APRIL 6, 2021 MEETING!!!!

Good Morning My Quilty Friends!

For those of you who were not able to join us for our first meeting since March 2020, it was a HUGE success!! 

Here is an update.  We had 53 members attend!!  How exciting!!

Everyone was so happy to be there sharing a craft and talent we all love not to mention how we all missed  Seeing so many of our friends and fellow quilters after so long.  Being able to catch up with each other

The room was filled with chit chat and happiness! 

I had a little extra time during the day so I went and set up the room.  I thought it would be a nice surprise for everyone, not having to worry about setting up and just being able to see and talk with all your friends!

The 2021 Quilt was on display, looks stunning!  Tickets have already begun to be purchased.  There is a contest to “Name That Quilt”.  A Prize will be given to the lucky winner.  Have your suggestion ready by the May meeting, Lucie will collect them.  Then you will all vote on the favorites.  Winner will be announced at the June meeting.

Dottie G. read us her beautiful “Staying Home” Poem!

I am thrilled all the members LOVED it as much as I did when I first heard it.  Brought tears to my eyes! It will be typed and printed on fabric paper as the label.  It will also be printed in the minutes by Madeline and it will be included in the newsletter.

Thank you to her for taking the time to write it!!

Our book raffle was successful, the chairwomen have changed it up a little.

Pro bono collected and handed out many quilts, quilt tops and batting.

Our hospitality provided us with chilled bottled water and chocolates. What a great idea Joan had!!

Show and tell was amazing as usual!!  There were over 70 items shown.

You can find them on the Huntington Quilters Facebook page. Thanks to Karen W. for taking pictures and posting.

We also had a guest who as it turns out, is now be a member, her name is Habiba B. she is a fashion designer and makes custom quilts and handbags, she also designs dinnerware for “Enchanted Homes”

She graciously and generously donated fabric, some wonderful books and tons of magazines that were there for the taking Tuesday night.  I am happy to say none of them came home with me.

We welcome her!  I hope she enjoys our guild as much as we do!!

A vote was held regarding our HoneyBee Raffle.  The next one should be in March of 2022, BUT we have so much fabric and books it would be impossible for anyone to hold on to for another year let alone collect any other items from all of us like we usually do.

It was voted to have one raffle this June with the items we already have and another in March of 2022 with donations from us.

The “HoneyBee” Raffle Committee, unfortunately have a conflict for the month of June.  They have suggested they hold it in September.  I do not see that to be a problem.  We will not have too much business the first month back due to the board remaining the same.  Therefore, it might be a nice way to start the new 2021-2022 season. 

It would also give them a little more time to organize and have everything ready.

Please let me know your thoughts and or opinions on this matter.

We THANK those who have donated these wonderful fabrics, books and other supplies that have made this early HoneyBee Raffle possible!

Aside from those I mentioned, Sylvie M. has also brought over a basket of fabric and some books, sadly, she will be moving back to France shortly.  We will all miss her and her lovely accent!  It’s so romantic!!  Don’t you think??

We are not allowed to use the kitchen just yet ALSO no one is ready to eat what everyone is making and serving in such a large group.  We will have a Pizza party in June instead of the usual party.  It can be served by one person wearing gloves, using a utensil and of course wearing a mask.

We will have bottled water and canned soda.  We can do this in the parking lot,  it’s the longest daylight in June.  Then head back inside for some fun and games.

Kathy K. received a donation for making masks last year that was gifted to the guild.  That money will be used for a Pizza party and the guild will fill in the balance.

I received a call from a woman named Erika P.  She is 82 years old and still runs her slipcover, drapery and upholstery business from her house.  She too wanted to donate fabric.  I paid her a visit, she was just lovely.  She showed me around her studio. Packed is the word that comes to mind!!  Her son also has a business he runs from the same building.  Like I said PACKED!

He makes lamps from liquor bottles.  Interesting!!  Anyway, we could use none of the fabric she has BUT if anyone is thinking of reupholstering anything in your home or you’d like to make some new curtains or drapery,  she will gift you whatever you want.

She is trying to get rid of as much as she can.  It will NEVER happen but she’s trying.

Tell her you are with the Huntington Quilters.

Her information is:

Decorate With Erika

8 Spencer Aver, Huntington Sta. 11746


I am thinking of having another “Play Date” next week.  I am not able to do Tuesday the 20th of April.  It is the anniversary of the passing of my niece and I spend the day with my sister-in-law.  BUT I can do Wednesday the 21.  The weather looks promising so far.  I will keep everyone posted. 

Bring a chair,  Show and Tell and smiles!

We are having “Gift Camp” in October, if there is anything you would like to teach, please reach out to Dale S. or Lauren G.

Our news editor will be looking for some juicy information to share,  do you have anything??  Send it to Michele M.

Have anything you would like to say, comment or suggest??

That’s all Folk’s!!

So happy to have seen so many of you this past Tuesday!!!

Michelina Maguire

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