February 1, 2022 Meeting Photos.

We tried a little “social media” experiment last evening!

For the past few years, I had become the “unofficial” guild photographer. I have taken photos of guild activities to post on both Facebook and our website.

Unfortunately, I can no longer do so. In the past year or so, I have damaged or destroyed THREE cameras. My fault, yes! But this makes me unable to continue to take photos at events.

Since almost everyone has a cell phone with incredible photo taking capabilities, we tried something. All members were asked to take a photo of someone sitting next to them at the meeting and forward it to the guild’s email address. Below are the photos you so kindly contributed.

I am NOW asking each member to take photos with THEIR cell phones at various events. I will post whatever pictures we receive. If you have any questions on how to do this, please by all means ask me and we will figure this out together!

It’s not difficult ladies! After just one week of owning my very first smart phone, I was able to take pictures, email them to the guild and download them here on our website and Facebook page.

Please help me out with this endeavor! TAKE PICTURES!!!!!

Thank you,

Kathy Kelner

Web Mistress

Here are YOUR photos Ladies! Thank you ALL for your help with this!

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