Block of the Month 2015-2016

The 2015 – 2016 Block of the Month will feature the Riley Blake Birthday Quilt.  This is a joyful exuberant quilt.  Looking forward to seeing the fabric choices for this project!  For th month of October, please make four cupcake blocks. Please note that the directions as provided on the website will make EIGHT blocks.  So, either adjust the cutting requirements to make only four blocks, or cut enough for eight blocks.

Birthday Quilt

Birthday Quilt

Cupcake Block – make four for October

The fun continues for the month of November – please make three Ice Cream Cones!

Aren’t they adorable?
Don’t forget the great suggestions Liz Dragone shared – add a some applique to make the ice cream look like its dripping down the side of of the cone.  Maybe a cherry on top?  Looking forward to seeing your creations next month.

February – Party Hats!

February - Party Hats!

Please make four party hats for our March meeting!  Directions are here

For March, make three more Party Hats.

For April, make the Present Blocks.  Directions can be found here


For the October 2016 meeting, make four more Cupcake blocks.
This design has no copyright restrictions, so feel free to share!