FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How much are dues?
Membership dues are $30 for the year which runs from September through June.
Is it possible to try your Guild before I formally sign up? 
Yes, you may attend as a guest for a $5.00 fee for one meeting. If Huntington Quilters has a Guest Speaker or if there is an event for which the Huntington Quilters has paid a fee, then non-members will be charged a $10.00 fee. Any guest fee will be applied to membership dues should the guest elect to become a member at that meeting.
Is there any obligation if I join the Guild?
In order to be a member in good standing, each member must fulfill the following requirements:
All members are required to sell or buy four books of raffle tickets for our annual Raffle Quilt. This is our major source of income for the guild. The monies we receive from this raffle help pay for the annual expenses and programs of the guild.
We also require all members to make at least one Pro Bono crib or lap-sized quilt per year. Fabrics and materials are available from the guild for these Pro Bono quilts (or you may donate your own supplies).
If you should find that you would like to devote more time and effort to the guild, you could volunteer for an elected position or to be an appointed chairperson of one of our committees.
Is there anything I should bring to my first Guild meeting?
A good sense of humor and be ready to have a really good time. Members are told in advance if they will need to bring anything for the following meeting(s). If you have something for Show and Share, please feel free to bring it to share with the members.
Am I allowed to bring a guest to the meeting?
As stated above, guests are allowed to attend one meeting as a guest. There will be a $5.00 fee for regular meetings. If Huntington Quilters has a Guest Speaker or there is an event which the Huntington Quilters has paid a fee then non-members will be charged a $10.00 fee. After attending one meeting, we kindly request that your guest become an official member and pay yearly dues if they would like to continue to attend. These guest fees will be applied to the Membership Dues if the guest should decide to become a member at the meeting attended.
Is there a newsletter and how often is it distributed?
Yes, there is a bi-monthly Newsletter. This is sent to you as part of your membership dues. The editor encourages contributions from the members. As part of ‘going green’, we try to send the Newsletter via email. However, if a member cannot or does not wish to receive this electronically, you can request a copy be mailed to you.
Why doesn’t the newsletter appear on your website?
Since the newsletter contains members’ private information, such as names and in some instances, phone numbers, we feel this could be a violation of our members privacy. Also, the newsletter is a privilege of being a paid member, in good standing of the guild.
What kind of programs do you have for beginners?
Although, our programs are not “geared” toward any one particular skill level, the Program Chairs try to line up presentations that are suitable for all levels. This gives a person an opportunity to learn and hear about the different aspects of quilting. The agendas often include demos, lectures, or trunk shows to give the guild a variety of inspiration and excitement to try different ideas.
Do you have any recommendations for teachers?
Although we cannot endorse any one particular person or place, you could refer to the Local Resources tab as many of the local shops offer many different types of classes. There are also quilt classes held at the following locations:
The Northport-East Northport Continuing Education Dept.  
Dickenson Elementary School 
Dickenson Avenue , Northport, NY 11768 
Phone: 631-262-6650 or 262-6651
Commack Continuing Education
Commack Middle School Commack, NY 11725
Phone: 631-912-2153
http://www.commack.k12.ny.us (Main page; look for Continuing Education)
The Huntington Historical Society Huntington, NY 11743
For more information you can call Cathi Horowitz at the office (427-7045, Ext 403)