Weekly Update for December 22, 2021

Hello My Quilting Friends!!
> I think it’s safe to say our Holiday Party was a complete success!!!  I’ve heard from many of you both at the party and afterwards, nothing but positive comments!!

> I must thank the hospitality committee, Joan C. And Diane M. They did an amazing job and worked so hard all evening to ensure our festivities went smoothly!

> I hope you all enjoyed the food! It was provided by Spuntino, they are on Old Country Rd in the old Pathmark shopping center.  If you happen to go there, tell Joe how much you enjoyed the food. 

> Catering our party was the first time this has ever been done.  We ordered what we thought would be a decent amount.  Turns out, we did have a lot of leftovers.  Had I thought of it, we would have provided some take out plates and distributed to anyone interested .  I brought the food home and prepared it to be frozen thinking we would bring it back in January.  It might bring in more members for pro-bono night.

> Rather than go through all the trouble of freezing, defrosting, heating it up and bringing it back in January, a decision was made to donate the leftovers.  It wasn’t easy finding a soup kitchen willing to take it because it had been open. A friend of Lucie suggested Tri CYA, behind the Famous Footwear in the Big H shopping center in Huntington. They were all too happy to receive it. I told them they could freeze any leftovers, she said there wouldn’t be any leftovers.

> We take for granted how blessed we are and how many people there are longing for a hot meal. I hope everyone feels we made the right decision to donate the food.

> Next year, if the guild decides to cater the party again, I have a list with the food that was ordered and the number of guests.  They will be able to adjust the amount of food accordingly.

> Congratulations go to Lucie B. For winning our 2021 stunning “A Year of Staying Home “ Raffle Quilt! 

> Congratulations to those who won 2nd, 3rd and the door prize. Also to those who won the baskets and plants!

> I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did!!

Spoke with Carol N. She sounds good and is coming along! I sent her well wishes from everyone and mailed her the get well card we all signed.
> I wish you all a Blessed Holiday, no matter what you celebrate!  A Happy and Healthy New Year!  May we all get out from under this Covid mess soon.

> Looking forward to seeing seeing everyone next year!!

Michelina Maguire


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