Membership News – Next Meeting is Tuesday, September 1!

September is coming! Have you renewed your membership yet? Had your photo taken for our members only online Membership Directory? (No Membership Directory information is ever posted on the HQ website.) Bette and Rosy ask that you print out and mail your membership form prior to the September meeting. The form is available for download here at the HQ site and yearly dues are $30 payable to Huntington Quilters. If possible, make arrangements to get to Rosy’s home at 6 Princess Court, Greenlawn, and have your photo taken before August 28. Please renew your membership BEFORE the September meeting as this will make Rosy’s job much easier that night. (Bette will be away so Rosy will be working solo.  Any questions, please call Rosy at631-599-0802 or email at


 Members who wear a name tag to the meeting will get a raffle ticket upon signing in that evening. You could win a fabulous prize just for wearing your name tag! We’d love to see every member wearing one as it really fosters camaraderie when we all know each other’s names.


Get in on the fun each month with our themed fat quarter raffle. This month’s theme, inspired by the opening of school, is Schools/Libraries/Books/Calligraphy. So bring in a fat quarter with this month’s theme fabric and you could be the winner of a bunch of great fat quarters.


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