June 4, 2019 Meeting Agenda

Hello Ladies!

I hope all of you enjoyed yourselves at our year end festivities last evening.  The members outdid themselves with all of the culinary excitements.  The foods were delicious!  And there was so much for us to share.  Thanks to all of you for contributing to the festivities.

President Michelina Maguire thanked all the members who worked on committees and events throughout her term and who to continue to make this guild possible.  Here are some photos of the Ladies accepting a token of Michelina’s appreciation for their efforts over the past two years.
















The members contributed to and presented Michelina with a gift in return.  Many members made blocks in the themes of either food or flowers for Michelina to make into a quilt.  Over 150 blocks were collected and presented, in grateful thanks and appreciation for all her hard work over the past two years.




Jean, the Programs Committee member for these past four years, presented Michelina with blocks for her quilt!

The President’s Challenge quilts received a terrific response from our members.  The theme was “The Four Seasons”.    Members were encouraged to create four blocks depicting the four seasons.  Any configuration was acceptable.   The members voted on and picked the winners of the President’s Challenge.  And they were:

President’s Challenge Winners Karen, Lynne and Joan

First place – Karen W
Second Place – Joan OR
Third Place – Lynne R

Congratulations Ladies on your beautiful creations.




The 2019 Raffle Quilt was revealed at this evening’s festivities. SCRAP HAPPY WITH A TWIST!  It is a 98″ x 98″ custom quilted creation!    This pictures do NOT do this quilt justice.  The custom quilting, done my Barbara Ryan, enhanced the blocks beautifully!

The members response to their hard work was tremendous.   Forty-five member contributed to the making of this beautiful quilt.

Thank you to all the Ladies who’s work made this beautiful quilt.  (I wouldn’t mind winning this one myself!)

Go sell those raffle tickets Ladies!


The new slate of officers for the term of 2019 thru 2021 was announced.

The President for the new term will be Hilory Bucher.

The other board positions will be filled by:

Secretary – Victoria G
Treasurer – Lucie B
Membership Committee – Lucille I. Laura L. and Kathy R
Programs Committee – Michelina M
Hospitality Committee – Joan C and Diane M
Block of the Month – Alice Z and Marian S
Pro Bono Quilts – Linda R and Tricia McC
Book Raffle – Maggie S. and Jenn F
Retreats – Lucie B
Newsletter – Michele M
Website and Facebook – Kathy Kelner

Congratulations to all the new Officers.  Let’s lend them our support for their new positions in the upcoming term.

Festivities ended with lots of hugs and wishes for all to have an good summer.   Look forward to seeing all of you when we return in September, 2019 with our new slate of officers.  I am looking forward to seeing what you Ladies have planned for this group in the coming years.

Hope you enjoy your summer!  See you in September!

Kathy Kelner
Web Mistress

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