Hello Ladies!

Today’s posts are photos from a VIRTUAL Quilt Retreat.

Due to circumstances, way beyond our control, the April Quilt Retreat was cancelled.  This did not stop our intrepid quilters.   Many of the quilters who were to attend the retreat, decided to have a Virtual Quilt Retreat.

The following photos are the projects our members created during the time the retreat was to have been held!

Beautiful work Ladies!   Thank you for sharing.

Lucille I’s Civil War Sampler Quilt

Hi.  Hope everyone is safe and enjoying this virtual weekend. I recently bought this Barbara Brackman Civil War Sampler with all the blocks completed and all the sashings and cornerstones all starched and cut from someone on Instagram. She was destashing and did not want to put the quilt together. AFTER DOING ALL THE WORK!

For the last four days I have been sewing them together on the diagonal. Happily to say there were so many civil war fabrics in the blocks that I had never seen before.

I just need to make the binding, get a backing and a label. And have it quilted. And it’s done !!!

Yeah. Happy sewing. Stay safe. Miss you all.  Lucille I.


Pat A’s Basket

Pat A’s Face Masks

Pat A’s Basket project and face masks!


Maggie S’s Hexi Quilt Project

Quinipet in Progress by Maggie S. All Hand done! Started off as a pile of hexies earlier this week. She will continue to work on this until Monday night.


Lynne R’s Beautiful Quilt Binding Project

Lynne R’s Beautiful Quilt.  Finally put the binding on this quilt. Started it here @ Quinipet two springs ago!


Pat A’s Project of the day!

Pat A’s Project of the day!

Karen H’s Completed Baby Quilt

Karen H’s completed baby quilt.


Cindy K’s Triangle Qult

Cindy K’s Triangle Quilt

Cindy K’s Tirangle Quilt Quilting Pattern















Cindy K’s Triangle Quilt.



Lauren G’s Tote bags.


Lauren G’s Tote Bags.


Dale S’s Blankets


Dale S’s Two Blankets Done!


Laurie H’s Rainbow Project!

Here is a project that I finished. I started on Wed but finished it at Q!!  Laurie H’s!


Ruth T’s Spool Quilt Blocks


Ruth T’s Spool Quilt blocks.


Sheryl P’s Dear Daughter Quilt


Sheryl P’s Dear Daughter Quilt.


Vicki S’s quilt

Vicki S’s quilt blocks for her sweat shirt!


Vicki S’s quilt and blocks for her sweatshirt project!



Victoria G’s quilt with enough fabric for pillow shams!

I finished this quilt back in 2015, I have a little leftover fabric to make 2 pillow shams.
Will be working on that this weekend.  Happy quilting!  Victoria G



Hilory B’s Quilt blocks

Hilory B’s Quilt blocks.


Lucie B’s Civil War Quilt. Borders to be added.


Lucie B’s Civil War Quilt.  Borders to be added.

Michelina’s Bonnie Hunter Quilt

Michelina’s Quilt

Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt.  One quarter of the blocks done, 30 to go!!
Yikes!! I needed 2 weekends!!

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Hello Ladies,

Here is the next installment of Digital Show and Tell!

Sue H’s Pro Bono Quilt

Annemarie’s Face Masks

Sue H’s Orange Peels

Sue H’s Halloween Quilt from the Honey Bee Raffle Fabrics.






Sue H’s Geese Migration Quilt










The next round will be posted on Wednesday, April 22, 2020. Please send your photos to the guild’s email account, Huntingtonquilters@gmail.com

I will post all you send in!

Kathy Kelner



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Wednesday, April 15, 2020 Digital Show & Tell Photos!

Hello Ladies,

Here is the next installment of Digital Show and Tell!  Hope you enjoy the photos!

Joan K’s Face Masks!

Lis D’s Face Masks

Michelina’s Table Runner

Michelina’s Trellis Quilt

Kathy’s Little Red Hexi Table Mat!










The next exhibit will be on Saturday, April 18, 2020.

Please DO NOT respond to, comment or send photos to this website.  Photo cannot be retrieved and messages are not answered.

Send your photos to the guild’s email address.  Huntingtonquilters@gmail.com

Thank you for sharing your hard work!

Kathy Kelner


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Saturday, April 11, 2020 Digital Show & Tell Photos

Hello Ladies,

Here are just a few more photos of the projects other members are working on at this time.

A little Hexi Something!

A quilt for Hubby and the Kitties!

Pat M’s Face Masks

Liz D’s Face Masks

Lis D’s More face Masks

The next installment of Digital Show and Tell will be on Wednesday, April 15, 2020.
Please send us your photos so we can share them other members.

Kathy Kelner


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April 8, 2020 Digital Show and Tell Photos

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Hello Everyone!

Here are some photos for the beautiful and wonderful work our members are doing.

Don’t forget to send in  your project photos.  The next installment will be Saturday, April 11, 2020 .

Can’t wait to see what you have been working one!  Stay safe, stay healthy!

Kathy Kelner


Bette I’s MORE MASKS!!!!


Linda R’s Beautiful Red Quilt

Linda R’s Beautiful Red Qult Block

Linda R’s Face Masks







Michelina’s Sports Quilt

Still waiting for the border materials to arrive!

Kathy K’s Brother’s Quilt

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4/4/2020 Digital Show and Tell Photos

No one sent in photos for Digital Show and Tell!

The next posting will be on Wednesday, April 8, 2020.

Send in your photos.

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Thank you Ladies for sending in photos of all your hard work. Definitely no tricks here! Below is the 4/1/2020 Installment of the Digital Show & Tell!

Laurie H’s Embroidered Pillow

Mickey’s Hearts Tablerunner

Mickey’s Masks 1

Mickey’s Masks 2

Maria B’s Scrappy Snowmen!

Maria B’s Town and Country

Liz D’s Snowmen

Liz D’s Snowmen Galore!

Liz D’s Facemasks













Joan O’R’s Tickled Pink

Bette I’ Facemasks








Keep your works of art coming in!  The next reveal date will be Saturday, April 4, 2020


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Hello Ladies!

Here is the next installment of the DIGITAL SHOW & TELL PHOTOS from our members. Hope you enjoy your fellow members work.

Hope you enjoy viewing these beautiful projects.

The next installment will be Wednesday,  April 1, 2020.  So send in your photos!

Sylvie M’s Masks for healthcare workers

Slyvie M’s Daschound tote bag

Sue B’s Hand quilted treasure

Sheryl P’s YUMMY embroidered tote

Sheryl P’s TP Runner

Sheryl P’s Snowmen

Sheryl P’s Feathers

Sheryl P’s Candy Tote

Ruth T’s Masks

Ruth T’s Diamonds Squared quilt

Mary Jean P’s Wool applique quilt

Mary Jean P’s FREE Bunny pattern from Wooden Spool Designs

Joan K’s Simple Feed sack quilt

Joan K’s Hubby wanted a Golf quilt




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Here is just some of the information we have received with our efforts to help the medical community with our masks.  

The first is a communication from Mary Ellen Orchard, then below is a link to Channel 7 news.  Go and watch it for yourself!  

Thank you Ladies for your wonderful support!  The need is still there and this will be an ongoing effort to help our Medical Caregivers!  


Good morning Mickey,

This will be the THANK YOU I posted to LIQS and to QIP. If you can have it posted on Huntington’s site as I really, really appreciate all that your members did.

First – THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone who dropped off face masks at Eisenhower !!! Even with the lack of elastic we had about 340 masks – and 3 N95s!!!! It took TWO trips to the NUMC to drop them off… cops in the park refused to let me drop them off there; NUMC had no clue at the lobby; finally back home I made arrangements to go back to NUMC and drop them off. THEY ARE “INUNDATED” have no time to check any of them. THEY DO NOT NEED masks with filter pockets because THEY HAVE NO FILTERS. Only make regular masks. It takes THREE DAYS to go through the sterilization process so I won’t have any feedback on any of the ones we handed in – if I get feedback at all.

I said we will get more than double that amount of masks for next week. Quiltees, look for my follow-up post!

Again, a MAJOR THANK YOU for all your work! They were cute, funny, colorful and so much more.
Mary Ellen



Hi Mickey,



you can share or whatever…

thanks for showing up!!!

mary ellen orchard



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Hello Everyone!

Hoping that you and your families are staying safe and staying healthy.

This is the next installment of H.Q.G. Digital Show & Tell.

This is what your follow quilters are doing.

Joan O'R facemasks

Joan O’R Facemasks for her son’s technicians!


Kathy K. This is what happens when your Little Brother ask you for a quilt!



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