Weekly Update, November 15, 2021

Good Morning All My Quilty Friends!!

I hope everyone is doing well!!  We have really lucked out with the weather for the month of October this year!!  We have had some glorious days.  The bright sunshine when the leaves turn such glorious colors is just amazing!!  I love walking around my block and taking in all it’s beauty!  Pretty soon we will be putting aside the year “2021”! 

Every year I say how fast this year went by!  This is no exception!

Our evenings are getting darker earlier, we go into hibernation mode.  Hopefully we do a little more sewing in front of the fireplace or your favorite easy chair.

Luckily, we now have some exercises and stretches to help straighten out our bones.

I hope you all enjoyed our zoom program with Rose Parr at the November meeting!!

I received some mixed revues on the program, mostly good!  She did speak a little bit too fast at times, but all in all I feel she did a nice job and covered many issues.

It seems there was a small issue with the sound.  I borrowed my friend’s speaker that we used for the last zoom meeting.  The church speakers are up high and we felt the sound was off.  The speaker was angled towards the center of the room, perhaps that was the reason.  In any case, I do hope you found the lecture somewhat helpful.

She has some handouts for the guild, as soon as I receive them, I will make them available to everyone.

Thank you for your patience!

We had purchased a new speaker with a wireless microphone for better sound than the one we have and to be able to pass the mic around for everyone to use and not worry about tripping on the wire.  We felt the new speaker did not project the sound enough so I returned it.  It was not easy to find something with enough sound for the room, not too big because someone has to drag it to and from the meetings and with wheels, which is impossible!!  We went to Sam Ash, P.C. Richards and Best Buy.  I know nothing about speakers and some of the salespeople knew about as much as me.  Therefore, I’ve decided we will keep what we have for now or until someone who has a better knowledge than myself can help.  We do not have any zoom lectures scheduled at the moment.  We will continue to rent the church’s equipment when and if there are any other zoom lectures.  It’s just easier than purchasing, not so much for the cost, we all know the guild has money but for storage purposes.

Thank you to our Secretary, Brigitte M. for an excellent job on our minutes, not to mention how quickly they are sent out.

Thank you to our Program Chair, Dale S. and her assistant Lauren G. for an amazing job at the Gift Camp and the UFO Challenge.

Thank you to our Webmistress, Kathy K. for posting all those beautiful pictures on Facebook and our Website of our talented members and their amazing workmanship!!

Thank you to our Membership, Lucille I. and Laura L.  for all the adjustments, corrections and keeping us up to date.  We are now up to 101 members.  That’s AMAZING!! 

There will be NO fat quarter raffle for the month of December.

Lucille will be collecting for Operation Veronica if you have any donations.

Thank you Michele for our bi-monthly newsletter and to those who contribute information.

Thank you to our Book Raffle, Jen F. and Barbara O.

There will be NO Book raffle for the month of December.

Thank you to our Block of the Month, Marion S. and Judy K.  the block of the month project is not due till January.  A Santa block was handed out for you to make for the Holiday.

Thank you to our Pro-Bono, Linda R. and Trish M. they have been collecting and donating many quilts. 

They have an overwhelming number of quilt tops.  Won’t you please consider taking one and finishing it as part of your membership obligation?? 

The Raffle Quilt will find a new home at our Holiday Party!!  I’m sure everyone is hoping they win it!  Along with two other prizes!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the making of our “A Year of Straying Home” quilt. 

Thank you to our Honey-Bee Basket committee, chaired by Brigitte M. and Anne M. along with many valuable volunteers.

They will be collecting items for the March raffle at the December meeting.  This will be the last collection!  Please deposit your gently used items in the bins provided.

Also, at the moment they are overwhelmed with books and magazines, therefore they will NOT be collecting any more. 

For the past few months, there has been a basket made up and raffled by Carol W. and Annemarie K.

At the December meeting they will be raffling off a basket for free!!  Annemarie will be handing out tickets at the membership table.  Please make sure you get one!

Thank you to them for making the baskets!


Our Holiday Party!

This year it has been voted on to cater the event!  YIPPEE!!

We will need a count.  Please email me. (See Member Directory for Mickey’s tele # and email address.)

I will need to keep a total amount for ordering. 

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!!

There will be a “Hand Made Ornament” exchange if you care to participate.

We will have our usual $20.  Secret Santa gift exchange as well.  You can use one of your Joann’s coupons and get something really special!  Something you yourself would love to receive!!

There will be NO “Play Date” this Tuesday, November 16th at my house.

It is getting rather chilly and the garage would be uncomfortable.  Perhaps we will consider something inside after the new year.

Let us NOT forget those less fortunate during the Holiday Season!  The Christ Lutheran Church food pantry are always looking for donations and always grateful!!  Please try to remember to bring a non-perishable item.

Last week my friend who dabbles in many crafts, like the rest of us, took me to a get together at a friend’s house.  Sarah is a rug hooker!  Even though I told her I and am NOT taking up a new hobby I decided to tag along.  Sarah lives in Greenport, so why not take a ride!  Any excuse for me to go out east.  Sarah has these get togethers every Tuesday with two different groups that alternate.  She made a delicious apple pie and coffee and then we all sat around and chit chatted and worked on our projects!  She charges a small fee, well worth the money, It was delightful!!

She teaches rug hooking AND sells wool!!  She vends at some of the major wool festival’s, that’s where I met her the first time.

The reason I am telling you this, we have many members who do wool applique, felting and needle punch.  She has an amazing selection of wools in her home that she sells.  She also dyes her own wool and teaches if anyone cares to take up a new hobby.  I am proud to say I left there with some pretty pieces of wool and did NOT take up a new hobby!

But I will be paying her another visit!

I believe I’ve covered everything!!

I hope you all find all this jibber jabber helpful!!  I know Michele sends out the newsletter every other month but I think we tend to forget what’s happening.  I try to keep you all informed and up to date.  I also like to acknowledge everyone for their efforts, time and hard work we ALL do to maintain our guild.  We all benefit!!

I am proud to be among this amazing group we call the Huntington Quilter’s!!  I look forward to a festive December meeting!

Bring your appetite and your smiles!!

See you soon,

Michelina M.

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