2012 – 2013 Block of the Month

The theme for this series was log cabins.  These blocks were designed in Electric Quilt for use by members of Huntington Quilters.  The finished blocks will be 18″ inches, which when put together in a straight 3 block by 4 block setting will yield a 54″ x & 72″ quilt!  Each log cabin block has a different 9″ interior block.

Feel free to share with your quilting friends! More detailed information as well as directions for September’s block is provided here: 2012-2013 directions and September   Cut 2″ strips to make the logs for your blocks.  The log cabin strips will be a finished width of 1.5″

October 2012 A Block 

October 2012 B Block

November 2012 Block

December 2012 Block

January 2013 Block 

February “A” Block 

February “B” Block 

March 2013 Block 

April 2013 Block 

May 2013 Block

June 2013 Block