February 7, 2023 Meeting Program Photos

This month’s meeting hosted a wonderful program. A bed turning of beautiful Row by Row project quilts.

Over the years, many of our members have participated in Row by Row projects. These projects are a collaborative effort. Small groups are formed of participating members.

Each project has a originating person who decides on a theme for their quilt.

They supply some fabrics they want used in the project and the project “theme”. These themes could be anything they like, something they desire, something they enjoy. The participants are asked to contribute “one row” per participant. Some requirements are distributed and each person add their own unique design or character to the quilt row.

The work was fantastic! I cannot believe the creativity of the members of this guild! Well done to all of you.

I hope you enjoy some photos of these beautiful Row by Row quilts.

Hope you enjoy the photos.

Thank you to Ruth T and Cindy K for the photos taken at the meeting.

Kathy Kelner

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