Honey Bee Raffle


Huntington Quilters Honeybee Basket Raffle will be held at our April 3, 2018 meeting. If you’re a new member and haven’t experienced this event, the raffle is an opportunity to win quality goodies donated by members.

Here’s how it works. When you arrive at the meeting, there will be more than 50 baskets on display for you to check out. Each basket is accompanied by a numbered paper bag into which you can deposit raffle tickets. The Honeybee Raffle is done in silent auction style.

You purchase your tickets (sold in a strip of 20 for $10) and make “bids” on your favorite baskets. Separate your strip of tickets and place one into the numbered bag of each basket you’d like to win, and hang on to the half of the ticket strip marked “Keep This Coupon.” You may put single tickets in many different bags, or concentrate your tickets in a few bags to increase your chances of winning those baskets. Of course, you may certainly buy more than just one strip of 20 tickets! There are lots of goodies to be won!

Once the “bidding” is closed, a winning ticket is drawn from each bag and the number is announced. Check your numbers from the “Keep This Coupon” strip of your tickets to see whether you’re the winner!

Special thanks to Lucille C. for taking on the responsibility of this year’s raffle. Not only did she allow her home to be used for collection of a mountain of donations and baskets, she also hosted a gathering for assembly of the baskets and provided a very lovely lunch for the volunteers. Great job Lucille!

Thanks also to our president Mickey, Kathy K, Kathy S, Noriko, Sachiko, and Bette I for pitching in to assemble the baskets and prepare for the raffle.

Any members who have an SUV and would be willing to transport baskets from Lucille’s to our meeting site, please contact Lucille. She lives just a couple miles south of our meeting site.

Bette I.



Thank you Bette I. for this wonderful explanation of our Honey Bee Raffle!

Kathy Kelner,

Web Mistress