January 8, 2019 Meeting Agenda

The meeting started at approximately 7:30 pm. Called to order by our President, Michelina Maguire.

TEASURER’S REPORT – Lucie….gave the report. Financial details are NOT posted on website. See the monthly meeting minutes for details.

THE QUILT RETREAT – Lucie….The Quilt retreat will be on April 9, 2019. If you have not yet paid, please do so at the meeting tonight. Additional night accommodations are available for members who are going to have to pay the additional charge.
The Autumn quilt retreat will be November 8-10, 2019. At this time the cost is $200. It may increase due to an increase in the cost to rent the accommodations.

PRO-BONO QUILTS – Deb and Lorraine….January is always a BIG month for our Pro-Bono Quilt program. Members arrived ready to help finish and produce Pro-Bono quilts that will be distributed to many worthy groups and health centers in the surrounding area.

Members were asked to finish, turn and tie pro-bono quilts. Deb and Lorraine prepared many tops and backs and the members supplied the elbow grease and finger power to get these projects finished. Thanks go out to all members who attended and assisted in this worthwhile event.

SUNSHINE AND FLOWERS….Mickey reported that Peg Schroeder had been hospitalized for more than 2 weeks then spent 2 more weeks in a rehab center before Christmas. A card was present for members to sign sending her our warmest wishes.

PROGRAMS – Jean….Reported that Terri will be at our February 5, 2019 meeting with a trunk show. Terry is a free motion quilter.

MEMBERSHIP – Janice and Sue….There were 43 members present, including a new member who joined us this evening. Please welcome Kathy B to our guild. This month’s Fat quarter winners were Joan and Sachiko. Name Tag winner was Debbie H.
February’s Fat Quarter Raffle color will be “REDS!”

BOOK RAFFLE – Lucille raffle off three books. The winners were Annemarie, Diane and Maureen.

OPERATION VERONICA – Lucille thank everyone who made donations to this worthy cause. Please continue to support our troops with your generous donations and pillowcases.

BLOCK OF THE MONTH – Karen and Barbara….These Ladies continue to enchant us with their selections of Scrap Happy Blocks! The House block and Cup block were adorable. Members made 4 blocks each to be raffled of to one lucky winner. The house blocks were won by Hilory and the Cup blocks were won by Sachiko. Congratulations to these members and to all who contributed their blocks.

The February meeting’s blocks will be Red and White HEARTS! Directions were handed out to members. Looking forward to seeing all the beautiful heart blocks the members make.

THE HARBORFIELDS LIBRARY QUILT EXHIBIT – Linda B mentioned that some of members lovely quilts were hanging at the library until the end of the month. A Quilters reception will be held on January 30, 2019 at 7-8:30 pm. At that time, all quilters exhibiting a quilt will be asked to remove their creations from the library.

2019 RAFFLE QUILT – Kathy K reported that all the fabric packets had been prepared and given out to members to help create the latest Raffle Quilt. The guild is providing half of the fabrics needed for the blocks with the members completing these Log Cabin blocks with fabrics from, their stash. All blocks MUST be returned at the February 5, 2019 meeting.

2019 QUILT CAMP – At this time there is no date for this years’ Quilt Camp. Kathy has advised us that she is unable to chair this committee due to other commitments and responsibilities. A new chair person will have to be found. Members were asked if they were interested in chairing this event. No one has stepped forward at this time. The officers will look into a date for the event and will advise members of the dates the church hall is available. This item was tabled until the February meeting.

ROW BY ROW QUILTS – Judy….Remember to pass along your Row by Row quilt projects to the next person on the list. Keep these projects moving along.

WEBSITE and FACEBOOK – Kathy…. Asked members if they had anything to contribute to the website or Facebook information .

2018 Raffle Quilt – the treasurer, Lucie confirmed that the 2018 Raffle Quilt netted just over $2,400. Thank you Lynne and your helpers for all your efforts.

SHOW AND TELL – Photos are visible under the Show and Tell header on top of the web page.

The meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM.

**************************************************************************************November November 6, 2018 Meeting Agenda

Meeting started at approximately 7:30 pm

BLOCK OF THE MONTH – Our President started the meeting introducing the Block of the Month Committee. Karen invited all the members who participated in the 2017 – 2018 Block of the Month series to present their finished projects. Members who did were entered in a raffle to win a number of gift bags.

The Members who participated were: Ruth, Helene, Joan, Betty, Deb H, Susan H, Susan, Lauren and Mickey. Below are some pictures of their beautiful projects.

(If you click on any of the photos above, it should take you to a slide show of all the photos!) Terrific job Ladies! Thank you for sharing all your hard work.

The 2018-2019 Block of the Month – Falling Leaves – 56 blocks were turned in by members.

These beautiful blocks were raffled off and the winner was Noriko. Congratulations! Beautiful work Ladies!

The next two months blocks are the House block and the Mug block. Since we do not have BOM or Show and Tell at the December Holiday party, these blocks will both be due in January at our regular meeting. They will be raffled off at that time.

The House block should be a Winter Scene, with a fussy cut center square. The blocks measures 8″ x 6 1/2″ It is a slight rectangle.

The MUG is a 6 1/2″ square. Make it from your warmest, most cuddly scrumptious fabrics!

If you have any questions on any of the instructions, please be all means contact Karen for clarification. Her email is in the membership directory. If you cannot reach her these, than be all means you may send an email to All emails are checked and forwarded to the proper person for handling.

MEMBERSHIP – There were 58 members present with 1 new member.
The Fat Quarter Raffle Winners was Lynne R., Marjorie and Sachiko.
The Name tag Raffle Winner was Linda S.

UPCOMING WORKSHOP – The Tuffet class will be held on December 8, 2018. There are still a few spots available. The fee is $60.00, plus supplies. If you are interested in taking this workshop please send your payment to Jean R at her home address. (It is posted in the membership directory.)

The January 2019 meeting will be held on TUESDAY, JANUARY 8, 2019 and will be PRO BONO NIGHT!

TREASURER’S REPORT – The amount on hand include the monies owed for the Quinnepet Retreat. This is generally a wash as payments come in and go out of the account as needed and required.

QUINNEPET RETREAT – At the Quinnepet retreat, some members have expressed interest in staying until Monday. The rooms are available until 1 pm and the dining room is available until 4 pm Monday. Due to problems with the equipment at the retreat house, it will be necessary for members to bring their own beverages, sodas and such.

SMITHTOWN STITCHERS GUILD RAFFLE QUILT – Vicky S. displayed the Smithtown Stitchers Raffle quilt and sold their raffle tickets. This is a reciprocal event whereby we display our raffle quilt at their meetings and they at ours. Let’s support our neighboring quilt guild.

BOOK RAFFLE – There were three tickets drawn for three different prizes. Anne Marie K win all three books, but decided to return 2 of the books so other’s could have a chance to win. Kim N was the second winner and coincidentally won both the remaining books.

OPERATION VERONICA – Is still collecting donations for the veterans.

HOLIDAY PARTY SIGN UPS – Joan and Diane have sign up sheets for next meeting’s Holiday Party. If your last name starts with A – O please bring an appetizer. If your last name starts with P – Z please bring a dessert. Some members have signed up to bring in a ham and chicken for all to share.

2018 RAFFLE QUILT – ALL raffle tickets are due back at the December meeting. All members are required to sell or but FOUR raffle ticket books. If you haven’t already done so, please turn in your raffle tickets at the December meeting.

2019 RAFFLE QUILT – A new committee is needed for the Raffle Quilt for 2019. This is our only fund raiser for the year. If you are interested in this committee, you could chair it with a friend or two, please contact us.

PRO BONO QUILTS – The raffle winner was Noriko.

The program for the evening is a trunk show by our very own Marion Shipley. She shared her progress of quilting from her very beginning with poignant stories and funny anecdotes about her life and adventures in quilting.
Here are some pictures of her beautiful quilts.

The meeting wrapped up with our members Show and Tell items. Those pictures can be viewed by clicking on the Show and Tell tab at the top of this page.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 9:30 pm.

See you all at the Holiday Party on December 4, 2018.


October 2, 2018 Meeting Agenda

This month’s meeting started at approx. 7:30 pm.

Our President, Michelina M. has proposed a PRESIDENT’S CHALLENGE.
The project will be called “The Four Seasons” and consist of four 10″ finished blocks. Any arrangement, four in a square, four in a vertical row or four blocks in a horizontal arrangement. Give us your interpretation of the Four Seasons. The project is due at the June, 2019 meeting.

The scissor man is in the parking lot. If you have your scissors to be sharpened, please see him.

Judy Knorr has organized the Row by Row Challenge. Boxes are being exchanged between 10 participants. Looking forward to seeing the final exchanges.

The Harborfields Library is having their annual Quilt Show. Registration forms are available and must be turned in at the December meeting along with the quilt. Please PIN and secure your form to your quilt. Due to space limitations at the Library, quilts are limited to 76″ MAXIMUM size length. All projects must have a 4 inch hanging sleeve on the back of the quilt.

The show starts in January, 2019 and there will be a reception at the closing date of the show. You may pick up your quilt at the closing or make arrangements with Judy to pick up your quilt.

PROGRAMS – Jean R. – There will be a Tuffett Class by Erin Underwood on December 8, 2018. The workshop is $60.00 plus supplies. If you are interested in attending this class bring your payment to the November meeting, or mail it directly to Jean R. (Please see the membership directory for her address. Personal information is never published on the website.)

The Holiday party will be held at the December 4, 2018 meeting. There will be a Holiday Ornament Exchange – a handmade holiday ornament. Also a Holiday Gift Exchange – a NEW $10 gift. Something that you would like to receive is a good guideline.
Tonight’s program is O.S.Q Quilt – Nancy. Nancy is a Port Jefferson quilter who is vending her materials and notions.

Upcoming programs will include:
November – Marion Shipley’s Trunk Show
December – Holiday Party
January, 2019 – PRO BONO night. Each member MUST contribute or donate ONE Pro Bono Quilt per year.
Future programs will include, a Leni Leaner workshop, Terry Lucas, Deborah Fischer and much more. Stay tune to hear what they have planned for us in the coming months.

HOLIDAY GIFT CAMP – Will be held on Saturday, October 20, 2018. There are a variety of gift item projects. See Lauren or Dale for information. Hope to see you there.

BLOCK OF THE MONTH – Karen and Barbara…. Members made 126 of the Halloween Blocks. The total collected were raffled off and the winners were: Sachiko and Karen
A wonderful display of the Show and Tell items. See the photos of these beautiful quilts by clicking on the Show and Tell tab at the top of this page.

MEMBERSHIP -This month’s Fat Quarter Raffle winners are Joan F, Diana M and Diana C
Fat Quarter Raffle material for the November 6, 2018 meeting is FALL.
Name Tag Raffle Winner – Lynne R

PRO BONO QUILTS – Raffle winner is Carole K.

Also a little gift was presented to Peg S. for donating over 50 quilt tops for Pro Bono program.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:40 pm.


September 4, 2019 Meeting Agenda

The meeting was called to order at 7:35PM by our President Michelina Maguire. She welcomed all the members back for the start of the new year.

Members were greeted by the Membership committee with new membership cards for the forthcoming year and renewal applications for those who needed them.

Fabric Giveaway – Each member was asked to select a fabric packet from the boxes at the front table upon entering the meeting tonight. This is fabric remaining from the Ruth Ann Baker fabric stash sale back in June. Each member received a beautiful selection of quilting fabrics and a raffle ticket to be used later in the meeting.

Membership – There were 72 members present, with one new member attending to night’s meeting.

Raffle Winner – Name Tag – Karen H. Fat Quarter Winners – Ann D.., Jill B., and Lynne R.

Block of the Month – Step-It Up blocks. 19 blocks were brought in by members to be raffled off to one participant. The BOM Raffle winner was – Diana C.

Next month’s BOM is an on point 6 1/2″ square. Each participant must make FOUR blocks for next month. The fabric theme is HALLOWEEN fabrics.

Pro Bono Quilts – Debbie stated that she collected 88 quilts, for a total of over 150 quilts. Many members contributed their designs and labors, but Peg S. had contributed 50 tops during the past year. A hearty congratulations and applause went out to Peg for her contribution. The Pro-Bono raffle was won by – Liz D.

The 2018 RAFFEL Quilt is completed. Raffle ticket packets are available for pickup. Each member, as part of their membership, is required to sell FOUR raffle ticket booklets. Additional raffle ticket booklets were included. If you can sell more, or if you need more booklets, contact Lynne R for additional tickets. All tickets must be returned to the committee by………………..
The Raffle quilt will be on display at the Longwood Fair on September 8 and 9, 2018. Michele has graciously offered to be on hand to sell raffle tickets at the fair.

Quilts Retreat – The November retreat is full. The April 12, 13, & 14, 2019 retreat is accepting reservations. The fee is $200 per person and is due prior to the event. See Lucie B for details on the retreat.

Holiday Gift Camp – On Saturday, October 20, 2018 Lauren is hosting our first annual holiday gift camp. Project sign up sheets were available for the projects. Signups will be available at our October 2 meeting. Come spend a day sewing with friends.

An item was introduced to the membership with regard to food at the Holiday Party. In past years, there had been some difficulty with the amount and quantities of food bought by our members to the party. A motion had been introduced to cater the food at the holiday party, thereby eliminating the gaps in the food available that night. After a heated discussion, a vote was taken of the membership and it was decided NOT to cater the party. The Holiday Party committee will review the distribution listing and will revise the party food listing.

Book Raffle – The book raffle was won by Linda T. Diana C and Vickie S.

Show and tell was as creative and exciting as it can be! Our members outdid themselves this summer with their beautiful creations and designs. Photos can be seen under the Show and Tell Photo tab above. Check our the wonderful creativity!

After the conclusion of the meeting items, President, Michelina held a surprise raffle. Each member had been given a raffle ticket when they entered the meeting this evening. The raffle consisted of the fabrics bundles and quilt projects left over from the fabric sale. Project bundles and packets and kits were raffled off to the present members. Those who numbers were not called in the raffle were given a chance to win project bundles and kits.

The meeting was concluded at 9:30 pm.

The program for this month meeting was a trunk show given my Linda R. She had collected antique quilts for many years and has a collections of more than 30 beautiful and distinctive quilts. Her favorite pattern is the Dresden Plate and Linda loves to collect this pattern. Below are some pictures of her collection. Hope you enjoy!

Thank you Linda for sharing your beautiful collection of antique quilts.


March 6, 2018 Meeting Agenda

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm by our President, Michelina Maguire.
We were fortunate to have a guest speaker at our meeting. Joyce Fischer, an antique quilt collector and a professional quilt appraiser. Joyce enthralled us with her collection of antique quilts. Her collection included quilts ranging from the Civil War until the 21st Century. She discussed the fabrics and colors used and patterns selected throughout the years.
Some of her quilt photos are:

After a wonder showing of her quilts, there was a quick break for refreshments and the meeting business was brought to order.
The Membership Raffles Winners were:
For the Fat Quarters – Eileen, Ann and Helene
For the Name Tag – Elise

Block of the Month Raffle Winner – for the Kite – Sachiko

Book Raffle – The winners were Ellen, Carol, and Lauren

Pro Bono Raffle – Sheryl
Congratulations to all the raffle winners.

Other Business discussed were:
Food donations for the Church. Any donations may be left in the hall’s kitchen area.

The Honey Bee Raffle – Lucille will be having a basket wrapping session at her house on Wed., March 14 at 11:30 AM to prepare and wrap all the baskets. A light lunch to be served.

Quilt Camp – The table with the projects is set up and members are signing up for classes. We are still looking for additional projects. If you have a project, bring a sample with you to the April 3, 2018 meeting for display and for member signup.

The 2018 Raffle Quilt in progress and Lynne and her assistants are keeping it well in hand. Photos of the quilt blocks are posted on the webpage under Guild Activities/ Raffle quilt.

Discussion took place regarding a Row by Row quilt project. Judy will put together the rules and obligations for a Row by Row quilt. Minimum of 10 members must sign up for this project. More information to come.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 PM