Pro Bono Quilts

The Huntington Quilters Guild donates pro bono quilts to those less fortunate than us, including people that are sick, poor and needy, or veterans. Pro bono quilts are donated to several local facilities in our area including: Huntington Hospital’s Adult Oncology and Pediatric wards, The Dolan Center, Family Service League of Huntington, the Life Center of Deer Park, the Hospice in Northport and South Side Hospital which is Long Island’s oldest & largest community hospital.

We as members of the Guild are proud to say that every year, we donate over 100 quilts to these organizations. We have received many glowing responses to our donations, for example:

  • Gail at Huntington Hospital wrote “Thank you for your time and commitment”.
  • Kathy at The Dolan Center wrote “Many Moms have stated that the quilt is ‘the most   beautiful gift they have ever received”.

Here are some wonderful examples of quilts donated that make both the guild and the recipient proud:

Quilt Size:

The quilts we donate can be used for covering up babies and laps. There is no exact size. Making it 3’ wide will allow you to use a one piece backing, as fabric is usually 44” wide. The quilts should start at approximately 32” x 40”, as this should fit a baby crib nice and snug.

The sizes can go up from there. A “Drag-around” quilt for a small child can be as small as one yard square, or 36” x 36”. (You can make a super-quick whole-cloth quilt by cutting a 36” square of cute children’s fabric, adding backing and quilting it).

A 40” x 60” lap quilt will comfortably cover an adult. You may want to make your lap quilt longer or wider to accommodate a particular set of blocks.

Making the Quilt:

You can use your own materials (fabric, batting, etc.) and complete the quilt OR

You can just make the top OR

You can pick up the packet which is ready to sew at a guild meeting.  Ask for batting at the meeting (it is not always available).  No need to rush to make the quilt, take your time!

The packets come with a finished top, panel or cut fabric and backing fabric.  If the top looks too small to you, it will be appreciated if you add a border.

Before you bring the quilt:

Check finished quilt for pins, threads, etc.

Add a Huntington Quilters label on the back.

Wash the quilts after they are completed (Hospitals require them to be delivered washed).

When you hand in the quilt:

Please add your name to the tracking list which is on the Pro Bono table.

Get a ticket for a raffle pattern at the meeting.

Thank you to all who participate in Pro Bono!

Huntington Quilters guild encourages that each member try to make at least one Pro-Bono quilt per year.

There is nothing more rewarding than to give to those in need!  

Your Pro-Bono Chair for 2015 – 2017:  Michelina Maguire