Hello Ladies!

WOW! Is this year flying by! Hard to believe it’s November already!

This is your November 5, 2019 Meeting reminder.

The meeting will be held at Christ Lutheran Church Hall, located at Burr Road and Larkfield Road, in East Northport. The meeting starts at 7:30 pm, but the hall is always open earlier for set up. Won’t you try to stop down a bit early and help us set up for our meetings.

Here are the messages and reminders for the meeting.

PRESIDENT – Hilory B…..

SECRETARY – Victoria G…..

TREASURER – Lucie B…..

MEMBERSHIP – Lucille I. and Laura L. and Kathy R…..Last call for membership renewal before the directory is published. Any unpaid memberships will be deleted from directory. Membership forms are on the website under the Membership tab and can be mailed to Laura L. if you cannot make the meeting. Thanks!

The fat quarter raffle for the November meeting is anything FALL related.

HOSPITALITY – Joan C. and Diane M…..Hi Ladies – Thanking you in advance for your desserts & goodies at our monthly meetings. If you get a request card and can’t make the meeting ask a friend to help out with a dessert. Thanks, Joan & Diane, Your Hospitality Committee

PROGRAMS – Michelina M….NOVEMBER – We will have Florence Baravarian, she will be vending feed sack fabrics.

Those who participated in the Row by Row will be presenting them.

Our UFO Challenge for #4 is due. Get cracking if you haven’t started already.

DECEMBER – Our Holiday Party. Bring in a homemade ornament. A gift for $10. For our gift exchange. REMEMBER: let it be something you would like to be gifted!

Thank you for your participation. Michelina Maguire, program chairperson

BLOCK OF THE MONTH – Alice Z. and Marian S…..

PRO BONO QUILTS – Linda R. and Tricia M…..

BOOK RAFFLE – Maggie S. and Jennifer F…..

RAFFLE QUILT – 2019 – Kathy K…..Raffle Quilt Tickets are still available for purchase or sale! All members are required to purchase 4 raffle ticket books. Please stop by and pick up or drop off your tickets. I would like to have all the ticket stubs and monies returned to the guild at the November meeting. The quilt will be raffled off at the December meeting.

RAFFLE QUILT – 2020 – Michele M…..


Quinipet Fall Retreat – November 8, 9, 10, 2019 There are several spots that have become available for the Fall retreat. If you are interested in attending, please email Lucie at to let her know that you are interested. Also, please mail a check in the amount of $200 to her ASAP.

Quinipet Spring Retreat – April 17, 18, 19, 2020 At this time, we have no space available at the Spring retreat. Please note that the cost for the April retreat has increased. Payment is due at your earliest convenience. The fee is $225 for the weekend. Checks should be made payable to Huntington Quilters. Those who have already given in a check for $200 are asked to give Lucie an additional check for $25.00.

NEWSLETTER – Michele M…..

WEBSITE AND FACEBOOK – Kathy Kelner….Always updating and posting. Make certain you go and check it out!

QUILT CAMP – Jo M. and Madeline E…..

HONEY BEE RAFFLE – Bridgette M…..

OPERATION VERONICA – Lucille….Operation Veronica – The collection for Operation Veronica this month will be in honor of Veteran’s Day. Donations are for our active service men and women serving overseas. Anyone who needs a donation list or pillowcase or washcloth instructions can find them on the Guild website under Guild Activities – Operation Veronica. Once again thank you for all your generous donations. The Operation Veronica donation boxes and handouts will be located next to the Membership Table. Thanks Lucille

If I’ve missed anyone please accept my apologies. Come see me and I will update the information.

See you at the meeting!

Kathy Kelner
Huntington Quilters Guild

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