A FEW OF MY FAVORITE QUILTS – First installment photo!

Hello Ladies!

Here is our first installment photo of  “A FEW OF MY FAVORITE QUILTS!”

These posts will highlight an individual quilter in our group who wants to share their wonderful quilt.

The first quilt highlighted is Joan K’s Gypsy Spirit quilt.

It is called “GYPSY SPIRIT” by Diane Tomlinson. It is hand pieced and sewn. I learned how to sew curves by doing this quilt. I had the fabric in my stash. Probably took me two months. I really love it and it was hung in the Levittown Library for a quilt exhibition last year.


The next Favorite Quilt is from Jo Anne Powell

Silver-lined Iris, by Jo Anne Powell; created spring 2018; 14“ x 14“

I used this quilt as a demonstration for programs taught for the Naples (FL) Quilters’ Guild (7/18) and the Hands All Around Erie Quilt Guild (8/18). It was exhibited at the Westfield Quilt Guild Silver Anniversary Show Challenge (9/2018 – a member judged the show and gave it no recognition), later at the Naples Quilt Show (3/2020 when it received a First Place Ribbon, the National Assoc. of Certified Quilt Judges Merit Award, and was a finalist for Best in Show).

I am currently working on my third Cherrywood Challenge and my fourth Quilters Consortium of New York State Challenge.


Pat Akins Favorite Quilt

Asking for my favorite quilt – like asking for my favorite child!

Depending on the day, could be lots of different choices. So, I decided to share my first quilt. I guess it could be considered my favorite, since I enjoyed the process, and got me going on my quilt journey. Don’t know where those stains came from, except to say it was used and loved! I hand quilted it (probably the last time I did that!) Look at the size of those stitches. This quilt was done in a beginner quilting class with Carolyn Bachsmith, when she owned Patchworks in downtown Sayville. I remember when I said I wanted to do the quilting in a contrasting color so it would stand out. She was horrified! Little did I know, it would be the thing to do in a few years. Didn’t date this quilt, but, its got to be 30 years old.



Joan O’Reilly’s Favorite Quilt

I loved working on this Little Treasures foundation pieced quilt in Judy’s class. We all used different color schemes making each one unique.



This new program will be posted every Saturday.  Send us a photos of your FAVORITE QUILT, along with a short description telling us about this project and why it is your favorite.

It could be a tremendous King Sized quilt or a tinie tiny minature wall hanging that you just love!

Looking forward to seeing all of your work!

Kathy Kelner

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