Hello my Quilty Friends!

How are you all holding up??  Canceling the February meeting turned out to be a good call in more ways than one.  Meeting would have been this past Tuesday.  Yikes!!
This has been some week!!  Finished my mittens and then some, we had tons of snow that I got stuck having to snow blow and I was lucky enough to score an appointment for a covid vaccine for March!!  Yay!! 

Hopefully some of you have also begun to get appointments for your vaccine as well!!

I’m not much of a football fan but for the Super Bowl, I like to make food goodies for us.  At half time, we took a walk around my block, it was just so peaceful and glorious and bright with all the snow hanging on every branch!!!  Mother Nature is just amazing!!  within the next few days it’ll all turn to mush and be dirty and ugly but tonight it was spectacular!!  Not to mention, the walk helped with the digestion.

Update on my mittens.  I finished 30 pairs!!  Holy smokes!  I couldn’t wait to be done.  I worked on them all week.  I gifted some, sending some to my relatives, finally, along with the masks I made for them.  They will be mailed tomorrow.

Like making all of them wasn’t enough, I had some extra cashmere, 2 of them were from my mother’s sweaters. So I made some hats with fleece lining. I added a fur Pom Pom on top.  I also had left over fleece, made myself a vest, it’s light weight and have been wearing it around the house, very warm and comfy!!  I was determined to use up every last piece of wool and fleece I had!!

What is that makes us not able to part with anything??   One of our members, I’m told, gets rid of all fabric used once a project is completed.  I admire that!!  Imagine being that strong willed to part with fabric!!  I don’t know about you but I have to talk myself into throwing a scrap out, then I’ll reach into the trash and take it back.  Hey, you never know. Those who know me, know “Waste Not Want Not” is one of favorite sayings.

On to some business!

Not having received any volunteers for President or Program, I managed to sway Dale Sumner into running the “Program” committee.  

I can’t tell you how happy and grateful I am!!  I know she will be amazing!    She, along with Lauren Gorman have the co-chairs for  “Gift Camp” for the past 2 years.  They’ve done a great job with their creative and fun gift ideas!!  I know Dale will do a fantastic job keeping us all entertained for the 2021-2022 season!

Speaking of “Quilt Camp” and “Gift Camp”,  there will be NO Quilt Camp this year which is usually held in March.  We are hoping for Gift Camp which is usually in October.
We will keep you posted on this.

I will stay on as President for the 2021-2022 term.   

I feel it would be in the best interest of the Guild.  We’re not able to have a nominating committee, no one has offered and It’s exhausting trying to persuade someone to step in.  I feel, God willing, by next year we should be in a better position.  It will be easier to have a nominating committee in place and they will have a better opportunity to seek out chairpersons for whatever positions will be available.  I hope this is acceptable with everyone.

Welcome Brigitte M. she has graciously volunteered to be the Secretary for the upcoming term!  Thank you so much to her!

Alice Z has decided not to co-chair the Block of the Month committee.  Judy K. Has graciously agreed to co-chair with Marion S.  We welcome her to the Board!
Thank you so much to Alice!!  She has done an amazing job with her houses last year and this year has kept us busy with new monthly blocks!  Thank you so much for volunteering!!

So far everyone else is staying on for another 2 year term on their committee.
Thank you so much to everyone!!  Without volunteers, we can’t run a successful guild!

Dues are due!  $15. Please mail your checks to Lucille I. Our membership chairperson.  I am happy to report we are up to almost 50 members! That is a far cry from 119 last year but it’s a wonderful start!  I believe most of us will be back eventually.  I look forward to seeing all of you!!

Which reminds me, I hope to hold a March meeting.  That will be March 2nd.  Our usual meeting place, Christ Lutheran Church at 7:30 PM Masks are mandatory!! 

I had a request for a 30’s/Aunt Grace fabric swap.  Any interest, let me know.  I’ll put you on the list.

Our “Hearts” swap just ended.  The fabrics were adorable, a pattern and a valentine gift was included for participating.  Thank you to all!!

The Smithtown Stitchers Guild will be having a few “virtual” classes, they are extending the invitation to other guilds if anyone is interested. Catherine Redford will be teaching them “Wool Experience “ class It is wool and embroidery project..  The cost is $30. For the class and $42. For the kit.  The kit can be purchased through Catherine Redford.  Please email her directly

You will need to send your check to:  Janette V. please call me for her phone number. The class is Saturday, February 27th 10:00-3:00
Please let ME know if you’re interested, I will send you the contact information.

Also, Irene Blanck from Australia will be doing two virtual classes.  One March 18, and one April 23.  They are both at 6:30 PM.

The classes are “the Clamshell Quilt” and “Needleturn Applique”,  The cost for those is $45. Each.   I do not know which class is which day.  I will keep you posted!

These Zoom Classes are being organized by Janette for the Smithtown Stichers.  I have not taken the liberty to hold any zoom classes because I am not very computer savvy.
To be honest, I do not feel I would get much participation for a virtual paid class.  I could be wrong but it’s a lot of trouble to set up and if there is little to no sign up, then the guild would be footing the bill.  Not that we can’t afford it, I just am not up for the challenge.  That being said, I am passing along this information and we will see what kind of turnout there is. 

Now, if ANYONE has an idea for a zoom class or would like to contact a speaker to possibly set something up, please feel free to do so!  I welcome any and all to help out at this difficult time we are in.  I could use all the help I can get!  We have a few ladies who hold a zoom meeting/get together every week or every other week.  I think that’s great and I encourage it!  I am just not the one to do it.  I am sorry!

Don’t forget to send our news editor some helpful hints, tips, tricks, recipes, jokes.  Anything you might like to share with your fellow Quilters.

I am including some pictures.  What are you working on???  We would all love to see it.  Perhaps you can post it on FB??

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns.  Would love to hear opinions.  Only positive ones, keep the negative ones for the next President.

Be well, stay safe!
Can’t wait to see everyone!
Michelina M

Oh!!  Don’t forget to call someone!  They might need something with all this snow!

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