Hello Ladies! This is the February 4, 2020 meeting reminder.

PRESIDENT – Hilory B….

SECRETARY – Victoria G…..

TREASURER – Lucie B…..

MEMBERSHIP – Laura L., Lucille I., Kathy R. – The fat quarter will be anything Valentine related. Reds, pinks, hearts etc.

HOSPITALITY – Joan C. and Diane M…..

PROGRAMS – Michelina M…. Hi Ladies! First of all, again falling under the “Program” title, I MUST give a shout out to Brigitte Mazzaferro!! She stepped up to head our semi-annual Honey Bee Raffle committee! She has done an amazing job! She was organized, punctual and completely on the ball!! ALL baskets are packed and ready to go!! Without members willing to get involved, we would have NO entertainment!! Thank you on everyone’s behalf for your time and talent!

Next! February: is Pro Bono night! Please! It is not a stay home on the couch night, unless there is a blizzard! The committee needs your help! Especially this month!

March: is the semi-annual Honeybee Basket night. Get ready to win some amazing gifts!!

We are also having our annual Quilt Camp Saturday, the 21, of March. PLEASE NOTE: it will be at St Francis on Clay Pits Road.

UFO Challenge- # 3 is due. AND ONLY NUMBER THREE! No excuses, no pictures, except if you are in another state and certainly NOT something completely different that wasn’t even on the list. Please! This is a game, the rules are simple. Just #3

April: We will be having Giuseppe Ribaudo, he also goes by Guicy Guice. He will be giving a lecture. If are interested, I will set up a class for a later date. Look him up on the internet, Facebook or Instagram.

May: we will be having Paula Nadelstern. She will be giving a lecture on May 5, 2020 at our monthly meeting. She will also be teaching her kaleidoscope class. PLEASE NOTE: the class will be on Saturday, Mat 2, at our usual meeting hall. That is the Saturday BEFORE she will be at our lecture. PLEASE look up her class on line. I will NOT have any information on this at sign up. She is VERY well known and was very much requested! I know you will LOVE her class as much as you all enjoyed RaNae Merrill. I will have sign up sheets for the class at the February meeting. The cost is $60. Please remember to bring a check to hold your spot. I believe she does NOT take over 20 students.

June: our end of year party!

That’s all for now, Folks! If I have left anything, please bring it to my attention!
Thank you, Michelina Maguire, program chairwoman!!

BLOCK OF THE MONTH – Alice Z. and Marian S…..

PRO BONO QUILTS – Linda R. and Tricia M….. February is our pro bono month! We have inherited a plethora of miscellaneous fabric, unfortunately it is all small pieces & difficult to match. We are hoping our club members may have some material at home to pair it with to complete your pro bono quilt. Storage & carrying are impossible for us, so we are asking everyone to please take fabric home. Please bring your rotary cutter, mat & scissors to cut squares, triangles, etc. to bring home giving you a head start on your quilt.

BOOK RAFFLE – Maggie S. and Jennifer F…..

RAFFLE QUILT – 2020 – Michele M…..

QUILT RETREAT – Lucie B.….APRIL 17, 18 AND 19, 2020. Spring 2020 Quinipet retreat. If you have signed up and not yet paid, please bring in your check in the amount of $225 to the January meeting payable to Huntington Quilters. The dates of the retreat are April 17, 18, 19, 2020. The retreat is currently full. Thanks and Happy Everything, Lucie

NEWSLETTER – Michele M…..

Members, still thinking of doing a class. Bring to the February meeting and let members sign up for the project. As always there will be coffee, bagels, etc. Come early to enjoy before classes start. There will be a table set up for members to come and hand sew.
Also, I would like to set up a table for sewing machine sewing. Let me know by signing a sheet so I know what to set up.

Classes start 9:00am. Lunch break will be 11:30 to 12:30. It would be so nice to bring a dish to share at lunch time. Afternoon classes will start 12:30pm. All members should come for lunch. That is when we will have our popular fat quarter raffle. The theme of the fat quarter will be Spring floral fabric. If you have an extra extension cord and multi outlet strip, bring it with you. One never knows if it is needed. REMEMBER THIS EVENT IS FOR ALL MEMBERS

HONEY BEE RAFFLE – Bridgette M….. March 3, 2020. On January 9, the honey bee volunteers flocked to assemble the Honey Bee Raffle Baskets at Anne Meyer’s home. I arrived at ten and was the last one to show up! Slews of homemade desserts decorated the kitchen table. Anne, Mickey, Karen H, Karen W., were already sorting the donations received on Tuesday, January 7. Carol N. was diligently sorting through scraps. Bette was arranging the books. Lorraine L and Sachiko were busy wrapping baskets Anne and I previously assembled. Prior to arriving Carol S a new member wondered why it would take the greater part of the day to prepare the baskets then she saw the amount of fabric and donations piled high on the tables and realized we might need a second day! Anne Marie K was lugging bags from her huge, wonderful suburban and supporting anyone who needed her to lend a hand! The team worked like a well-oiled sewing machine! I believe Santa and his elves would have been impressed! At lunchtime, Anne and Rich Meyer treated all of us to delicious grandma’s pizza. By 2 o’clock, I had to run out and purchase more cellophane and we were decorating boxes with home-dec fabric because we ran out of baskets! By four o’clock, we were running out of steam but Carol N was still diligently adoring the baskets with beautiful handmade bows. It is an understatement to write “their participation is greatly appreciated”. If I forgot to mention somebody I apologize and thank you for your efforts. All in all, we generated 72 baskets! We are in a really good position to have a fantastic raffle event. Please come by on Tuesday, March 3 and have some fun! Warmly, Brigitte

OPERATION VERONICA – Lucille…. Thank you for all of your generous donations. The donation box will be located next to the Membership Table.

WEBSITE AND FACEBOOK….Kathy Kelner ALWAYS updating! If you take photos at the meetings, workshops or other guild events, please send them to us at either our Facebook page or send them via email to HuntingtonQuilters@mail.com. Appreciate your help!

FOOD PANTRY…. always accepting non perishable food stuffs. All items may be left on the counter in the kitchen area.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at the meeting!

Kathy Kelner
Web Mistress
Huntington Quilters Guild

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