Congratulations to our Awesome Quilters!

The Huntington Quilt Guild has amazingly talented quilters in our midst.  Judy Knorr’s quilt “Angel Wisdom” was voted Best in Show and also received a ribbon for “Best Hand Quilting”.  The updated list is below.  What an impressive body of work from our guild!  Once again congratulations to you all.  And hope to see these quilts at the next Show and Tell!

Category:   Hand Applique
First Angel Wisdom Judith Roush Knorr
Second Candy Cane Bouquet Judith Roush Knorr
Honorable Mention Festive Feathered Tree Victoria Stoddard
Category:  Machine Applique
Second Folk Art Flowers Arden Glass
Category:  Mixed Medium/Machine Embroidery Quilts
Second Fashionista’s Studio Gilma Silmeone
Honorable Mention Harvest Moon Michele Miroff
Category:  Small Pieced Quilts
Third Cactus Flowers Collide Victoria Stoddard
Category:  Medium Pieced Quilts
Third Tic Tac Toe Diane Giardino
Category:  Large Pieced Quilts
First Rainbow Haze Elizabeth Dragone
Second Stepping Stones Arden Glass
Third Red Zinger Gilma Silmeone
Category:  Modern Quilts
First Murano Mirage Elizabeth Dragone
Second Birch Trees Arden Glass
Category:  Small Professionally Quilted
First My Muncy Compass Quilt Barbara Marcone
Second Flowers for Matthew Gilma Silmeone
Third Album Quilt Marion Shipley
Honorable Mention Scrappy Lone Star Gilma Silmeone
Category:  Large Professionally Quilted
First Happy! Barbara Marcone
Category:  Wearables
Third Jacket – KOI Joan Fritz
Category:  Miniature Quilts
First Petite Patriot Victoria Stoddard
Second Bears in the Woods Roberta (Bobbi) Stoddard
Best in Show Angel Wisdom Judith Roush Knorr
Best Hand Quilting Angel Wisdom Judith Roush Knorr
Best Interpretation of Show Theme Flowers for Matthew Gilma Simeone
Best Use of Embellishments Fashionista’s Studio Gilma Simeone
Exceptional Block Setting Flowers for Matthew Gilma Simeone
Exceptional Border Setting Happy! Barbara Marcone
Judge’s Choice:  Stacy Koehler Murano Mirage Elizabeth Dragone

Jean and Alison Ruvel exhibited quilts at the Quilt Fest of New Jersey in March.  We’re very proud of our fellow quilters, and are thrilled for them that their talent is being acknowledged at these regional shows!

Judy Knorr's quilt won Best In Show

Judy Knorr’s quilt won Best In Show

6 of the 7 ribbons Gilma won -her Honorable Mention ribbon was cut off in the picture

6 of the 7 ribbons Gilma won – Honorable Mention got cut off in the pictureMatthew's Quilt

Matthew’s Quilt

Selvedge Quilt

Selvedge Quilt


Ruvel 2

Alyson Ruvel’s quilt


Jean Ruvel’s quilt




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