APRIL 6, 2021 MEETING!!!!

Good Morning My Quilty Friends!

For those of you who were not able to join us for our first meeting since March 2020, it was a HUGE success!! 

Here is an update.  We had 53 members attend!!  How exciting!!

Everyone was so happy to be there sharing a craft and talent we all love not to mention how we all missed  Seeing so many of our friends and fellow quilters after so long.  Being able to catch up with each other

The room was filled with chit chat and happiness! 

I had a little extra time during the day so I went and set up the room.  I thought it would be a nice surprise for everyone, not having to worry about setting up and just being able to see and talk with all your friends!

The 2021 Quilt was on display, looks stunning!  Tickets have already begun to be purchased.  There is a contest to “Name That Quilt”.  A Prize will be given to the lucky winner.  Have your suggestion ready by the May meeting, Lucie will collect them.  Then you will all vote on the favorites.  Winner will be announced at the June meeting.

Dottie G. read us her beautiful “Staying Home” Poem!

I am thrilled all the members LOVED it as much as I did when I first heard it.  Brought tears to my eyes! It will be typed and printed on fabric paper as the label.  It will also be printed in the minutes by Madeline and it will be included in the newsletter.

Thank you to her for taking the time to write it!!

Our book raffle was successful, the chairwomen have changed it up a little.

Pro bono collected and handed out many quilts, quilt tops and batting.

Our hospitality provided us with chilled bottled water and chocolates. What a great idea Joan had!!

Show and tell was amazing as usual!!  There were over 70 items shown.

You can find them on the Huntington Quilters Facebook page. Thanks to Karen W. for taking pictures and posting.

We also had a guest who as it turns out, is now be a member, her name is Habiba B. she is a fashion designer and makes custom quilts and handbags, she also designs dinnerware for “Enchanted Homes”

She graciously and generously donated fabric, some wonderful books and tons of magazines that were there for the taking Tuesday night.  I am happy to say none of them came home with me.

We welcome her!  I hope she enjoys our guild as much as we do!!

A vote was held regarding our HoneyBee Raffle.  The next one should be in March of 2022, BUT we have so much fabric and books it would be impossible for anyone to hold on to for another year let alone collect any other items from all of us like we usually do.

It was voted to have one raffle this June with the items we already have and another in March of 2022 with donations from us.

The “HoneyBee” Raffle Committee, unfortunately have a conflict for the month of June.  They have suggested they hold it in September.  I do not see that to be a problem.  We will not have too much business the first month back due to the board remaining the same.  Therefore, it might be a nice way to start the new 2021-2022 season. 

It would also give them a little more time to organize and have everything ready.

Please let me know your thoughts and or opinions on this matter.

We THANK those who have donated these wonderful fabrics, books and other supplies that have made this early HoneyBee Raffle possible!

Aside from those I mentioned, Sylvie M. has also brought over a basket of fabric and some books, sadly, she will be moving back to France shortly.  We will all miss her and her lovely accent!  It’s so romantic!!  Don’t you think??

We are not allowed to use the kitchen just yet ALSO no one is ready to eat what everyone is making and serving in such a large group.  We will have a Pizza party in June instead of the usual party.  It can be served by one person wearing gloves, using a utensil and of course wearing a mask.

We will have bottled water and canned soda.  We can do this in the parking lot,  it’s the longest daylight in June.  Then head back inside for some fun and games.

Kathy K. received a donation for making masks last year that was gifted to the guild.  That money will be used for a Pizza party and the guild will fill in the balance.

I received a call from a woman named Erika P.  She is 82 years old and still runs her slipcover, drapery and upholstery business from her house.  She too wanted to donate fabric.  I paid her a visit, she was just lovely.  She showed me around her studio. Packed is the word that comes to mind!!  Her son also has a business he runs from the same building.  Like I said PACKED!

He makes lamps from liquor bottles.  Interesting!!  Anyway, we could use none of the fabric she has BUT if anyone is thinking of reupholstering anything in your home or you’d like to make some new curtains or drapery,  she will gift you whatever you want.

She is trying to get rid of as much as she can.  It will NEVER happen but she’s trying.

Tell her you are with the Huntington Quilters.

Her information is:

Decorate With Erika

8 Spencer Aver, Huntington Sta. 11746


I am thinking of having another “Play Date” next week.  I am not able to do Tuesday the 20th of April.  It is the anniversary of the passing of my niece and I spend the day with my sister-in-law.  BUT I can do Wednesday the 21.  The weather looks promising so far.  I will keep everyone posted. 

Bring a chair,  Show and Tell and smiles!

We are having “Gift Camp” in October, if there is anything you would like to teach, please reach out to Dale S. or Lauren G.

Our news editor will be looking for some juicy information to share,  do you have anything??  Send it to Michele M.

Have anything you would like to say, comment or suggest??

That’s all Folk’s!!

So happy to have seen so many of you this past Tuesday!!!

Michelina Maguire

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Hello Everyone!

It was SO very pleasant to see all of the Show and Tell photos from the April 6, 2021 meeting.

Thank you all for sharing all your hard work.

Here are the photos taken at the meeting. A very big Thanks you to Karen for taking the photos and posting them on Facebook. Gratefully appreciated Karen!

So – go have a look!

Thank you so much for sharing these photos.

If you take a photo at a meeting or event and would like it to be uploaded onto this webpage or Facebook, please send the file attachment to us at Huntingtonquilters@gmail.com. I will do my best to get your photos uploaded for all to see and share.

If you have any questions, please contact us at Huntingtonquilters@gmail.com

With warmest regards,

Kathy Kelner

Web Mistress

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Weekly Update March 7, 2021

Good Morning My Quilty Friends,

 Looks like the snow is behind us for 2021!  By next week, with the temps going into the high 50’s, it should all be a thing of the past!!

I try to get out for a walk for some fresh air and sunshine every day!  It also helps me stretch my weary bones after sitting and sewing for a long time.

I am so excited to tell you I am getting my vaccine Monday at CVS in east Rockaway!!  Yay me!!

I had an appointment for the 16th that fell through due to no confirmation.  My husband then managed to get one at the Javitz center for the 23rd.  Even though he or myself do not mind driving to the city, this is so much more convenient.

A long time, wonderful friend of mine managed to score this appointment for me! 

I know so many of you are getting or have already been vaccinated!  I am so happy for everyone especially because I see a glimmer of light at the end of this tunnel!!

 I have been busy making T-shirt quilts, two of them.  They are for my husband’s cousin to gift to her son and daughter with her husband’s shirts.  I was determined to finish them,  it’s all about the finishing this year.  I must say, they were a job!!  Measured 65” by 75”.  I’m glad that’s over with.  I gifted them today and they were truly loved by all.

I also made a new ironing board cover.  I know, you must be thinking, just go buy one for God’s sake!  But this is a different kind of board, the cover cost over $70.  And I needed two.  I’m very pleased with the results.  Also reupholstered a small foot stool I bought for $5. At a garage sale!!  Yay me!!

 My compliments to Michele for a wonderful newsletter!!  I also want to THANK those who contributed by sending her information her way!!  “Many hands make light work”

 On to some business!!

I was disappointed we could not pull off  a March meeting!!  I thought for sure we would have a fair amount.  The next one is April 6th.   PLEASE, PLEASE text, call or email me that you will be there.  It’s important for me to have a count.

It will be at the usual meeting place, Christ Lutheran Church in East Northport.  On the corner or Larkfield Road and Burr Road.  At 7:30 PM

 We presently have 60 members who have signed up and paid dues. Please send your $15. To Lucille I.

We have extended the deadline for mailing in your dues to March 15. At that point you will no longer receive any updates or newsletters.

Although we haven’t had formal meetings, we certainly have been kept informed and involved with block of the month. fabric charm swaps, projects, casual gatherings and ongoing contacts via “weekly updates” and bi-monthly newsletters by our editor.

Please consider your dues (which were a board decision to cut in half) as a gesture of your support and confidence that we all want to see our guild continue and flourish as a group, family and friends and a community for all of us.

I would hate to see all this come to an end after 40 years! 


  • There will be NO Quilt Camp in March
  • There will be NO Quilt Retreat in April
  • Hopefully there WILL be a Gift Camp in October!

 Our “1930”s” fabric swap is closed.  We have 7 of us in total, Carol N., Andrea G., Lucie B., Dale S., Joan O., Kathy K., and myself.   You may pick up anytime next week.  Give me a heads up and they’ll be outside in a basket waiting for you!

I hope you are all pleased with the outcome.  Thank you so much for participating!!

The next one will be “Batik’s”  please let me know at if you are interested joining in.

These fabric swaps are not a way of adding fabric to our already bursting stashes, but a way of gaining variety.

The same amount of fabric comes back to you as you give out, just different.

I am sewing the binding on our raffle quilt as we speak!  It is truly beautiful!

I will explain our raffle ticket process.

You will not receive books as in the past.  Instead, Lucie had sheets printed.  Each sheet has a large ticket, which is yours to keep.

It also has 24 or 25 small tickets.  Those are to be given to the selling committee.

They will ALL HAVE THE SAME NUMBERS ON THEM.  You get one ticket with one number to keep and 25 chances to win.

Same as the books, less work, printing and easier under the circumstances.

We can’t wait for the big reveal!  We should have a reveal party, you know like they do when they want everyone know if it’s a boy or a girl!

That’s all folks!!

Please forward me any information you would like to share with your fellow quilters, websites, patterns, what you’ve been up to.

 I welcome any question, suggestions or comments!

 Thank you, Miss you all!!

Michelina M.

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I know it’s been a long and cold winter, but Spring is coming. You can almost see it. Peeking out under the snow are all those beautiful flowers you planted last fall. Here is a picture of a project by Bette I. Her Little Bit of Sunshine! Hope you enjoy it!

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Good Morning My Quilty Friends!!

Looking outside this morning, the skies are grey and gloomy ant it’s so WHITE out there!!  Where has all this snow come from??  Yikes!  Is this a good day for some sewing and quilting I ask you??

I had to take my sister-in-law for a procedure yesterday.  Drove to West Babylon, Seaford back to West Babylon then home!  I needed a drink when I got back.  Very LONG day but it’s all good, driving wasn’t too bad.

I’m sitting here trying to think what have I made since my gloves, not much.  Why I wonder.  My husband who is on a every other week in to work schedule, was home last week and he finally finished the window in my sewing room.  It was the very first window we installed 32 years ago and just got finished!  In doing so, he had to move everything making it impossible for me to work let alone find anything.  When he was finished, of course I had to dust (what a mess the wool and fleece left) and mop and organize.  There went my sewing time!  It’s all finished and looks amazing!  lucky to have such a handy man!

Newsday had an article on “Quilting for a cause: Long Island Groups stitch through pandemic” I think it was February 6th

If you’d like to look it up, it was a wonderful article, it mentioned many quilting guilds on the island and other boroughs as well and all the wonderful charity work everyone does!

It was posted on our Huntington Quilters Facebook page or you can look it up through Newsday if you like.

I recently took a ride to Patchworks quilt shop.  I had not been there is a very long time.  I remember the old one in Patchogue I think.  I loved everything about that store, it was so inviting.  Did not care for the new one so much.  The location was dreary and the store just wasn’t the same.  This last visit changed my opinion.  The fabrics were a candy store for quilters!  I didn’t know where to look.  They had samples everywhere.  Embroidery projects, applique designs!

If you haven’t paid them a visit lately, I highly recommend you do so!  It was worth the trip for me!

Trying to keep small business a float, Kathy K is updating the website with information on all quilt shops and long arm quilters in the area.  It may be in the newsletter as well. 

Don’t forget your 2020 Dues are due!  $15. To be sent to Lucille I.  our program chair person.

We will be having a March meeting.  The first Tuesday as usual, March 2nd,  at the Christ Lutheran Church in East Northport on Larkfield and Burr Rd. at 7:30 PM,  hope to see some of you there!

PLEASE SEND ME AN EMAIL letting me know if you will be attending.  No more than 50 at this time, not that I think there will be 50 of us.


So many of you have already received your Covid vaccines or are on a schedule for one!  That is so exciting!!  I can’t wait until the “fasten your seatbelts” sign is turned off and everyone can move around the cabin safely!!

Our next 5- inch fabric swap is “1930’s prints”  that includes Aunt Grace fabrics and anything that looks like that.

So far, we have Lucie B., Andrea G., Joan O., Kathy K., Carole N., and myself.

If you are on the list and do NOT wish to be, or you are not on the list and would LIKE to be, please let ME know. 

You will need to prepare five packs of 5 different 5- inch fabrics.  Any questions, call me 631-673-5497 anytime!

The next swap will be “batiks”, it was requested.  Please let me know if this is something that would interest you.

I have included two pictures from our members.

The “Heart Runner” is from Lori H. it was from the UFO challenge we had begun and never finished. 

The “House” wall hanging is from Sylvie M it is from the block of the month projects.

What have you been working on?? 

Please try to post your projects on our Facebook page or our website.

As I mentioned the Smithtown Stitchers are having a virtual class with Catherine Redford on the “Wool Experience” the date is February 27th  Please let me know if you are interested, I will forward the contact to you or you can go to the Smithtown Stitchers website for more information.

They are also having Irene Blanck, she will be giving two sperate classes in April, she is from Australia.

Our raffle quilt has been picked up and will be bound and labeled!, ready for the big reveal!!  Thank you to the Board members who participated in making the blocks!

This was the first time a raffle quilt was make by board members, something different.  Under these trying circumstances, it seemed the easiest way.

The 2021 raffle quilt will be Chaired by Michele M. 

When someone volunteers to chair a raffle quilt committee, it is their choice how they wish to run it.  They can make the whole quilt themselves if they so choose, have a group participate or the entire guild.

There are NO rules, just that it gets done.  Everyone has different opinions and does things differently.  That does not make it right or wrong.  They have all been beautiful quilts and been successful fund raisers!

Please have an open mind and be appreciative that someone is stepping forward and taking on a huge project.

That being said, when you volunteer for any committee it is up to the chair person, how they would like to run it.  Sometimes you need new eyes to see and try something different.

Michele M. has requested any information you may want to share with your fellow quilters for the newsletter.  Please feel free to help out!  Makes for interesting reading and keeps everyone connected!

Don’t forget, CALL someone just to say HELLO!!

That’s all Folks!!

Be well, can’t wait to give you all a virtual HUG!

Michelina M

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Hello my Quilty Friends!

How are you all holding up??  Canceling the February meeting turned out to be a good call in more ways than one.  Meeting would have been this past Tuesday.  Yikes!!
This has been some week!!  Finished my mittens and then some, we had tons of snow that I got stuck having to snow blow and I was lucky enough to score an appointment for a covid vaccine for March!!  Yay!! 

Hopefully some of you have also begun to get appointments for your vaccine as well!!

I’m not much of a football fan but for the Super Bowl, I like to make food goodies for us.  At half time, we took a walk around my block, it was just so peaceful and glorious and bright with all the snow hanging on every branch!!!  Mother Nature is just amazing!!  within the next few days it’ll all turn to mush and be dirty and ugly but tonight it was spectacular!!  Not to mention, the walk helped with the digestion.

Update on my mittens.  I finished 30 pairs!!  Holy smokes!  I couldn’t wait to be done.  I worked on them all week.  I gifted some, sending some to my relatives, finally, along with the masks I made for them.  They will be mailed tomorrow.

Like making all of them wasn’t enough, I had some extra cashmere, 2 of them were from my mother’s sweaters. So I made some hats with fleece lining. I added a fur Pom Pom on top.  I also had left over fleece, made myself a vest, it’s light weight and have been wearing it around the house, very warm and comfy!!  I was determined to use up every last piece of wool and fleece I had!!

What is that makes us not able to part with anything??   One of our members, I’m told, gets rid of all fabric used once a project is completed.  I admire that!!  Imagine being that strong willed to part with fabric!!  I don’t know about you but I have to talk myself into throwing a scrap out, then I’ll reach into the trash and take it back.  Hey, you never know. Those who know me, know “Waste Not Want Not” is one of favorite sayings.

On to some business!

Not having received any volunteers for President or Program, I managed to sway Dale Sumner into running the “Program” committee.  

I can’t tell you how happy and grateful I am!!  I know she will be amazing!    She, along with Lauren Gorman have the co-chairs for  “Gift Camp” for the past 2 years.  They’ve done a great job with their creative and fun gift ideas!!  I know Dale will do a fantastic job keeping us all entertained for the 2021-2022 season!

Speaking of “Quilt Camp” and “Gift Camp”,  there will be NO Quilt Camp this year which is usually held in March.  We are hoping for Gift Camp which is usually in October.
We will keep you posted on this.

I will stay on as President for the 2021-2022 term.   

I feel it would be in the best interest of the Guild.  We’re not able to have a nominating committee, no one has offered and It’s exhausting trying to persuade someone to step in.  I feel, God willing, by next year we should be in a better position.  It will be easier to have a nominating committee in place and they will have a better opportunity to seek out chairpersons for whatever positions will be available.  I hope this is acceptable with everyone.

Welcome Brigitte M. she has graciously volunteered to be the Secretary for the upcoming term!  Thank you so much to her!

Alice Z has decided not to co-chair the Block of the Month committee.  Judy K. Has graciously agreed to co-chair with Marion S.  We welcome her to the Board!
Thank you so much to Alice!!  She has done an amazing job with her houses last year and this year has kept us busy with new monthly blocks!  Thank you so much for volunteering!!

So far everyone else is staying on for another 2 year term on their committee.
Thank you so much to everyone!!  Without volunteers, we can’t run a successful guild!

Dues are due!  $15. Please mail your checks to Lucille I. Our membership chairperson.  I am happy to report we are up to almost 50 members! That is a far cry from 119 last year but it’s a wonderful start!  I believe most of us will be back eventually.  I look forward to seeing all of you!!

Which reminds me, I hope to hold a March meeting.  That will be March 2nd.  Our usual meeting place, Christ Lutheran Church at 7:30 PM Masks are mandatory!! 

I had a request for a 30’s/Aunt Grace fabric swap.  Any interest, let me know.  I’ll put you on the list.

Our “Hearts” swap just ended.  The fabrics were adorable, a pattern and a valentine gift was included for participating.  Thank you to all!!

The Smithtown Stitchers Guild will be having a few “virtual” classes, they are extending the invitation to other guilds if anyone is interested. Catherine Redford will be teaching them “Wool Experience “ class It is wool and embroidery project..  The cost is $30. For the class and $42. For the kit.  The kit can be purchased through Catherine Redford.  Please email her directly catherine@catherineredford.co

You will need to send your check to:  Janette V. please call me for her phone number. The class is Saturday, February 27th 10:00-3:00
Please let ME know if you’re interested, I will send you the contact information.

Also, Irene Blanck from Australia will be doing two virtual classes.  One March 18, and one April 23.  They are both at 6:30 PM.

The classes are “the Clamshell Quilt” and “Needleturn Applique”,  The cost for those is $45. Each.   I do not know which class is which day.  I will keep you posted!

These Zoom Classes are being organized by Janette for the Smithtown Stichers.  I have not taken the liberty to hold any zoom classes because I am not very computer savvy.
To be honest, I do not feel I would get much participation for a virtual paid class.  I could be wrong but it’s a lot of trouble to set up and if there is little to no sign up, then the guild would be footing the bill.  Not that we can’t afford it, I just am not up for the challenge.  That being said, I am passing along this information and we will see what kind of turnout there is. 

Now, if ANYONE has an idea for a zoom class or would like to contact a speaker to possibly set something up, please feel free to do so!  I welcome any and all to help out at this difficult time we are in.  I could use all the help I can get!  We have a few ladies who hold a zoom meeting/get together every week or every other week.  I think that’s great and I encourage it!  I am just not the one to do it.  I am sorry!

Don’t forget to send our news editor some helpful hints, tips, tricks, recipes, jokes.  Anything you might like to share with your fellow Quilters.

I am including some pictures.  What are you working on???  We would all love to see it.  Perhaps you can post it on FB??

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns.  Would love to hear opinions.  Only positive ones, keep the negative ones for the next President.

Be well, stay safe!
Can’t wait to see everyone!
Michelina M

Oh!!  Don’t forget to call someone!  They might need something with all this snow!

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January 26, 2021 – Weekly Update

Hello to all my quilty friends!

This is you Bi-weekly-weekly updates!

I’m a little behind, I haven’t sent anything since January 11. Sometimes I’m at a loss for words…..NOT! But I do run out of anything news related to pass on to you. Also, I was waiting to hear from some members.

So…I was telling you about my skinny snowman, and how I ended up making 9 of them!

And I made a few masks, wanted to send some to my family in Italy and ended up with over 60! YIKES!!!

You ALL know I was the FIRST to have the “SMITTENS” Right!! The mittens made from recycled sweaters. I made a pair for myself using my mother’s cashmere sweater! I love, love love them! I taught the class a few times at quilt camp! Everyone loved them!
In preparation for the class, I searched all the local thrift shops and then some. I became obsessed with finding wool sweaters. I had acquired a large bag full, boarder line hoarding! I justified this because I was teaching it in class, right? So I needed all of them, right?

You wouldn’t believe how much work they are! I have to open them all up, wash with hot water to felt, which is not easy with a front loader washing machine. Hot dryer dry them and sometimes once is not enough, you need to repeat the process.

This year, same as last, I vow to finish some projects and NOT start any more, said NO quilter ever!! But…I’m giving it my best shot!

I had cut out a ton of mittens awhile back, I dug out the bag and started on my smittens making journey. I cut out all the fleece linings. That very day, our fellow member, Judy K. Tags me on FB, A picture of Bernie Sanders wearing my mittens!! How funny is That!! What a coincidence.

Anyway, getting back to my compulsion of getting carried away and mass producing items, I made 27 pairs of mittens!! I said to my husband, “what’s wrong with me?”
I don’t know but I will tell you they are just adorable! I may have to keep all of them!

I mailed the snowman pattern to those of you who requested it, I hope you’ve received it. I will want to see the finished product.

I have found a website called “Bloglovin Daily Digest”. You should check it out.
They have free patterns in quilting, sewing, crochet, knitting. They also have tips, recipes and all sorts of useful and fun information!! Check it out!

Our 2021 Raffle Quilt is at the long arm quilter as we speak! Lucie B. Dropped it off last Wednesday. She brought it to Maureen at “Needle A Little Help” She is NOT charging us!!! How awesome is that!! I think we’ll buy her some chocolates and a nice “thank you” card from the Huntington Quilters. Keep her in mind when looking for someone to quilt your quilts. The best thank you we can give her is to support her small business.
Lucie will keep us posted on ticket sales.

We have completed our “Hearts” fabric swap! Madeline E. JoAnne P. Sylvie M. Andrea G. Brigitte M. Carole N. The packets will be ready for pickup anytime after Friday. They will be in a basket on my front steps. I’ve included a pattern and a small token of appreciation.

From the bottom of my heart, I’d like to THANK all the members who participated in all the fabric swaps. Can’t wait to see what you’ve made.
I have asked if anyone has a theme idea for the next swap????

Committee updates, I don’t have any!

No one yet has volunteered to be President or run the Program committee.

Our Membership chairperson updated me, we have 35 returning members so far!!
Please get your $15 check to Lucille I. It’s important to try our best and maintain the Guild.

There will be NO February meeting but I DO hope to have one in March!

The next newsletter is March/April, please start gathering your hints, tips, ideas, recipes, websites, Quilters to follow, jokes, anything you would like to share with us to be sent to Michele M. Our newsletter chairperson.

I am still preaching the phone chain! Call someone and say hello! I am thrilled to say I got a call from Peg S. And Joan F. And Carole N. And Kathy K. Just to say hello and see how I was doing! Thank you! Made my day!

I’ve been trying to get out and walk around my block a few times a day, every day. Even though it’s a little chilly, the sunshine feels so good!!

Get out and get some fresh air. The cold air kills germs!

Missing everyone!!
Sending warm hugs!
Be well!! Michelina

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January 11, 2021 Information Update

Good morning my Quilty Friends!

Hope everyone is doing well, staying healthy and keeping busy!! Looks like we will be here for awhile longer!

I finally finished my snowmen, nine of them! And my new batch of masks. Feels like there were 100.  Now to send them off, some to my family in Italy and some to a few friends. I am officially out of the mask making business!

I have had some request for the snowman pattern, I am including a picture of them.  If you are interested in the pattern, PLEASE EMAIL ME!!

I have also included a picture of a patriotic pattern, shared by Jo Anne P. Thank you to her for that. If you would like a copy, again, email me!

Now for business.

Please, if you think you do NOT wish to serve on your committee for another two year term, you MUST let me know.

According to the By-Laws, the nominating committee consists of three members, one of which is appointed by the President, two selected from the floor. They select members, with their consent for the elected offices.

This happens in February.

The slate of new officers are then presented to the members at the April meeting and posted on the Huntington Quilters web site.

The election takes place in May. The term of office begins in September.

Now…..considering we haven’t met in January, February is not looking promising.
At best, we will meet in March!  The Good Lord willing!!

All of what I stated is just NOT possible to do without meeting, no matter how much I beg!  This cannot be done via zoom or telephone chain, therefore I am suggesting we by pass all the technicalities and ask for members to volunteer for the necessary positions.

President – Shows up in a timely manner and runs an orderly meeting.  Overseas all Guild activities, determines all Committees with the advice of the Board, appoints all Chairpersons, and annually appoints two (2) auditors to review financial records.
You hold maybe 2 Board meetings per year. It’s an easy position.  Make friends, get to know everyone!

Program – Plans creative portions of the meetings, arranges for workshops, and confers with the Board for Program suggestions.

When we finally do meet……….it will be quite some time before we will be having guest speakers.

All programs will be in house. EX: show and tell, member trunk show, games, hints and tips demonstrated by members, charity work.  We can think of many programs.

I do not expect our seasoned members to volunteer, they have ALL been President in the past and have paid their dues.

We have many new and young faces.  It’s up to all of you to get involved and participate!!  All of my preaching has been about getting involved.  We cannot just sit back and always let someone else do the work.  It’s our guild, do you want to lose it or hold on to it??  It’s that simple.

I can send weekly updates till the cows come home but if we do not all contribute. I am wasting my time trying to keep something together if there is no interest in keeping it together.

I welcome suggestions, opinions or recommendations!! Please send them to me only at this time. Please feel free to call me, I prefer calls to txt or emails.

I have been in touch with Lucille I., our membership chairperson.  I am happy to report she has been receiving dues. Please keep them coming!!  The amount is $15 for the 2020-2021 year!

Our 5 inch fabric swap is underway.  We have 7 in total.   I don’t know what or when the next one will be.  Do you have a theme you would like to expand your stash on??? If you do, please let me know.

Our next newsletter will be for March/April.  The information should go to Michele M. in the middle of February.  Please continue to send her tidbits of information.
That’s what makes our newsletter fun and worth reading!!  She is the editor, she is not responsible to dig up information for us, just print it.

It is our responsibility to share information with our fellow quilters.

One of our members, Brigitte M. took me up on my suggestion, shopping at Harbor Freight.  She purchased the magnetic bowl and wrist band.  Both are used for screws but we use them for pins.  She loves them and the price is much more reasonable than the ones sold for pins. 

You never know what other goodies you might find there!

How about that phone chain???  Anyone wish you a Happy New Year??

Get outside and get some fresh air and sunshine!!  Take a walk down the block, the park or maybe the boardwalk! Then go home and so some sewing!! 
It will do you a world of good!

Missing my Quilty Friends!!
Be well, Michelina M.

Dear Members- In order to try and protect our members, we do NOT post personal information on this website/blog. No last names, no email addresses, nothing personal. Since we are a blog on the internet, our members are not the only ones who can see this information.

If you are interested in additional information from an individual member, please respond DIRECTLY to member on their personal email accounts.

Our membership directory was emailed to all current members of the guild back in September.

If you do not have a current directory, please contact Huntingtonquilters@gmail.com and I will get you one.

Simply hitting the REPLY button on an email sent out from the guild does NOT automatically direct your inquire to the correct person. Please be considerate and careful when you are responding to emails so that you are responding to the correct email address and person.

If you have any questions, or would like to post any information on this website/blog, please reach out to us here at Huntingtonquitlers@gmail.com

Thanks for the help with this.

Kathy Kelner

Web Mistress

Huntington Quilters Guild.

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Sending all of you many happy wishes!

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Hello Ladies,

Here are some photos from our Weekly Gathering at Mickey’s house.

(Sorry, I cannot identify most of the creators of these wonderful designs. If I can’t see your face in the photo I can’t tell who made the quilt.)

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