TUFFETT WORKSHOP with Erin Underwood

Saturday, May 26, 2018


THE TUFFETT WORKSHOP with Erin Underwood!  What a terrific project!        Erin taught us how to make these wonderful little tuffett cushions!  Her techinques were easy to follow and Erin had tons of tips and tricks for making this project in no time at all!  Check out the pictures from the workshop!


Thank you Erin for all your help and expertise!  Can’t wait to make another Tuffet!

We had a little visitor at the workshop!

Ruth getting herself all set up for the days work!

The Ladies working hard on their creations!

Laurie making her own fabric designs! You grrrr girl!

Madeline’s Tuffett

Thanks for the bagels Jean!

We used all kinds of tools for this workshop!

Pretty colors Michele and Beryl!

There was lots of space in the newly renovated meeting room at the Methodist Church!

Chatting with the other members!

Sheryl concentrating on her stitching!!!!

Nice smile Kathy!

Nice workspace for projects!!!


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