Mickey, President, opened the meeting at 7:30pm. 

She obtained a speaker, Rosa Park for our meeting, Aero Dynamics on Sewing to be shown through Zoom.  Rosa cancelled unexpectedly because her husband had a blood clot on and had a heart attack. We wish her husband a speedy recovery. 

Mickey was able to secure Elizabeth DeCroos who gave a presentation on South Korean culture, wrapping gifts with fabric.  She showed projects of making fabric to look like stained glass on your windows with the sun shining through.

All the above was done with Lucie B and Mickey getting the church to loan us their screen, for a fee.  A boom box from a neighbor and all went well for the meeting.  A hand clapping was given by the members to say thank you for their hard work putting the presentation together.

Elizabeth De Crew is from Buffalo, NY.  Did not sew growing up.  She learned through Library books.  In 2009 she had a job to go to South Korea.  She was in culture shock but learned POJAGI, wrapping cloth. She went to many classes to learn many different crafts while in South Korea.

BREAK at 8:20pm for water, chocolates and a fat quarter wrapped up for Mother’s Day.

RAFFLE BASKET – Carol W. had a lovely basket made up to raffle.  She acquired many lovely fabrics and books from Lynn N. who passed away May 25, 2020.  Tickets were sold 3 for $5.00.  The proceeds from the basket will be donated to the Guild.  There are two machines for sale.  One is a Brother PC8500 and another one Brother Innoves 5100.  Call Carol W. if interested.

MINUTES – April minutes were accepted by Peg S. and seconded by Judith K.

ROUND ROBIN – One person returned the Round Robin

Maggie S. son donated her fabric.  The Guild accepted the fabric.  Will send a thank you note.

Brigitte M. sent an article.

Mickey put the odds and ends together and showed a quilt.

TREASURER – Lucie B. reported.

It was discussed at this time that new equipment is needed for our Zoom classes.  Eileen A. suggested to buy the whole set and not piecemeal.  Mickey has gone to Best Buy and estimated it would cost $900.  Lucie mentioned that the church has a big screen that they would rent when needed.  A motion was brought up by Laura G. to buy the equipment and seconded by Eileen A. and accepted by the members.  It was mentioned at this time that a new mic is needed.  It would be discussed at the next meeting.

QUINNIPET – Lucie B. is taking names at this time.

HOSPITALITY – Diane brought the water in for our meeting.

BOOK RAFFLE – The following won a book.  Lynne R. (2 books), Annmarie K., Maureen B. and Andrea G.

QUILT BLOCK – Diane M. won the gift.

PRO BONO – Marian S. won the gift.

Michele M. dropped off the Register Magazine.  Make sure you take one.

Flower Pot with Fabric.  If you did not get one, please pick one up from Mickey.  With fabric make a Mug Rug and bring it in next month.

It was mentioned at this time that Michele M. did a great job with the Newsletter.  Good job Michele!

Erica who had a business upholstering etc. was giving fabric away.  Karen H. picked up leftover fabric for the dog shelter.  There is a commercial quilt machine that Erica would like to sell.    (I heard $400).

RAFFLE BASKET – Lauren G. won the Christmas Raffle Basket.

No more business at this time.


Ann M. and Brigette M. mentioned not to forget the Basket Extravaganza in September. The items will be in clear plastic bags.  Karen mentioned to be wearing clothing made in the 80’s or 90’s.  Tickets are $10. For 12 tickets and $20. For 30 tickets.  If you buy the $20 tickets, one will be put in a separate drawing.

The Honey Bee Raffle will be held March 2022.  Same Price tickets.  Something for everyone.

Happy Blessed Mother’s Day from Mickey

Meeting Adjourned 9:28pm

Respectfully Submitted by Madeline E.

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