January 26, 2021 – Weekly Update

Hello to all my quilty friends!

This is you Bi-weekly-weekly updates!

I’m a little behind, I haven’t sent anything since January 11. Sometimes I’m at a loss for words…..NOT! But I do run out of anything news related to pass on to you. Also, I was waiting to hear from some members.

So…I was telling you about my skinny snowman, and how I ended up making 9 of them!

And I made a few masks, wanted to send some to my family in Italy and ended up with over 60! YIKES!!!

You ALL know I was the FIRST to have the “SMITTENS” Right!! The mittens made from recycled sweaters. I made a pair for myself using my mother’s cashmere sweater! I love, love love them! I taught the class a few times at quilt camp! Everyone loved them!
In preparation for the class, I searched all the local thrift shops and then some. I became obsessed with finding wool sweaters. I had acquired a large bag full, boarder line hoarding! I justified this because I was teaching it in class, right? So I needed all of them, right?

You wouldn’t believe how much work they are! I have to open them all up, wash with hot water to felt, which is not easy with a front loader washing machine. Hot dryer dry them and sometimes once is not enough, you need to repeat the process.

This year, same as last, I vow to finish some projects and NOT start any more, said NO quilter ever!! But…I’m giving it my best shot!

I had cut out a ton of mittens awhile back, I dug out the bag and started on my smittens making journey. I cut out all the fleece linings. That very day, our fellow member, Judy K. Tags me on FB, A picture of Bernie Sanders wearing my mittens!! How funny is That!! What a coincidence.

Anyway, getting back to my compulsion of getting carried away and mass producing items, I made 27 pairs of mittens!! I said to my husband, “what’s wrong with me?”
I don’t know but I will tell you they are just adorable! I may have to keep all of them!

I mailed the snowman pattern to those of you who requested it, I hope you’ve received it. I will want to see the finished product.

I have found a website called “Bloglovin Daily Digest”. You should check it out.
They have free patterns in quilting, sewing, crochet, knitting. They also have tips, recipes and all sorts of useful and fun information!! Check it out!

Our 2021 Raffle Quilt is at the long arm quilter as we speak! Lucie B. Dropped it off last Wednesday. She brought it to Maureen at “Needle A Little Help” She is NOT charging us!!! How awesome is that!! I think we’ll buy her some chocolates and a nice “thank you” card from the Huntington Quilters. Keep her in mind when looking for someone to quilt your quilts. The best thank you we can give her is to support her small business.
Lucie will keep us posted on ticket sales.

We have completed our “Hearts” fabric swap! Madeline E. JoAnne P. Sylvie M. Andrea G. Brigitte M. Carole N. The packets will be ready for pickup anytime after Friday. They will be in a basket on my front steps. I’ve included a pattern and a small token of appreciation.

From the bottom of my heart, I’d like to THANK all the members who participated in all the fabric swaps. Can’t wait to see what you’ve made.
I have asked if anyone has a theme idea for the next swap????

Committee updates, I don’t have any!

No one yet has volunteered to be President or run the Program committee.

Our Membership chairperson updated me, we have 35 returning members so far!!
Please get your $15 check to Lucille I. It’s important to try our best and maintain the Guild.

There will be NO February meeting but I DO hope to have one in March!

The next newsletter is March/April, please start gathering your hints, tips, ideas, recipes, websites, Quilters to follow, jokes, anything you would like to share with us to be sent to Michele M. Our newsletter chairperson.

I am still preaching the phone chain! Call someone and say hello! I am thrilled to say I got a call from Peg S. And Joan F. And Carole N. And Kathy K. Just to say hello and see how I was doing! Thank you! Made my day!

I’ve been trying to get out and walk around my block a few times a day, every day. Even though it’s a little chilly, the sunshine feels so good!!

Get out and get some fresh air. The cold air kills germs!

Missing everyone!!
Sending warm hugs!
Be well!! Michelina

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