Hello Members,

Welcome back to the Huntington Quilters Guild.  It nice to be back from a quiet summer vacation.  I hope you enjoyed you summertime as well.

This is your September 3, 2019 Meeting Reminder.  The first meeting of our new year will be held at Christ Lutheran Church Hall, located at Burr Road and Larkfield Road, in East Northport.  The meeting starts at 7:30 pm, but the hall is always open earlier for set up.  Won’t you try to stop down a bit early and help us set up for our meetings.

There are lots of good things to update and many changes being made within the guild.  New Board members and committee chairs are working hard to make your guild experience fantastic!

Our newest slate of officers for 2019 – 2020 are as follows:

SECRETARY – Victoria G

MEMBERSHIP – Lucille I. and Laura L. – The Membership Application has been updated and is located on the website, under the Membership tab.  Click on the link and print out the application and bring it with you to the September 3rd meeting along with your dues.

HOSPITALITY – Joan C. and Diane M…..Hi Ladies – Thanking you in advance for your desserts & goodies at our monthly meetings. If you get a request card and can’t make the meeting ask a friend to help out with a dessert.  Thanks, Joan & Diane, Your Hospitality Committee

PROGRAMS – Michelina M….Hi Ladies,  I will be your program coordinator for the next two years. We have some exciting speakers and classes to offer you! I hope everyone is as excited as I am! I have a tough act to follow, Jean, Alison and Liz, who have done an amazing job for the last four years!!

I am trying to get speakers that offer something for everyone. Your participation is key!!! I don’t expect everyone to sign up for every class, but we are a large group of members and if we come to at least one class, that will make for good attendance!!  I already have a program or speaker lined up for every month in the 2019-2020, also for September and October of 2020.

For our September program. It is usually a business meeting, especially with a new board coming in. So, we will do a UFO challenge. I would like for anyone who wants to participate, to find 5 UFO’s. write the name of each one on a piece of paper, one through five. Make two copies. One for you and one for me.  I will pull a number and you have two months to complete that UFO. Of course, a prize will be given.   It’s a game someone recommended to me. It’s sometimes done every month but I thought that would be too much pressure.  Let’s see how many participants we can get!! Let’s get some of those UFO’s completed!!

ALSO! 2020 is a Honeybee Raffle Year!! Looking for a chairperson to run this committee! Remember, as soon as someone puts their hand up and volunteers, many hands go up to help!! All we need is that ONE brave sole!!

Thank you!!  Looking forward to seeing everyone in September!!
Yours truly, Michelina Maguire

BLOCK OF THE MONTH – Alice Z. and Marian S.
PRO BONO QUILTS – Linda R. and Tricia M.
BOOK RAFFLE – Maggie S. and Jennifer F.

RAFFLE QUILT – 2019 – Kathy K.   Raffle Tickets are available for purchase or sale!   All members are required to purchase 4 raffle ticket books.  There more raffle tickets available for sale.  Stop by and pick up or drop off your tickets.  See you Ladies at the meeting.

RAFFLE QUILT  – 2020 – Michele M.
WEBSITE AND FACEBOOK – Kathy Kelner….Always updating and posting.  Make certain you go and check it out!

QUILT CAMP – Jo M and Madeline E.

HOLIDAY GIFT CAMP – Hello All! Hope you did a lot of quilting this summer. As we are heading into fall and the stores are starting to display their holiday wears, it’s time to start thinking about Holiday Gift Camp!  We have set aside Saturday, October 19 and Mickey has arranged for us to use St. Francis Church’s Community room in Greenlawn.

So anyone who has a small project or a project that can be completed in one day please email me at We have some great ideas already but are always happy for more!  We would ask that you bring a sample to the September meeting, as we will be starting sign ups at that time.

Thank you everyone for supporting this event – we had such a good time last year! Enjoy the last few days of summer – Lauren and Dale


If I’ve missed anyone please accept my apologies.  Come see me and I will update the information.

See you at our first meeting of the year!

Kathy Kelner
Huntington Quilters Guild

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