Members Show and Tell projects photos from the November 2, 2021 meeting.

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Good Morning My Quilty Friends!!

I hope you are all doing well and continue to stay safe and healthy!!  Can you believe the summer is almost over and we are getting ready to begin our 2021-2022 guild meeting year??  I don’t know about you but I am super excited not only about seeing everyone but we have some exciting programs AND our “FABRIC EXTRAVANZA” is going to be amazing!!  The committee has worked super hard all summer to put together a fun evening with sooooo many prizes to be won!  A BIG shout out “THANK YOU” for all the hard work and time that has gone into making this a success!!  

We had a very productive board meeting this past Wednesday, there were 10 members present. In order to not take up too much time at the September meeting, I would like to give you all an update.

I will be soon be closing on a house in Bellport.  We do not expect to move for at least a year.  

I have volunteered for almost every position in my 20 plus years as a member of the Huntington Quilter’s.  I have enjoyed every committee I’ve been on but being the President has been the most fun.  I have said so many times,  you are an amazing and talented group of beautiful women, it has been a pleasure and an honor to be among you all.  Especially being able to get to know so many more of you than I would have.

There are a few committees that will need new volunteers next year.

President, Secretary, Block of the Month, Hospitality and possibly Programs.

I will be looking to appoint a Nominating Committee in February. They will then attempt to fill these positions which will be announced at the May meeting.  Please, if any of them appeal to you, please step up, it will make the process so much easier.

The committee members are:

President- Michelina M

Treasurer/Retreat- Lucie B

Secretary- Brigitte M

Membership- Lucille I, Laura L.

Hospitality- Joan C. Diane M.

Book of the Month- Jen F. Barbara O.

Block of the Month- Marian S. Judy K.

Pro Bono- Linda R. Trisha M.

Program- Dale S.

Newsletter- Michele M.

Website/Facebook, photographer- Kathy K.

Gift Camp- Dale S. Lauren G.

Quilt Camp- Madeline E. Jo M.

Operation Veronica- Lucille I.

Sunshine and Flowers- Kathy R.

Historian- Nancy R.

We purchased a new speaker and microphone at Sam Ash for under $300. 

It will connect to the laptop for Zoom speakers and to the microphone which is wireless for those who refuse to come to the front of the room to use it, now it can travel to you.


Lucie will not be depositing the checks for the retreat until mid-October.  If the retreat is cancelled, your own check will be returned.  As of now, it is a GO!  It is Friday, Saturday and Sunday, November 12, 13, 14.  Thursday the 11th is the add-on for those who might want to come early.  Please let Lucie know ASAP if you want to be on the “early” list.  As of now, there are no available spaces left for the retreat.


We have 42 paid with 4 returning members.

Please NOTE: There will be NO fat quarter raffle for the September meeting.  

Between checking in, paying dues and the raffle, there will be too much going on.


As of now, we are able to provide refreshments.  There will be coffee, tea, water and a 40th anniversary cake.

In lieu of all the positive reactions from the Pizza and Ice cream treats at the June party, this will now be our new tradition for the end of year.

We hope to change up the Holiday party a little.  Perhaps order a few main dishes from a pizzeria.  We would still be able to fill in the menu with some appetizers and desserts.

This will be addressed at the September meeting.  Thoughts and suggestions are welcome!


Our webmistress has been updating our website.  Visit the site, post pictures, share information.

She also handles our Facebook page.  Join the site and get involved.


Our editor, Michele M. sends out a newsletter every other month.  Please help by sharing information, hints, tips, stories, recipes, jokes!  We would all love to read about it!!

Raffle Quilt:

The 2021 Raffle Quilt is a pattern by Kim Diehl called Journey’s End.

The winner will be chosen at the December Holiday Party with a second and third monetary prize.

There was supposed to be a contest for naming our raffle quilt.  We received 20 different suggestions.  My intention was to hang the list and have you put a check mark next to your choice.

Dottie Gay wrote a beautiful poem for our label called “The year of staying home”. The board felt the title of the poem should be the name of the quilt.

I do apologize for the confusion and I do hope you all understand and agree with this decision. 

The 2022 Raffle Quilt will be chaired by Michele M. 


Our pro-bono committee has delivered 60 quilts this summer.  Don’t forget to bring in your donated quilt.  It’s a requirement, part of being a member.

Book raffle:

You are now able to put your tickets in for the book you would like to win only, instead of a general raffle.

There will be NO book raffle for September.

Block of the month has a new chairperson, Judy K.

Gift camp:

Will take place Saturday, October 16

Please note: it will be held at St. Francis of Assisi in Greenlawn. From 9:00-3:00

Presently there are 3 teachers for the AM classes and 3 for the PM classes.  

Please remember to bring your projects to the September meeting for sign up

They would love to have a few more teachers.  Won’t you please share a small project that would make a lovely gift with your fellow quilters??

The President’s Challenge, which is a mug rug to be made from the fabric you received inside the small planter, does NOT have to be in till the December meeting.

September 7th is our first meeting at 7:30 PM at the Christ Lutheran Church on the corner of Burr Rd and Larkfield.

FABRIC EXTRAVANZA Celebrating the Huntington Quilter’s 40th Anniversary! Will be the program.

Do you have a vest or jacket you made in the 80”s??  please remember to wear it for the celebration!!

There will be 75 prizes to be won along with some extras.

Tickets are 12 for $10.00 30 for $20.

If you purchase 30 tickets, one of the tickets will go into a special fat quarter drawing.

There will be a 50/50 raffle $1.00 each or 6 tickets for $5.00

TIP: if you bring self- stick address labels you will NOT have to write your name on all the raffle tickets, which will give you more time to admire all the items!!

For those who are not aware.  YOU MAY BRING A GUEST.  There is a $5.00 guest fee for a meeting and a $10.00 guest fee when there is a speaker.

NO Guests are allowed at the December or June meeting.

October 5th, trunk show given by one of our members, JoAnne Powell, her work is amazing!!  Show and Tell.

November 2nd, we will have a zoom meeting by Rosa Parr from Canada, her program is “Healthy Quilting “

 December 7th is our Holiday Party.

January 4th is Pro Bono night.

February 1st, no program available yet.

Choosing a Nominating Committee 

March 1st is the official HoneyBee Raffle.  The committee is asking members to get together with friends and make up your own baskets. This will be a tremendous help in the number of items they need to collect and sort.  They will still collect but hopefully it will not be so overwhelming.

March is also our Quilt Camp, no date has been set yet.

April 5th, no program available yet.

May 3rd, no program available yet.

Announcing new Board members.

June 7th, Pizza and Ice cream party.

Some additional information:

The Longwood Estates Fair is Saturday and Sunday, September 25th and 26th.

Huntington Historical Apple Festival will be Sunday, October 24th at 12:00-4:00

Located at the Kissam Properties on Park Ave. Huntington.

We will have a table with demonstrations of different crafts.

Huntington Fall Festival in October.

That’s all for now!

Looking forward to our September meeting and seeing everyone!!

Michelina Maguire

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Hi everyone,

Thank you to everyone who have paid their Guild dues either at the June Meeting or have mailed them to Lucille I.

We would appreciate if the members could pay the upcoming dues ASAP by mail to avoid the “crush” at the membership desk.

Please print the membership form and send it along with your $30.00 check made payable to the Huntington Quilters.   Please highlight any new changes to your personal info. and send it to Lucille I.

Our first meeting will be on Tuesday, September 7th at 7:30 pm.

The fat quarter raffle will be:  PATRIOTIC  Red, White or Blue

There will be raffle for anyone wearing an ID.

Interested in purchasing a Guild pin? $5.00

Guild Membership Cards will be distributed.

Remember all dues must be paid by the October meeting.
The Membership Roster will be distributed soon after and any unpaid members will be deleted.

If by some chance you will not be rejoining, please let use know!!

Thank you!  Enjoy the rest of the summer and stay safe!

Lucille I. & Laura L.

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WEEKLY UPDATE – August 23, 2021

Hello My Quilty Friends!! 

I would like to go over a few things before the September meeting! The “Play Date” at my house will be MONDAY, AUGUST 23 @ 1:00 pm.
I’ve changed it due to a Dr. appointment on Tuesday.  I hope you can make it, it will be the last one before the monthly meeting. After that the play dates will be monthly, two weeks after each meeting. Looking forward to seeing you, I hope you can make it! 

The meeting is Tuesday, September 7th 2021 at 7:30 PM.

There will be information from the Raffle Committee in the newsletter regarding set up and help out. Many Hands Make Light Work!! Bring lots of dough!!  There will be so many wonderful items to choose from!! 

The church pastor is away.  As soon as he returns, they will be having a meeting regarding protocol.  Masks, food etc.  As soon as I find out anything I will pass it on to everyone. The food pantry is always in need of non-perishable items.  They were so grateful with everyone’s generosity from the June meeting.

Membership has received several checks in the mail.  Beat the rush at the September meeting and mail your check to Lucille I., our membership chairperson. 

To date, we have sold approximately 40 tickets to our annual Quilt Raffle fund raiser. We are all required to purchase tickets.  Please contact Lucie if you would like to do so by mail. I will have the list of titles for our name that quilt contest up on the bulletin board, just put a check mark in the box with the name you like.  They will be counted and a winner will be chosen. 

Our September/October newsletter will be sent shortly.  Please forward any information you would like to share with everyone to our editor, Michele M. 

Judy K. will be joining forces with Marian S. for our Block of the Month.  

Barbara O will be joining Jen F. for our Book Raffle.  They have changed it up a bit.  You are now able to choose which book you would like to win!!  Great Idea!! 

Gift Camp is still looking for teachers!!  I can’t stress enough how important it is to help out and volunteer!!!  They only have three teachers for the morning and three for the afternoon.  I am certain that so many of you have some project that would make a lovely Holiday Gift and doesn’t require too much time or effort! Won’t you PLEASE offer to help out???  Contact Dale S. or Lauren G. 

Don’t forget your Pro-Bono’s!!  we are obligated to provide at least one quilt per year. Our chairwomen, Linda R. and Trish M. have collected all summer and delivered many beautiful quilts to some very grateful recipients! 

The Huntington Historical Society Apple Festival is being held Sunday, October 24th 2021 at the Kissan House Properties.  They are located across from the Huntington Cinema Arts Theatre. The Huntington Quilters will have a table demonstrating some of our talents.  Lucie B. and Michele M. will be there.  I will as well. If you would like to participate and demonstrate something or just help out, please let Lucie or myself know.  You can do two hour shifts of your choice. If you would like to sell something while you are helping out, you may.  Just donate a small percentage to the Historical Society. If you would like a table to sell only, please contact Lucie B. Lucie has sent out information regarding our November retreat.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact her.

I think that’s all for now. Can’t wait to see everyone!! Michelina Maguire   
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What a fun evening! So many members attending! So good to see all these familiar faces. Lots of smiles and hello!

We had PIZZA and ICE CREAM! What a treat! It was terrific to see all these Ladies out and enjoying themselves! Quite the line for the ice cream!

Thank you Mickey for organizing this treat!

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Good Morning to All My Quilty Friends!!

I will say it took a long time for me to stop smiling after our Party Meeting on Tuesday evening!!

Our hospitality committee did an amazing job as usual with refreshments, table and paper goods.  Thank you to Joan C. and Diane M.

Thank you to Ginger B, for the herb planters, they were adorable!

To all our committee volunteers, that work so hard to keep us entertained!

Lucie, for taking care of our funds.  Lucille I. and Laura L. Membership.  Marian S. and Alice Z. for Block of the month.  Maggie S. and Jen F. our book raffle.

Linda R. Trish M for our Pro Bono! To our webmistress/Facebook and photographer, Kathy K. and to our editor, Michele M.

Thanks to Dennis M. for helping out with set up and take down!  To all of you who came early and stayed late to help with set up and clean up!!

None of this would be possible if we all did not contribute in some form or fashion!

I think that was the most fun most of us has had in a long time!  I was so happy everything went as planned and thrilled to see everyone enjoying themselves!  I hope each and every one of you had as much fun as I did!!  There were also so many new faces that have come out to join us,  it was just wonderful!!

The pizza was purchased at Rocco’s pizzeria on Broadway/Greenlawn Rd.  They opened recently and I thought they could use the business.  The pies were delicious and he gave us an amazing price of $10. Per pie. 

The ice cream truck was Ellen M. idea.  I must say that was the highlight of the evening!  Big shout out “Thank You” to her!

I think we will all revisit new ideas for our June and December parties when we go back in September.

I want to take a moment to REALLY THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!!!

Everyone thinks being President is such a big undertaking or too much work.  I have volunteered at almost every position but being President has been the most fun I have had being a part of the Huntington Quilter’s ever! 

I say that from the bottom of my heart!  I have really gotten to know women I would not have had the pleasure to meet.

Keeping all of you informed and busy though this pandemic has helped me keep my mind busy and involved as well!!

I can’t say it enough how proud and blessed I feel to be among such a lovely, talented group of ladies!!

When I came home, I took those God, awful shoes that were killing me off and sat on the recliner and went through all my blocks!

They are just adorable!  I tried to match some of the blocks to faces, others came with hints as to who made them and yet some came with lovely notes!  I can’t wait to put them all together!  Thank you, Kathy for organizing such a thoughtful gift and to all of you for participating!!  I really appreciate each and every one of you and I’m grateful to call you my friends!!

I called Jane on Wednesday to let her know it was our group who left the items for the food pantry as a token of appreciation and to help those in the community. She was wondering where they came from. Thanked us all and was very appreciative!

The membership committee have already collected dues from some of you who just can’t wait to sign up for this amazing guild!

You may mail your checks for $30. For the 2021-2022 year to Lucille I.

You can find her contact information in you membership list.

I forgot to mention, Michele M. received notice that the fair out east in September, where she sells tickets for our raffle quilt, will be available to us.  That’s great news!!

The Patriotic fabric swap was a success as usual!  The packets will be available for pick up next week.  You can call me to make arrangements or you can pick them up at my house on June 15, Tuesday {I think} at 1:00 P.M.  that is the next “Plat Day”  I do hope you can join us.

I hope to have them every other Tuesday for the summer!

If anyone has an idea for the next fabric swap, please let me know.

Florence Bavarian, who sells the antique and feedsack fabrics will be at the Northport Antique market this Sunday if anyone is interested.

They are open outdoors the first Sunday of the month through October.

I think that’s all I have to share with you for now.  I hope you have a healthy, happy beautiful summer.  Make up for lost time!!

Thank you again to all of you!

Michelina Maguire

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Mickey, President, opened the meeting at 7:30pm. 

She obtained a speaker, Rosa Park for our meeting, Aero Dynamics on Sewing to be shown through Zoom.  Rosa cancelled unexpectedly because her husband had a blood clot on and had a heart attack. We wish her husband a speedy recovery. 

Mickey was able to secure Elizabeth DeCroos who gave a presentation on South Korean culture, wrapping gifts with fabric.  She showed projects of making fabric to look like stained glass on your windows with the sun shining through.

All the above was done with Lucie B and Mickey getting the church to loan us their screen, for a fee.  A boom box from a neighbor and all went well for the meeting.  A hand clapping was given by the members to say thank you for their hard work putting the presentation together.

Elizabeth De Crew is from Buffalo, NY.  Did not sew growing up.  She learned through Library books.  In 2009 she had a job to go to South Korea.  She was in culture shock but learned POJAGI, wrapping cloth. She went to many classes to learn many different crafts while in South Korea.

BREAK at 8:20pm for water, chocolates and a fat quarter wrapped up for Mother’s Day.

RAFFLE BASKET – Carol W. had a lovely basket made up to raffle.  She acquired many lovely fabrics and books from Lynn N. who passed away May 25, 2020.  Tickets were sold 3 for $5.00.  The proceeds from the basket will be donated to the Guild.  There are two machines for sale.  One is a Brother PC8500 and another one Brother Innoves 5100.  Call Carol W. if interested.

MINUTES – April minutes were accepted by Peg S. and seconded by Judith K.

ROUND ROBIN – One person returned the Round Robin

Maggie S. son donated her fabric.  The Guild accepted the fabric.  Will send a thank you note.

Brigitte M. sent an article.

Mickey put the odds and ends together and showed a quilt.

TREASURER – Lucie B. reported.

It was discussed at this time that new equipment is needed for our Zoom classes.  Eileen A. suggested to buy the whole set and not piecemeal.  Mickey has gone to Best Buy and estimated it would cost $900.  Lucie mentioned that the church has a big screen that they would rent when needed.  A motion was brought up by Laura G. to buy the equipment and seconded by Eileen A. and accepted by the members.  It was mentioned at this time that a new mic is needed.  It would be discussed at the next meeting.

QUINNIPET – Lucie B. is taking names at this time.

HOSPITALITY – Diane brought the water in for our meeting.

BOOK RAFFLE – The following won a book.  Lynne R. (2 books), Annmarie K., Maureen B. and Andrea G.

QUILT BLOCK – Diane M. won the gift.

PRO BONO – Marian S. won the gift.

Michele M. dropped off the Register Magazine.  Make sure you take one.

Flower Pot with Fabric.  If you did not get one, please pick one up from Mickey.  With fabric make a Mug Rug and bring it in next month.

It was mentioned at this time that Michele M. did a great job with the Newsletter.  Good job Michele!

Erica who had a business upholstering etc. was giving fabric away.  Karen H. picked up leftover fabric for the dog shelter.  There is a commercial quilt machine that Erica would like to sell.    (I heard $400).

RAFFLE BASKET – Lauren G. won the Christmas Raffle Basket.

No more business at this time.


Ann M. and Brigette M. mentioned not to forget the Basket Extravaganza in September. The items will be in clear plastic bags.  Karen mentioned to be wearing clothing made in the 80’s or 90’s.  Tickets are $10. For 12 tickets and $20. For 30 tickets.  If you buy the $20 tickets, one will be put in a separate drawing.

The Honey Bee Raffle will be held March 2022.  Same Price tickets.  Something for everyone.

Happy Blessed Mother’s Day from Mickey

Meeting Adjourned 9:28pm

Respectfully Submitted by Madeline E.

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Good Morning My Quilty Friends!

We have lots to update you with!

Can you believe we are getting ready for our May meeting already!  The days just fly by!  My mother used to say “the older you get, the faster the days go”.  So true.

This has been a busy month for me.  With my nieces second anniversary, I’ve spent many days keeping my sister- in- law busy.  Had two separate house guests and a couple of DR. Appointments. Squeezed in some sewing, a play date, lots of cooking and a very small amount of housework.  That’s the way I like it.

We are now up to 95 that’s right! 95 members!!  Yahoo!! I am beyond excited! 

I took a zoom class with Smithtown Stitchers last Friday evening, the program person, asked me what the secret was for so many returning members??

I say it’s the amazing group of women that make up our guild!!  Not to mention being locked in our homes for a year and everyone desperate to get out and back into the real world! 

But…………….it is the group!  The camaraderie, friendships, the art of quilting we all share and the love of learning!!

I am proud to be amongst all of you talented, beautiful women!!

We have a special event in store for everyone at our May meeting.  It’s a surprise!!

Lucie and I will be doing some preparation during the day.  I HOPE to be there by 6:30 at the latest to set up the room.  I think last month’s set up worked out well.

If anyone would like to join me, you are more than welcome and it’s very much appreciated!

I ask that we all try to get there by 7:15, that will give us some time to sign in, chit chat and find a seat.  We’d like to be ready before 7:30.

If you get there extra early you will be able to buy quilt or book raffle tickets, look at block of the month or pro-bono, if not you may take care of all this during break.  Business will be conducted after and Show and Tell to follow.

We are very excited we were able to bring you this program, we hope you all will be as well.

I don’t feel you need to let me know if you’ll be there, the room is large and can hold the group.  I also think not everyone is quite ready to come out, therefore the entire membership will not show up.

Masks are still mandatory.  Lysol spray, Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer will be provided as well.

There is still NO food allowed, bottled water will be provided.  It was such a hit last month.

At the April meeting, I thought with all the excitement of our first meeting, some of us might forget our name tags, so I prepared some sticky labels. 

Wear your own beautiful name labels, this way we all know who we are speaking with and receive a ticket to win a prize.

Don’t forget to bring a check or cash to purchase your tickets for our stunning 2021 House quilt raffle.

$20. For 25 tickets. Second prize is $100. and third prize is $50.

There will also be a door prize.

Lucie will be collecting your money.

Did you come up with a name for our beautiful quilt yet??  Please return your slip of paper with your suggestion on it at the May meeting.  There will be a vote at the June meeting.

Dottie’s poem is printed in the minutes and will be in the newsletter as well.  It will also be the label for our quilt.

Our book raffle chairwomen will be ready to sell you tickets for some new books.

Don’t forget to stop by and see the new selections!!  You have to be in to win it!

Completed block of the month’s will be collected and a new one will be displayed.  Can’t wait to see what’s next.

Pro Bono will be collecting charity quilts and handing out tops, packets or batting.

They’ve delivered over 100 quilts!  Kudos to all of you!!

Our HoneyBee Raffle committee has been hard at work!!  All the fabric and supplies have been picked up and transferred to Anne M’s house!  They have been busy sorting and preparing with some exciting ideas for the guild! 

You will hear all about at the meeting!

Those who took home a “Round Robin” Block, if you’ve finished it, bring it in so we can pass it on to the next victim, if you haven’t, no worries, bring it next month.

We’ve completed our batiks 5- inch square swap.  For those who haven’t picked up, I will have them at the May meeting. 

The next one will be patriotic prints.  We have done a red, white & blue.  This will be prints.  Please let me know if you are interested.

Your participation is what makes it worth having.

Do you remember Florence B.??  She was the vendor we had at a meeting who carried all the feedsack and antique fabric.  She called me to let me know she will be vending at the Northport antique market on 25 A.

She has some amazing fabrics, dish towels (my favorites) buttons.  You name it!

They are there the first Sunday of the month.  Weather permitting of course.  Take a ride, get some fresh air and support our local small businesses.  I know I’ll be there!! 

I hope I haven’t forgotten anything!!

Hope to see you all at the meeting, Tuesday, May 4th at 7:15 P.M.

Michelina M.

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APRIL 6, 2021 MEETING!!!!

Good Morning My Quilty Friends!

For those of you who were not able to join us for our first meeting since March 2020, it was a HUGE success!! 

Here is an update.  We had 53 members attend!!  How exciting!!

Everyone was so happy to be there sharing a craft and talent we all love not to mention how we all missed  Seeing so many of our friends and fellow quilters after so long.  Being able to catch up with each other

The room was filled with chit chat and happiness! 

I had a little extra time during the day so I went and set up the room.  I thought it would be a nice surprise for everyone, not having to worry about setting up and just being able to see and talk with all your friends!

The 2021 Quilt was on display, looks stunning!  Tickets have already begun to be purchased.  There is a contest to “Name That Quilt”.  A Prize will be given to the lucky winner.  Have your suggestion ready by the May meeting, Lucie will collect them.  Then you will all vote on the favorites.  Winner will be announced at the June meeting.

Dottie G. read us her beautiful “Staying Home” Poem!

I am thrilled all the members LOVED it as much as I did when I first heard it.  Brought tears to my eyes! It will be typed and printed on fabric paper as the label.  It will also be printed in the minutes by Madeline and it will be included in the newsletter.

Thank you to her for taking the time to write it!!

Our book raffle was successful, the chairwomen have changed it up a little.

Pro bono collected and handed out many quilts, quilt tops and batting.

Our hospitality provided us with chilled bottled water and chocolates. What a great idea Joan had!!

Show and tell was amazing as usual!!  There were over 70 items shown.

You can find them on the Huntington Quilters Facebook page. Thanks to Karen W. for taking pictures and posting.

We also had a guest who as it turns out, is now be a member, her name is Habiba B. she is a fashion designer and makes custom quilts and handbags, she also designs dinnerware for “Enchanted Homes”

She graciously and generously donated fabric, some wonderful books and tons of magazines that were there for the taking Tuesday night.  I am happy to say none of them came home with me.

We welcome her!  I hope she enjoys our guild as much as we do!!

A vote was held regarding our HoneyBee Raffle.  The next one should be in March of 2022, BUT we have so much fabric and books it would be impossible for anyone to hold on to for another year let alone collect any other items from all of us like we usually do.

It was voted to have one raffle this June with the items we already have and another in March of 2022 with donations from us.

The “HoneyBee” Raffle Committee, unfortunately have a conflict for the month of June.  They have suggested they hold it in September.  I do not see that to be a problem.  We will not have too much business the first month back due to the board remaining the same.  Therefore, it might be a nice way to start the new 2021-2022 season. 

It would also give them a little more time to organize and have everything ready.

Please let me know your thoughts and or opinions on this matter.

We THANK those who have donated these wonderful fabrics, books and other supplies that have made this early HoneyBee Raffle possible!

Aside from those I mentioned, Sylvie M. has also brought over a basket of fabric and some books, sadly, she will be moving back to France shortly.  We will all miss her and her lovely accent!  It’s so romantic!!  Don’t you think??

We are not allowed to use the kitchen just yet ALSO no one is ready to eat what everyone is making and serving in such a large group.  We will have a Pizza party in June instead of the usual party.  It can be served by one person wearing gloves, using a utensil and of course wearing a mask.

We will have bottled water and canned soda.  We can do this in the parking lot,  it’s the longest daylight in June.  Then head back inside for some fun and games.

Kathy K. received a donation for making masks last year that was gifted to the guild.  That money will be used for a Pizza party and the guild will fill in the balance.

I received a call from a woman named Erika P.  She is 82 years old and still runs her slipcover, drapery and upholstery business from her house.  She too wanted to donate fabric.  I paid her a visit, she was just lovely.  She showed me around her studio. Packed is the word that comes to mind!!  Her son also has a business he runs from the same building.  Like I said PACKED!

He makes lamps from liquor bottles.  Interesting!!  Anyway, we could use none of the fabric she has BUT if anyone is thinking of reupholstering anything in your home or you’d like to make some new curtains or drapery,  she will gift you whatever you want.

She is trying to get rid of as much as she can.  It will NEVER happen but she’s trying.

Tell her you are with the Huntington Quilters.

Her information is:

Decorate With Erika

8 Spencer Aver, Huntington Sta. 11746


I am thinking of having another “Play Date” next week.  I am not able to do Tuesday the 20th of April.  It is the anniversary of the passing of my niece and I spend the day with my sister-in-law.  BUT I can do Wednesday the 21.  The weather looks promising so far.  I will keep everyone posted. 

Bring a chair,  Show and Tell and smiles!

We are having “Gift Camp” in October, if there is anything you would like to teach, please reach out to Dale S. or Lauren G.

Our news editor will be looking for some juicy information to share,  do you have anything??  Send it to Michele M.

Have anything you would like to say, comment or suggest??

That’s all Folk’s!!

So happy to have seen so many of you this past Tuesday!!!

Michelina Maguire

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