Weekly Update March 7, 2021

Good Morning My Quilty Friends,

 Looks like the snow is behind us for 2021!  By next week, with the temps going into the high 50’s, it should all be a thing of the past!!

I try to get out for a walk for some fresh air and sunshine every day!  It also helps me stretch my weary bones after sitting and sewing for a long time.

I am so excited to tell you I am getting my vaccine Monday at CVS in east Rockaway!!  Yay me!!

I had an appointment for the 16th that fell through due to no confirmation.  My husband then managed to get one at the Javitz center for the 23rd.  Even though he or myself do not mind driving to the city, this is so much more convenient.

A long time, wonderful friend of mine managed to score this appointment for me! 

I know so many of you are getting or have already been vaccinated!  I am so happy for everyone especially because I see a glimmer of light at the end of this tunnel!!

 I have been busy making T-shirt quilts, two of them.  They are for my husband’s cousin to gift to her son and daughter with her husband’s shirts.  I was determined to finish them,  it’s all about the finishing this year.  I must say, they were a job!!  Measured 65” by 75”.  I’m glad that’s over with.  I gifted them today and they were truly loved by all.

I also made a new ironing board cover.  I know, you must be thinking, just go buy one for God’s sake!  But this is a different kind of board, the cover cost over $70.  And I needed two.  I’m very pleased with the results.  Also reupholstered a small foot stool I bought for $5. At a garage sale!!  Yay me!!

 My compliments to Michele for a wonderful newsletter!!  I also want to THANK those who contributed by sending her information her way!!  “Many hands make light work”

 On to some business!!

I was disappointed we could not pull off  a March meeting!!  I thought for sure we would have a fair amount.  The next one is April 6th.   PLEASE, PLEASE text, call or email me that you will be there.  It’s important for me to have a count.

It will be at the usual meeting place, Christ Lutheran Church in East Northport.  On the corner or Larkfield Road and Burr Road.  At 7:30 PM

 We presently have 60 members who have signed up and paid dues. Please send your $15. To Lucille I.

We have extended the deadline for mailing in your dues to March 15. At that point you will no longer receive any updates or newsletters.

Although we haven’t had formal meetings, we certainly have been kept informed and involved with block of the month. fabric charm swaps, projects, casual gatherings and ongoing contacts via “weekly updates” and bi-monthly newsletters by our editor.

Please consider your dues (which were a board decision to cut in half) as a gesture of your support and confidence that we all want to see our guild continue and flourish as a group, family and friends and a community for all of us.

I would hate to see all this come to an end after 40 years! 


  • There will be NO Quilt Camp in March
  • There will be NO Quilt Retreat in April
  • Hopefully there WILL be a Gift Camp in October!

 Our “1930”s” fabric swap is closed.  We have 7 of us in total, Carol N., Andrea G., Lucie B., Dale S., Joan O., Kathy K., and myself.   You may pick up anytime next week.  Give me a heads up and they’ll be outside in a basket waiting for you!

I hope you are all pleased with the outcome.  Thank you so much for participating!!

The next one will be “Batik’s”  please let me know at if you are interested joining in.

These fabric swaps are not a way of adding fabric to our already bursting stashes, but a way of gaining variety.

The same amount of fabric comes back to you as you give out, just different.

I am sewing the binding on our raffle quilt as we speak!  It is truly beautiful!

I will explain our raffle ticket process.

You will not receive books as in the past.  Instead, Lucie had sheets printed.  Each sheet has a large ticket, which is yours to keep.

It also has 24 or 25 small tickets.  Those are to be given to the selling committee.

They will ALL HAVE THE SAME NUMBERS ON THEM.  You get one ticket with one number to keep and 25 chances to win.

Same as the books, less work, printing and easier under the circumstances.

We can’t wait for the big reveal!  We should have a reveal party, you know like they do when they want everyone know if it’s a boy or a girl!

That’s all folks!!

Please forward me any information you would like to share with your fellow quilters, websites, patterns, what you’ve been up to.

 I welcome any question, suggestions or comments!

 Thank you, Miss you all!!

Michelina M.

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