February 5, 2019 Meeting Agenda – Terri Lucas Trunk Show

The meeting started at approx. 7:35 pm.

Items mentioned were:

Quinnipet Retreat – There are two spots available for the November retreat.  Contact Lucie for information.

Membership – 71 members present with 7 guests.

Raffle winners – Name Tag – Liz
Fat Quarter winners – Barbara, Lynne and Laurie

The “hohl” Challenge – The quilts are being returned to their quilters.  One of our members, Jean R was presented with a 3rd place award from the challenge.

There will be an exhibit of the “hohl'” challenge quilts at the Smithtown Stitcher’s quilt show in April.

Block of the Month – 72 Heart blocks were received from members tonight.  They were raffled off and the winners were Sheryl and Maggie.

Book Raffle – Winners were Linda, Dotty and Diana

Pro-Bono Quilts – 18 finished quilts were turned in tonight along with 6 tops.

Hospitality – Joan and Diane.  A great job is being done each meeting by our hospitality committee.  Thanks you Ladies for all the hard work and the wonderful refreshments.

New business –

Nominating Committee – After much debate we have a Chair person for the nominating committee – Sheryl volunteered and will be helped by Michele and Beryl.  All board positions are open for nominating.  If you are interested in running for a position on the board, please contact any of these ladies.

Quilt Camp – We have a committee chairperson – Jo M. has volunteered to run Quilt Camp this year.  A date has been selected – it will be held on Saturday May 18, 2019.   If you would like to teach a project at quilt camp, please contact Jo M and let her know your interest.  Signups sheets will be available at the March meeting for both teachers and projects.  There will also be a Free Sew Day this year at Quilt Camp.  Come down and sew with your friends or perhaps take a class or two.

Show and Tell photos for tonight’s meeting are posted on the Show and Tell tab at the top of the site hears.  Go and have a look at the wonderful quilts our members create!

The program for tonight’s meeting is  Terri Lucas’ Trunk Show.

Tonight’s meeting was well attended by our members.  We were in for a wonderful presentation of a trunk show display of quilts by Terri Lucas.   Designer and free motion quilter extraordinaire, Terri shared he love of the craft through a progression of her free motion quilting experience.  Hope you all enjoyed the display.  Here is a presentation of her work!


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