Hello again Ladies!

Hopefully, as I write this, Spring will be coming our way!  It will have to peek it’s head out from under some snow, but it’s coming!

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, April 3, 2018.   We have lots of fun planned for this meeting.

It’s HONEY BEE RAFFLE TIME!!!  That’s right, Lucille and her wonderful assistants have prepared so many beautiful baskets for you to bid on.  So many wonderful items were donated by our very generous members.  Come and have a look and take a chance on winning one or more of these baskets!  Great job Ladies!

(For a complete explanation of our Honey Bee Raffle, a separate post is available for you to read.  Look under the menu header at the top of this page, under Guild Activities.   Scroll down to the Honey Bee Raffle and take a look!  This explanation will also be emailed to our members as an attachment to the meeting reminder. )

MEMBERSHIP FAT QUARTER RAFFLE…. The color this month, in honor of Spring will be PASTELS!

BLOCK OF THE MONTH….Bring in your beautiful Birdhouses.  These have all been so beautiful!  Can’t wait to see what Karen has in store of us for the next block!

QUILT CAMP….. Will be held on Saturday, April 21, 2018.  We are still looking for teachers and projects for this year Quilt Camp. There are several very nice projects, but there is still room for more. If you have a project in mind, please bring a sample with you, along with a student supply list for that project to the meeting. We will display these projects at our meeting for members to sign up. Looking forward to a wonderful Quilt Camp. Thank you Ladies for your hard work.

At this meeting, we will also be hosting LIQS.  They are visiting with us at this meeting. They graciously allowed us to display our raffle quilt and sell our tickets at their meeting a few months ago, so we are returning the favor. They will display their show raffle quilt at our meeting and hope to sell tickets to their quilt. Let’s contribute to their quilt raffle as well.

PRO BONO QUILTS…. Remember your membership in the Huntington Quilter’s Guild requirement to donate ONE Pro Bono Quilt per year.  If you haven’t already done so, the year is winding down quickly.  Only one more monthly meeting in May before our Year End party in June.  Please turn in your Pro Bono Quilt as soon as your can!  Thank you to those who have already made their Pro Bono quilts!

If you have any questions or need other information, email us at HuntingtonQuilters@gmail.com and I will see what I can do to get you the information you need!

Kathy Kelner
Web Mistress

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