January 11, 2021 Information Update

Good morning my Quilty Friends!

Hope everyone is doing well, staying healthy and keeping busy!! Looks like we will be here for awhile longer!

I finally finished my snowmen, nine of them! And my new batch of masks. Feels like there were 100.  Now to send them off, some to my family in Italy and some to a few friends. I am officially out of the mask making business!

I have had some request for the snowman pattern, I am including a picture of them.  If you are interested in the pattern, PLEASE EMAIL ME!!

I have also included a picture of a patriotic pattern, shared by Jo Anne P. Thank you to her for that. If you would like a copy, again, email me!

Now for business.

Please, if you think you do NOT wish to serve on your committee for another two year term, you MUST let me know.

According to the By-Laws, the nominating committee consists of three members, one of which is appointed by the President, two selected from the floor. They select members, with their consent for the elected offices.

This happens in February.

The slate of new officers are then presented to the members at the April meeting and posted on the Huntington Quilters web site.

The election takes place in May. The term of office begins in September.

Now…..considering we haven’t met in January, February is not looking promising.
At best, we will meet in March!  The Good Lord willing!!

All of what I stated is just NOT possible to do without meeting, no matter how much I beg!  This cannot be done via zoom or telephone chain, therefore I am suggesting we by pass all the technicalities and ask for members to volunteer for the necessary positions.

President – Shows up in a timely manner and runs an orderly meeting.  Overseas all Guild activities, determines all Committees with the advice of the Board, appoints all Chairpersons, and annually appoints two (2) auditors to review financial records.
You hold maybe 2 Board meetings per year. It’s an easy position.  Make friends, get to know everyone!

Program – Plans creative portions of the meetings, arranges for workshops, and confers with the Board for Program suggestions.

When we finally do meet……….it will be quite some time before we will be having guest speakers.

All programs will be in house. EX: show and tell, member trunk show, games, hints and tips demonstrated by members, charity work.  We can think of many programs.

I do not expect our seasoned members to volunteer, they have ALL been President in the past and have paid their dues.

We have many new and young faces.  It’s up to all of you to get involved and participate!!  All of my preaching has been about getting involved.  We cannot just sit back and always let someone else do the work.  It’s our guild, do you want to lose it or hold on to it??  It’s that simple.

I can send weekly updates till the cows come home but if we do not all contribute. I am wasting my time trying to keep something together if there is no interest in keeping it together.

I welcome suggestions, opinions or recommendations!! Please send them to me only at this time. Please feel free to call me, I prefer calls to txt or emails.

I have been in touch with Lucille I., our membership chairperson.  I am happy to report she has been receiving dues. Please keep them coming!!  The amount is $15 for the 2020-2021 year!

Our 5 inch fabric swap is underway.  We have 7 in total.   I don’t know what or when the next one will be.  Do you have a theme you would like to expand your stash on??? If you do, please let me know.

Our next newsletter will be for March/April.  The information should go to Michele M. in the middle of February.  Please continue to send her tidbits of information.
That’s what makes our newsletter fun and worth reading!!  She is the editor, she is not responsible to dig up information for us, just print it.

It is our responsibility to share information with our fellow quilters.

One of our members, Brigitte M. took me up on my suggestion, shopping at Harbor Freight.  She purchased the magnetic bowl and wrist band.  Both are used for screws but we use them for pins.  She loves them and the price is much more reasonable than the ones sold for pins. 

You never know what other goodies you might find there!

How about that phone chain???  Anyone wish you a Happy New Year??

Get outside and get some fresh air and sunshine!!  Take a walk down the block, the park or maybe the boardwalk! Then go home and so some sewing!! 
It will do you a world of good!

Missing my Quilty Friends!!
Be well, Michelina M.

Dear Members- In order to try and protect our members, we do NOT post personal information on this website/blog. No last names, no email addresses, nothing personal. Since we are a blog on the internet, our members are not the only ones who can see this information.

If you are interested in additional information from an individual member, please respond DIRECTLY to member on their personal email accounts.

Our membership directory was emailed to all current members of the guild back in September.

If you do not have a current directory, please contact Huntingtonquilters@gmail.com and I will get you one.

Simply hitting the REPLY button on an email sent out from the guild does NOT automatically direct your inquire to the correct person. Please be considerate and careful when you are responding to emails so that you are responding to the correct email address and person.

If you have any questions, or would like to post any information on this website/blog, please reach out to us here at Huntingtonquitlers@gmail.com

Thanks for the help with this.

Kathy Kelner

Web Mistress

Huntington Quilters Guild.

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