Here is just some of the information we have received with our efforts to help the medical community with our masks.  

The first is a communication from Mary Ellen Orchard, then below is a link to Channel 7 news.  Go and watch it for yourself!  

Thank you Ladies for your wonderful support!  The need is still there and this will be an ongoing effort to help our Medical Caregivers!  


Good morning Mickey,

This will be the THANK YOU I posted to LIQS and to QIP. If you can have it posted on Huntington’s site as I really, really appreciate all that your members did.

First – THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone who dropped off face masks at Eisenhower !!! Even with the lack of elastic we had about 340 masks – and 3 N95s!!!! It took TWO trips to the NUMC to drop them off… cops in the park refused to let me drop them off there; NUMC had no clue at the lobby; finally back home I made arrangements to go back to NUMC and drop them off. THEY ARE “INUNDATED” have no time to check any of them. THEY DO NOT NEED masks with filter pockets because THEY HAVE NO FILTERS. Only make regular masks. It takes THREE DAYS to go through the sterilization process so I won’t have any feedback on any of the ones we handed in – if I get feedback at all.

I said we will get more than double that amount of masks for next week. Quiltees, look for my follow-up post!

Again, a MAJOR THANK YOU for all your work! They were cute, funny, colorful and so much more.
Mary Ellen



Hi Mickey,

you can share or whatever…

thanks for showing up!!!

mary ellen orchard



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