Reminders for Tuesday, November 1 Meeting

Reminders for November 2016 Meeting:

Programs Updates:

November Meeting– MEG COX- Get ready to be entertained!   Meg’s website can be found here:   There is a brief bio of Meg at the bottom of this newsletter.

Also- Scissor Man, Anthony will be there to sharpen your scissors- remember to label them clearly and bring CASH!

We will be taking checks for Michelle Renee Hiatt’s class on January 28th, Saturday. The cost will be $60 which will include lunch!! Options for the class will be at the meeting.

Don’t forget about the round robins– those of you who took one, please add something to it and bring it to the meeting so we can pass it on again.

Looking Ahead:

Pro-Bono is at the January Meeting

Michele Scott will be lecturing at the March Meeting and teaching on Saturday, March 11th

Pin Cushion Swap will be at the April Meeting!!

Bring in pillowcases you made, and toiletries and supplies for veterans.  Gilma and Lucille will be collecting them.

Membership Reminder–Vote early and often!

Yes, cast your vote, more than one if you like, by voting for your favorite color at the November meeting. Bring in your favorite color solid/near solid fat quarter. You’ll get a raffle ticket for a chance to win a half yard of lovely fabric. What color will win the HQ fabric ballot?

Wear your name tag! So many members now! Do you know everyone’s name? If we wear our name tags, it helps us get to know each other better. Pick up your name tag raffle ticket when you sign in at the meeting. Pick up your membership card if you haven’t already done so.

Finally, former members who have not paid their membership dues by the November meeting will be deleted from the email list, as required by the HQ Constitution.

Meg Cox Biography:

Ohio native Meg Cox has been earning her living as a writer since graduating from Northwestern University in 1975. She was hired as a staff writer by the Wall Street Journal in 1977, at age 24, and worked at the WSJ in Chicago and New York for 17 years.  While at the Journal, Meg contributed hundreds of front-page stories and was lauded for her feature writing. Her beats included financial futures, agriculture, the business of the arts, and publishing.

Since the birth of her son, Max, in 1994, Meg has written for many national magazines, lectured and taught all over the country and authored five books.  She continues to contribute weekend arts features to the Wall Street Journal.

Her two main specialties are FAMILY TRADITIONS and QUILTING, two wildly misunderstood topics. Both are thought to be old-fashioned and un-hip which could not be farther from the truth. Today’s smart parents are avid inventors of personalized rituals and celebrations that give their kids a sense of identity, security , meaning and fun. These traditions encompass everything from meals and activities handed down through generations, to brand new rituals, including some built around cutting-edge tech devices like iPads and smart phones. The same is true of quilting: the 21 million American quilters who have built this burgeoning craft into a $3.6 billion industry are educated, computer-literate and fiercely creative.  Did you know the dominant version of quilt-design software is in version 7.

Meg Cox’s writing and lecturing on FAMILY TRADITIONS is informed by her experience as a mother, stepmother and step-grandmother, as well as more than a decade of interviewing psychologists, religious leaders and hundreds of families about rituals. Meg has been hired as a traditions spokesperson by such companies as Pillsbury, KFC and Hallmark.

Her expertise on QUILTING stems partly from the 25 years that she has been a passionate quilter.  Additionally, Meg has served on the board of the national nonprofit Quilt Alliance since 2005: she has been president since 2009.  She writes a regular column for a trade magazine for quilt shop owners: Fab Shop News, and a column on “unexpected quilters” for The Quilt Life magazine.

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