Grand Central Quilt Exhibit


Grand Central Centennial Quilt Exhibition

organized by
The City Quilter & American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine
in association with the NY Transit Museum &
the Metropolitan Transportation Authority

This quilt-making challenge celebrates one of the most beautiful & important buildings in the world on the occasion of its 100th Anniversary year.

Naturally, The City Quilter felt this called for fabrics to help celebrate.  Consequently,we developed two designs, “Grand Central” and a complement, “GCT Constellations” to commemorate this anniversary, and recruited American Patchwork & Quilting magazine to co-organize a national quilt-making “challenge,” a competition to make commemorative quilts that use these Grand Central fabrics and that exemplified what Grand Central meant to them.

The quilts were judged by American Patchwork & Quilting and The City Quilter.

There are 3 winners, 9 honorable mentions, and 18 finalists, representing 15 states. These 30 quilts are exhibited at the New York Transit Museum’s 1,000 square foot Gallery in Grand Central Terminal. The Gallery & adjacent Transit Museum Store are best reached by entering GCT at 42nd & Vanderbilt; location is opposite the Station Master’s Office.

“Grand Central Centennial Quilts” will be in Grand Central from March 15 through July 6, with these hours: Monday–Friday, 8 am to 8 pm; Saturday & Sunday, 10 am to 6 pm.

A majority of the quilts are available for sale. If interested, please contact The ArtQuilt Gallery•NYC by phone, 212-807-9451, or email.

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