colors on the card to inspire your quilt, or maybe convey the feeling the card gave you on your quilt.

You can use a note card, greeting card or post card.  All are fine.  It could be one you received, or one you bought because it was perfect to send to a friend.

The ONLY MUST for this challenge is that you must attach the original card that inspired you when your piece is displayed at our June meeting.  (If there is personal message inside that you don’t want to share, then a photocopy of the front of the card is fine).

Any questions?  Call me or email me!

Pat Aitken


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