September 2019 Block of the Month

September 2019 Block of the Month.   Blocks are due at the October 1, 2019 meeting.

Instructions for the September block of the Month were sent out as an attachment to the  guild’s Newsletter.












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Hello Members,

Welcome back to the Huntington Quilters Guild.  It nice to be back from a quiet summer vacation.  I hope you enjoyed you summertime as well.

This is your September 3, 2019 Meeting Reminder.  The first meeting of our new year will be held at Christ Lutheran Church Hall, located at Burr Road and Larkfield Road, in East Northport.  The meeting starts at 7:30 pm, but the hall is always open earlier for set up.  Won’t you try to stop down a bit early and help us set up for our meetings.

There are lots of good things to update and many changes being made within the guild.  New Board members and committee chairs are working hard to make your guild experience fantastic!

Our newest slate of officers for 2019 – 2020 are as follows:

SECRETARY – Victoria G

MEMBERSHIP – Lucille I. and Laura L. – The Membership Application has been updated and is located on the website, under the Membership tab.  Click on the link and print out the application and bring it with you to the September 3rd meeting along with your dues.

HOSPITALITY – Joan C. and Diane M…..Hi Ladies – Thanking you in advance for your desserts & goodies at our monthly meetings. If you get a request card and can’t make the meeting ask a friend to help out with a dessert.  Thanks, Joan & Diane, Your Hospitality Committee

PROGRAMS – Michelina M….Hi Ladies,  I will be your program coordinator for the next two years. We have some exciting speakers and classes to offer you! I hope everyone is as excited as I am! I have a tough act to follow, Jean, Alison and Liz, who have done an amazing job for the last four years!!

I am trying to get speakers that offer something for everyone. Your participation is key!!! I don’t expect everyone to sign up for every class, but we are a large group of members and if we come to at least one class, that will make for good attendance!!  I already have a program or speaker lined up for every month in the 2019-2020, also for September and October of 2020.

For our September program. It is usually a business meeting, especially with a new board coming in. So, we will do a UFO challenge. I would like for anyone who wants to participate, to find 5 UFO’s. write the name of each one on a piece of paper, one through five. Make two copies. One for you and one for me.  I will pull a number and you have two months to complete that UFO. Of course, a prize will be given.   It’s a game someone recommended to me. It’s sometimes done every month but I thought that would be too much pressure.  Let’s see how many participants we can get!! Let’s get some of those UFO’s completed!!

ALSO! 2020 is a Honeybee Raffle Year!! Looking for a chairperson to run this committee! Remember, as soon as someone puts their hand up and volunteers, many hands go up to help!! All we need is that ONE brave sole!!

Thank you!!  Looking forward to seeing everyone in September!!
Yours truly, Michelina Maguire

BLOCK OF THE MONTH – Alice Z. and Marian S.
PRO BONO QUILTS – Linda R. and Tricia M.
BOOK RAFFLE – Maggie S. and Jennifer F.

RAFFLE QUILT – 2019 – Kathy K.   Raffle Tickets are available for purchase or sale!   All members are required to purchase 4 raffle ticket books.  There more raffle tickets available for sale.  Stop by and pick up or drop off your tickets.  See you Ladies at the meeting.

RAFFLE QUILT  – 2020 – Michele M.
WEBSITE AND FACEBOOK – Kathy Kelner….Always updating and posting.  Make certain you go and check it out!

QUILT CAMP – Jo M and Madeline E.

HOLIDAY GIFT CAMP – Hello All! Hope you did a lot of quilting this summer. As we are heading into fall and the stores are starting to display their holiday wears, it’s time to start thinking about Holiday Gift Camp!  We have set aside Saturday, October 19 and Mickey has arranged for us to use St. Francis Church’s Community room in Greenlawn.

So anyone who has a small project or a project that can be completed in one day please email me at We have some great ideas already but are always happy for more!  We would ask that you bring a sample to the September meeting, as we will be starting sign ups at that time.

Thank you everyone for supporting this event – we had such a good time last year! Enjoy the last few days of summer – Lauren and Dale


If I’ve missed anyone please accept my apologies.  Come see me and I will update the information.

See you at our first meeting of the year!

Kathy Kelner
Huntington Quilters Guild

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June 4, 2019 Meeting Agenda

Hello Ladies!

I hope all of you enjoyed yourselves at our year end festivities last evening.  The members outdid themselves with all of the culinary excitements.  The foods were delicious!  And there was so much for us to share.  Thanks to all of you for contributing to the festivities.

President Michelina Maguire thanked all the members who worked on committees and events throughout her term and who to continue to make this guild possible.  Here are some photos of the Ladies accepting a token of Michelina’s appreciation for their efforts over the past two years.
















The members contributed to and presented Michelina with a gift in return.  Many members made blocks in the themes of either food or flowers for Michelina to make into a quilt.  Over 150 blocks were collected and presented, in grateful thanks and appreciation for all her hard work over the past two years.




Jean, the Programs Committee member for these past four years, presented Michelina with blocks for her quilt!

The President’s Challenge quilts received a terrific response from our members.  The theme was “The Four Seasons”.    Members were encouraged to create four blocks depicting the four seasons.  Any configuration was acceptable.   The members voted on and picked the winners of the President’s Challenge.  And they were:

President’s Challenge Winners Karen, Lynne and Joan

First place – Karen W
Second Place – Joan OR
Third Place – Lynne R

Congratulations Ladies on your beautiful creations.




The 2019 Raffle Quilt was revealed at this evening’s festivities. SCRAP HAPPY WITH A TWIST!  It is a 98″ x 98″ custom quilted creation!    This pictures do NOT do this quilt justice.  The custom quilting, done my Barbara Ryan, enhanced the blocks beautifully!

The members response to their hard work was tremendous.   Forty-five member contributed to the making of this beautiful quilt.

Thank you to all the Ladies who’s work made this beautiful quilt.  (I wouldn’t mind winning this one myself!)

Go sell those raffle tickets Ladies!


The new slate of officers for the term of 2019 thru 2021 was announced.

The President for the new term will be Hilory Bucher.

The other board positions will be filled by:

Secretary – Victoria G
Treasurer – Lucie B
Membership Committee – Lucille I. Laura L. and Kathy R
Programs Committee – Michelina M
Hospitality Committee – Joan C and Diane M
Block of the Month – Alice Z and Marian S
Pro Bono Quilts – Linda R and Tricia McC
Book Raffle – Maggie S. and Jenn F
Retreats – Lucie B
Newsletter – Michele M
Website and Facebook – Kathy Kelner

Congratulations to all the new Officers.  Let’s lend them our support for their new positions in the upcoming term.

Festivities ended with lots of hugs and wishes for all to have an good summer.   Look forward to seeing all of you when we return in September, 2019 with our new slate of officers.  I am looking forward to seeing what you Ladies have planned for this group in the coming years.

Hope you enjoy your summer!  See you in September!

Kathy Kelner
Web Mistress

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Hello Ladies!

I hope this note finds you all well and enjoying this beautiful weather. It was a long and tedious winter and spring. Summer is finally arriving. Get out and enjoy it! Take some hand sewing outside and enjoy the breezes.

This is the June 4, 2019 Meeting Reminder.

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE – Michelina Maguire….Don’t forget to bring in the President’s Challenge projects! The Four Seasons.

PROGRAMS – JEAN, ALYSON AND LIZ….The Programs Committee would just like to thank everyone for all their support these past four years. We are confident that Mickey will do a great job and look forward to the upcoming year!

HOSPITALITY- Joan and Diane….This is our guilds last meeting for the year. We will be celebrating with our Annual Year End Party.

Each member is required to contribute a food item to the event. Past events have always brought such wonderfully delicious selections and this year should be no different! Can’t wait to see what you Ladies bring for us to share.

If you last name begins with A to O – please bring in an appetizer.

If your last name begins with P to Z – please bring in a dessert.

2019 RAFFLE QUILT – Kathy Kelner….The 2019 Raffle Quilt is finished. (Ladies – you outdid yourselves! It is BEAUTIFUL!) The quilt will be displayed at the June meeting.

If you haven’t already done so, please pick up your raffle ticket books. Each member is required to purchase/sell FOUR raffle ticket books. Additional raffle tickets are available. Photos of the quilt will be handed out at the meeting. My thanks to all the members who helped make this a beautiful quilt.

All other committees are completed for the year. Looking forward to seeing all of you at the meeting.

Kathy Kelner
Web Mistress

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Life’s little Challenges!

Dear Members, 

When life give you Challenges, make something! 

Kathy Kelner



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Hello Ladies!

SPRINGTIME!!!! It’s finally come! It’s finally SPRING!!! Hope you are enjoying this beautiful time of year. This is the May 7, 2019 Meeting Reminder message.

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE – Michelina Maguire….

PRESIDENT’S CHALLENGE QUILT…. Looking forwards to seeing everyone’s President’s Challenge Quilt. The quilts are due at the June 4, 2019 meeting. Time is flying by! The theme is the Four Seasons. It must be FOUR – 10″ blocks, any configurations you like. Can’t wait to see your beautiful quilts.


MEMBERSHIP – Janice and Sue….The Fat Quarter color for this month is STRIPES!

BLOCK OF THE MONTH – Barbara and Karen…. Looking forward to seeing your Polka Dot Basket blocks of the month at the May meeting. The pattern is attached to this reminder.

This is our last Block of the Month for the year. If you missed a pattern from the past two years, send me an email and I will send your a copy. It was a fun and creative 2 years. Thank you for your participation and support. Barbara and Karen

HOSPITALITY – Joan and Diane….

PROGRAMS – Jean, Alyson and Liz…For our May meeting we have a guest speaker, Leni L. Wiener. She makes art quilts that are figurative representational fabric collages. She has written four books: Pictorial Art Quilt Guidebook, 3 Fabric Quilts, Photo-Inspired Art quilts and Thread Painting. She is a regular contributor to numerous quilt magazines. She will be giving a lecture and showing some of her quilts.

ROUND ROBIN QUILTS – Jean….If you have one of our Round Robin Quilts, please bring it in to the meeting.

QUILT RETREAT – Lucie….Fall retreat dates; Friday, November 8, through Sunday, November 10, 2019. Those who have signed up, please bring their check, in the amount of $200, payable to Huntington Quilters to the May meeting. The retreat is filled.

PRO-BONO QUILTS – Debbie and Lorraine…. If you have any pro bono quilts please bring them to the May meeting. There is only one more meeting to donate your pro bono quilt before our summer break. Perhaps you would like to pick up a kit to work on over the summer, there will be kits and batting available at the May meeting. See you in May! Debbie and Lorraine.

2019 RAFFLE QUILT – Kathy K….The quilt top is finished and is going to the long arm quilter. Hoping it will be back in time for the June meeting, where the raffle tickets will be distributed. I want to thank everyone who working on the blocks for the quilt. It’s turned out beautifully and I can’t wait for you to see it!

QUILT CAMP – Jo M and Madeline….The date for Quilt Camp is Saturday, May 18, 2019. Don’t forget to sign up for classes at our May meeting. If you have any last minute project additions you would like to teach at Quilt Camp, please bring in a sample and a supply sheet for the project and we will do our best to include it in the events of the day.


BOOK RAFFLE – Lucille…. Drop by the Book Raffle table to purchase 3 tickets for $1.00 for our book raffle. Thanks to everyone for your continued support.

OPERATION VERONICA – LUCILLE AND GILMA….The May 7th meeting will be out lost collection date until we resume meeting in September. If anyone needs a donation list or pillowcases instruction sheets, Lucille will have copies for you at the meeting. To date we have collected 105 pillowcases. Thanks to everyone for your generous donations all through the year. Lucille and Gilma

NEWSLETTER – Michele….This will be the last newsletter for the year. We will start again in September, 2019. Please send Michele anything you would like to put in the newsletter.

WEBSITE AND FACEBOOK PAGE – Kathy Kelner…. Always updating. Go check it out!

If you have any questions, send them to us at

We will do our best to get you answers to your inquiries.

The minutes from the April 2, 2019 meeting are attached to this email.

See you at the meeting.

Kathy Kelner
Web Mistress .

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The Smithtown Stitchers Quilt Guild held their bi-annual quilt show this past weekend, April 6-7, 2019.   The members of Smithtown Stitchers work very hard to produce this show.  Many hours of hard work go into the organization, prepreation and setup of this event.

Many members of the Huntington Quilters Guild are also members of the Smithtown Stitchers guild.   Our members put on a terrific showing of their creativity and workmanship.  Check out these photos of the quilts made by our members.

I see lots of ribbons there Ladies!  Congratulations to all the winners and to all the members who participated in this event.

Karen Weiderman’s beautiful wool quilt

Victoria Stoddard’s Heartfelt design

ELizabeth Dragone’s Wonderful work

Michelina Maguire’s Blue Bird Sampler

Victoria Stoddard’s My Ears Are Still Ringing

Karen Weiderman’s My Maine Adventure

Barbara Oestel’s Batik Mystery

Elizabeth Dragone’s Welcome Spring!

Michelina Maguire’s Memories of Italy 2014

Eileen Anders – Wind Beneath My Wings

Elizabeth Dragone’s – Homespun Hearts a Plenty

Michele Miroff’s Black Tie Optional

Karen Weiderman’s A Few of MY Favorite Things Calendar Quilt.

Beryl Mullane – Mom’s Turquoise Heaven

Michele Miroff – Green Onions

Michelina Maguire – For Mary Byrnes

Judith Knorr – By My Hand

Goose in the Cabin by Barbara Oestel

Signs of Spring by Lynne C. Rokoff

Summer by the Sea by Lynne Rokoff

Shades of a Long Island Summer by Elizabeth Dragone

ABC’s by Joan Papa

Asian Stars by Madeline Emmons

Letters from the Front by Joan Fritz

Tote Bag by Lynne Rokoff

Million Dollar Jacket by Madeline Emmons

Box Kite by Michelina Maguire

Holiday – by Joan Fritz

Remembering Cathy, by Carol Ann Nolan

Here’s Your Hat by Joan Fritz

Folk Art Flowers by Judy Knorr

Sleeping Under Love Letters by Victoria Stoddard

Batiks by Joan Papa

Zig-Zag Quilt by Lynne Rokoff

A Tribute to Mrs. Rose by Barbara Oestel

Threads by Joan Papa

My Favorite Things Calendar Quilt by Karen Weiderman

Black Tie Optional by Michele Miroff

Fall Skies by Judith Knorr

Garden Flowers by Carol Ann Nolan

The Mothership Series – Part Two by Kathy Kelner


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