Guild Workshops and Events

February 5, 2019 Meeting Agenda – Terri Lucas Trunk Show

The meeting started at approx. 7:35 pm.

Items mentioned were:

Quinnipet Retreat – There are two spots available for the November retreat. Contact Lucie for information.

Membership – 71 members present with 7 guests.

Raffle winners – Name Tag – Liz

Fat Quarter winners – Barbara, Lynne and Laurie

The “hohl” Challenge – The quilts are being returned to their quilters. One of our members, Jean R was presented with a 3rd place award from the challenge.
There will be an exhibit of the “hohl'” challenge quilts at the Smithtown Stitcher’s quilt show in April.

Block of the Month – 72 Heart blocks were received from members tonight. They were raffled off and the winners were Sheryl and Maggie.

Book Raffle – Winners were Linda, Dotty and Diana

Pro-Bono Quilts – 18 finished quilts were turned in tonight along with 6 tops.

Hospitality – Joan and Diane. A great job is being done each meeting by our hospitality committee. Thanks you Ladies for all the hard work and the wonderful refreshments.

New business –

Nominating Committee – After much debate we have a Chair person for the nominating committee – Sheryl volunteered and will be helped by Michele and Beryl. All board positions are open for nominating. If you are interested in running for a position on the board, please contact any of these ladies.

Quilt Camp – We have a committee chairperson – Jo M. has volunteered to run Quilt Camp this year. A date has been selected – it will be held on Saturday May 18, 2019. If you would like to teach a project at quilt camp, please contact Jo M and let her know your interest. Signups sheets will be available at the March meeting for both teachers and projects. There will also be a Free Sew Day this year at Quilt Camp. Come down and sew with your friends or perhaps take a class or two.

Show and Tell photos for tonight’s meeting are posted on the Show and Tell tab at the top of the site hears. Go and have a look at the wonderful quilts our members create!

The program for tonight’s meeting is Terri Lucas’ Trunk Show.
Tonight’s meeting was well attended by our members. We were in for a wonderful presentation of a trunk show display of quilts by Terri Lucas. Designer and free motion quilter extraordinaire, Terri shared he love of the craft through a progression of her free motion quilting experience. Hope you all enjoyed the display. Here is a presentation of her work!

Let’s welcome Terri Lucas!







Have you had an opportunity to see the Huntington Quilters exhibit at the Harborfields Library? Many of our members have their quilts on display. There will be a reception on Wednesday, January 30, 2019 from 7 – 9:30 pm. The quilters may pick up their quilts at that time.
If you haven’t already done so, take a visit to the exhibit!





What a wonderful Idea! Today, Saturday, October 20, 2018 was the FIRST ANNUAL (? Oh how I hope so!) HOLIDAY GIFT CAMP!

Thank you so much Lauren, Dale, Madeline and Lori for the wonderful classes and projects. There were many terrific quick projects for gift ideas.

The morning started bright and early with lots of help from so many members. The tables and chairs were all arranged and the guild supplied bagels with coffee and tea for all of the hard working members. So many delicious desserts and goodies were brought in by members. Cakes, cookies, donuts, Strawberries!!! BROWNIES!!! (Susan – I want that recipe!)

So many delicious delights! Thanks to all the member for their generous contribution.
Classes started at 9AM with a wonderful Petal Pouch by Lauren, a Decopodge glass plate by Jill. Adorable Mitten Mug Rugs by Sheryl and a beautiful Trellis bed runner.

The work was quickly underway with lots of sewing machines humming along!!!
How quickly the day passes when we are sewing and enjoying the many friends we have in the guild. Before we knew it, the projects were taking shape and lunchtime arrived.

A short break revealed more delicious salads and wonderful conversations among friends.

Before long we were back to work on our afternoon classes. An all time favorite – the Market Tote by Lynne. An adorable Pot Holder by Lori. Microwave cozy by Dale and a card pouch my Madeline.

Lauren and Madeline arranged for us to have some wonderful raffle prizes.
The raffle winners were:

In the morning classes, 5 books that were donated by Pieceful Quilting. The winners were Sheryl P, Barbara O, Nancy R, Joan F and Bridgette M.

In the afternoon classes the raffles were; 4 books donated by Pieceful Quilting. The winners were Judy K, Peg S, Carol N and Susan M.

Also donated were Gift Cards from Sew Right Sewing Machines. The winners were; Lynne R, Trisha MCC, Maureen B and Kathy K.

The Fat Quarters Raffle was won by Carol N.

The GRAND Prize – a $25 Gift Certificate from Sew What’s New was won by Jill B.

The projects concluded fairly quickly, with many of us leaving with multiples of the completed projects along with smiles and lots of laughs.

Thank you, George O. for your help with arranging all the electrical cords and setting up the tables. You make this event so much easier for all of us.

I would personally like to thank the committee for their hard work and for organizing this fun filled day of sewing. And also the members for continuing to support the wonderful projects and ideas.

Applause and accolades to the committee, Lauren, Dale, Lori and Madeline for their planning and execution of this wonderful event.

We look forward to having it again next year!
Kathy Kelner,
Web Mistress






Saturday, May 26, 2018
THE TUFFETT WORKSHOP with Erin Underwood! What a terrific project! Erin taught us how to make these wonderful little tuffett cushions! Her techinques were easy to follow and Erin had tons of tips and tricks for making this project in no time at all! Check out the pictures from the workshop!

Thank you Erin for all your help and expertise! Can’t wait to make another Tuffet!
We had a little visitor at the workshop!Ruth getting herself all set up for the days work!The Ladies working hard on their creations!Laurie making her own fabric designs! You grrrr girl!Madeline’s TuffettThanks for the bagels Jean!We used all kinds of tools for this workshop!





It’s that time again! QUILT CAMP 2018~ Saturday April 21, 2018. Our annual event drew a broad number of projects taught by our very talented members.

The festivities started early on Saturday, April 21, 2018 with many helpers arriving at the hall before 8AM! Tables were organized and lots of chairs and cozy cushions were arranged around all the work areas. Our hospitality Ladies got our morning going with fresh coffee, tea and bagels! Yummy desserts and snacks appeared like magic! Thank you Ladies for all the goodies!

Morning’s classes began at 9AM with The Smittens class taught by Michelina and the Petal Pouch taught by Lauren. Judy always draws a big crowd with her hand applique techniques class – the Orange Peel Block! Madeline stopped time with her Fabric Clock!

After a quick lunch filled with lots of good snacks brought in by the members, it was back to work in the afternoon.

The afternoon’s 1PM classes were Lynne’s most favorite Mesh tote bags! These Ladies really got into their work and were crawling around on the floor, laying our their big beautiful projects!

Last, but not least there was a quick and easy (well at least we had a few laughs!) Raggety Mug Rug project!

Carol’s kitties are going to be comfy this winter!
There was lots of fun and a whole bunch of laughs during this class!

There were lots of fun and many laughs were enjoyed by those members who signed up for the classes.

Raffle prizes for this year’s Quilt Camp included:
TEN $10 gift cards from Sew Right Machines.
FOUR $25.00 gift certificates from Pieceful Quilting.A wonderful Quilt As You Go book was you go book donated by Joanns’ in Commack.
A beautiful Batik jelly roll and a Fat quarter bundle rounded off the stack of prizes.
All these wonderful raffle prizes were to be raffled off at the May 1st meeting so that everyone can attend the drawings.

We also had a Block Swap! Directions for a quick and easy block were given out at Quilt Camp with instructions to make a block and bring it back to the May 1, 2018 meeting. All blocks would be raffled off to the members who attended this year’s camp! Sashiko was the lucky winner of the blocks!

My most sincere thanks to everyone who came down early to help set up and those who stayed later to take down at the end of a long and fun-filled day. There is no way I could have done all of this without you Ladies. A very special thanks to George O. for helping set up the electric bars for all the table.

Thank you again for your continued support of our guild with all its workshops and events throughout the year!

I greatly appreciate all the projects, ideas and assistance that go into making Quilt Camp a fun day for our members!

Kathy Kelner and Madeline Emmons
Co Chairs of Quilt Camp 2018


APRIL 3RD, 2018 MEETING – This meeting was our “HONEY BEE RAFFLE” .

Our Queen Bee Lucille and her band of wonderful workers bees were busy preparing and wrapping some wonderful gift baskets of items donated by our fantastic members. There were 62 baskets full of all kinds of quilting notions, books, patterns and tools! So many wonderful project baskets were fill to the brim. Lots of wonderful laughs and cheers for the winners!

Thank you Lucille for chairing this committee and for storing all of the donated items in your home until we could assemble all the beautiful baskets.

Several LIQS members were on hand with us to display their show quilt. They sold our members raffle tickets, donated free tickets to their show and even won a few of the Honey Bee Raffle Baskets. Their show this is in April 21 and 21 in Point Lookout. Go check them out!

Meeting attendance was high for the Honey Bee Raffle!LOTS of fun and beautiful baskets!