Good Morning My Quilty Friends!!

Looking outside this morning, the skies are grey and gloomy ant it’s so WHITE out there!!  Where has all this snow come from??  Yikes!  Is this a good day for some sewing and quilting I ask you??

I had to take my sister-in-law for a procedure yesterday.  Drove to West Babylon, Seaford back to West Babylon then home!  I needed a drink when I got back.  Very LONG day but it’s all good, driving wasn’t too bad.

I’m sitting here trying to think what have I made since my gloves, not much.  Why I wonder.  My husband who is on a every other week in to work schedule, was home last week and he finally finished the window in my sewing room.  It was the very first window we installed 32 years ago and just got finished!  In doing so, he had to move everything making it impossible for me to work let alone find anything.  When he was finished, of course I had to dust (what a mess the wool and fleece left) and mop and organize.  There went my sewing time!  It’s all finished and looks amazing!  lucky to have such a handy man!

Newsday had an article on “Quilting for a cause: Long Island Groups stitch through pandemic” I think it was February 6th

If you’d like to look it up, it was a wonderful article, it mentioned many quilting guilds on the island and other boroughs as well and all the wonderful charity work everyone does!

It was posted on our Huntington Quilters Facebook page or you can look it up through Newsday if you like.

I recently took a ride to Patchworks quilt shop.  I had not been there is a very long time.  I remember the old one in Patchogue I think.  I loved everything about that store, it was so inviting.  Did not care for the new one so much.  The location was dreary and the store just wasn’t the same.  This last visit changed my opinion.  The fabrics were a candy store for quilters!  I didn’t know where to look.  They had samples everywhere.  Embroidery projects, applique designs!

If you haven’t paid them a visit lately, I highly recommend you do so!  It was worth the trip for me!

Trying to keep small business a float, Kathy K is updating the website with information on all quilt shops and long arm quilters in the area.  It may be in the newsletter as well. 

Don’t forget your 2020 Dues are due!  $15. To be sent to Lucille I.  our program chair person.

We will be having a March meeting.  The first Tuesday as usual, March 2nd,  at the Christ Lutheran Church in East Northport on Larkfield and Burr Rd. at 7:30 PM,  hope to see some of you there!

PLEASE SEND ME AN EMAIL letting me know if you will be attending.  No more than 50 at this time, not that I think there will be 50 of us.


So many of you have already received your Covid vaccines or are on a schedule for one!  That is so exciting!!  I can’t wait until the “fasten your seatbelts” sign is turned off and everyone can move around the cabin safely!!

Our next 5- inch fabric swap is “1930’s prints”  that includes Aunt Grace fabrics and anything that looks like that.

So far, we have Lucie B., Andrea G., Joan O., Kathy K., Carole N., and myself.

If you are on the list and do NOT wish to be, or you are not on the list and would LIKE to be, please let ME know. 

You will need to prepare five packs of 5 different 5- inch fabrics.  Any questions, call me 631-673-5497 anytime!

The next swap will be “batiks”, it was requested.  Please let me know if this is something that would interest you.

I have included two pictures from our members.

The “Heart Runner” is from Lori H. it was from the UFO challenge we had begun and never finished. 

The “House” wall hanging is from Sylvie M it is from the block of the month projects.

What have you been working on?? 

Please try to post your projects on our Facebook page or our website.

As I mentioned the Smithtown Stitchers are having a virtual class with Catherine Redford on the “Wool Experience” the date is February 27th  Please let me know if you are interested, I will forward the contact to you or you can go to the Smithtown Stitchers website for more information.

They are also having Irene Blanck, she will be giving two sperate classes in April, she is from Australia.

Our raffle quilt has been picked up and will be bound and labeled!, ready for the big reveal!!  Thank you to the Board members who participated in making the blocks!

This was the first time a raffle quilt was make by board members, something different.  Under these trying circumstances, it seemed the easiest way.

The 2021 raffle quilt will be Chaired by Michele M. 

When someone volunteers to chair a raffle quilt committee, it is their choice how they wish to run it.  They can make the whole quilt themselves if they so choose, have a group participate or the entire guild.

There are NO rules, just that it gets done.  Everyone has different opinions and does things differently.  That does not make it right or wrong.  They have all been beautiful quilts and been successful fund raisers!

Please have an open mind and be appreciative that someone is stepping forward and taking on a huge project.

That being said, when you volunteer for any committee it is up to the chair person, how they would like to run it.  Sometimes you need new eyes to see and try something different.

Michele M. has requested any information you may want to share with your fellow quilters for the newsletter.  Please feel free to help out!  Makes for interesting reading and keeps everyone connected!

Don’t forget, CALL someone just to say HELLO!!

That’s all Folks!!

Be well, can’t wait to give you all a virtual HUG!

Michelina M

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